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Films Screened In 1985

BRUSSELS BY NIGHT (Marc Didden, 1983)
Brussets By Night is an astonishing feature film debut. Max gets up one morning, drinks some milk, fires a gun into his mouth... but the bullet isn't in that chamber. He wanders aimlessly through Bru… Read more

Bullfight in Sincelejo (Ciro Duran, Mario Mitrotti, 1974)
Synopsis not available Read more

BURNING ANGEL (Lauri Torhonen, 1984)
A true story, based on the life of a young nurse and her experiences in a Finnish mental hospital. The nurse, Tuulikki, is young, naive and idealistic when she takes up her duties. But she is immedia… Read more

Changing Schools (John Hughes, Penny Robbins, 1985)
An archival to present day compilation from existing film and video produced on the Victorian education system and issues of ... concern at various periods. ... Read more

Charade (Jon Minnis, 1984)
A man's attempt to master the game of charades is met by mounting frustration as he fails to convey the simplest mimes in the light of his opponent's incredible success. ... Read more

Club Australia (Ian McDonald, )
A new banking package for the under 21's. ... Read more

Columbia ‘70 (Carlos Alvarez, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Communication #5 (Jack White, 1984)
Two patients who can't speak English vs two doctors who can hardly speak, locked in combat and separated only by a multi-lingual referee. ... Read more

COULDN'T BE FAIRER (Dennis O'Rourke, )
Dennis O'Rourke's challenging film on the politics of the land-rights campaign in Queensland Coupled with this story is the devastation caused by alcohol to the Aboriginal community. The film is narr… Read more

Dae (Stole Popov, 1979)
Dedicated to the ‘Last of the Mohicans', who live on the brink of society, but in original freedom, the film shows the everyday life of the gypsies - and exceeds it. ... Read more

DANCE WITH A STRANGER (Mike Newell, 1984)
This is the tragic true story of the last months in the life of the infamous Ruth Ellis. Divorcee, one-time prostitute and now the manager of a seedy London nightclub, she enters a relationship with … Read more

DIARY FOR MY CHILDREN (Marta Meszaros, 1982)
Diary For My Children is very possibly Marta Meszaros' best film; it is certainly her most personal work since the short documentary, Binding Sentiments, which she made about her father in 1969. In 1… Read more

Emma Zunz (Peter Delpeut, 1984)
"Actually the story was incredible, but it impressed everyone because substantially it was true True was Emma Zunz' tone, true was her shame, true was her hate. True also was the outrage she had suff… Read more

Every Morning (Johan Hagelback, 1984)
A light-hearted and often bizarre animation on the trials and tribulations of having to get up and face the day, ‘every morning'. ... Read more

Fair Go - Your Rights At Work (Tony Wright, 1984)
Through this lively, cartoon style mix of fantasy and real-life situations, young people learn the perils and pitfalls of entering the workforce. ... Read more

Farm (Dirk De Bruyn, 1985)
Time lapse photography illuminates the many moods of a Dutch landscape over a four month period. ... Read more

FIRE FESTIVAL (Mitsuo Yanagimachi, 1985)
A port in southern Japan, in 1980. Inspired by a news item, the film describes how a hero violates all the taboos of his community by his loving relationship with the mountain goddess. During the Fir… Read more

Fla. Me (Ted Lyman, 1982)
A personal diary collage mixing live footage and animation, together with images of water. These personal images question the permanency of memories. ... Read more

For Want Of (Jane Stevenson, 1984)
A modern-day detective story opera. ... Read more

Fortunately (Christos Christodoulides, 1984)
In the last, almost empty, night subway an exhibitionist is looking for a; suitable opportunity to satisfy his passion and he finds it in a compartment with three lone women. One of these women, a be… Read more

Frame on Dreaming (Josko Petkovic, 1984)
"... It is an Art Festival - one is told. The aboriginals sing, paint, dance...perform, this I suppose is the 'Art' aspect of it. Behind the label, however, we know that these activities are connecte… Read more

Frozen Music (Michael Eaton, 1983)
Frozen Music is an examination of the thoughts and aspirations of Victorian ruling class thought as revealed through the Albert Memorial, a monument of pure signification. The soundtrack consists of … Read more

FULL MOON IN PARIS (Eric Rohmer, 1984)
The fourth in writer-director Eric Rohmer's "Comedies and Proverbs" series, Full Moon in Paris, like all his earlier comedies, is an enjoyably witty creation with an unashamedly literate script, stud… Read more

GEESE MATE FOR LIFE! (Virginia Rouse, 1985)
A time of reflected images in Elizabeth Keeble's life. Looking at the future but trapped by her past a marriage, two children and the traditions of the class system that she sees as inane, insane, or… Read more

Gift of Love (Meera Dewan, 1982)
Documentary on the sufferings of two young Indian brides whose dowries were considered insufficient by their husbands and in-laws. ... Read more

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