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Films Screened In 1985

PINA BAUSCH (Chantal Akerman, 1983)
The film follows the dance group of Pina Bausch in Germany, Italy and Avignon in France during her most recent European tour. It shows the working atmosphere, the presentation, the intense rehearsals… Read more

PONIRAH (Slamet Rahardjo, 1983)
This film has been described in Variety as an Indonesian melodrama that harks back to Hollywood of the 40s, and by Jerry Liu as a family drama that possesses a rigour and a stylised structure. The fi… Read more

POP PIRATES (Jack Grossman, 1984)
This enjoyable film follows the adventures of a gifted schoolboy pop group called "The Pirates". After entering a talent competition the group find themselves enmeshed in the shady activities of the … Read more

PRENOM CARMEN (Jean-Luc Godard, 1983)
Prenom Carmen is quintessential Godard, but more immediately enjoyable than either Every Man for Himself or Passion. Godard credits Prosper Merimee as his source material, and this Carmen is as far r… Read more

Puns (Borislav Sajtinac, 1975)
Catchwords and foreign words form the titles for short episodes in which the hackneyed words take on a malicious, sometimes macabre meaning. ... Read more

QUEEN KELLY (Erich Von Stroheim, 1929)
In February of this year Erich Von Slmlieim's 1929 masterpiece was premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in a version which, for the first time, approximated the director's original intention. Planne… Read more

Rapunzel in Suburbia (Particia L'Huede, 1985)
Rapunzel in Suburbia is a portrait of Dorothy Hewett, Australian poet and playwright. The film explores the links between the artist, her work and the major influences on her writing as well as her p… Read more

RED MATILDAS (Sharon Connolly, Trevor Graham, 1985)
Stories of three women who grew to adulthood in the 1930s, a decade of depression, the rise of fascism and the threat of war. In these years the three, like many Australians, developed beliefs which … Read more

Reinforce (Andrew Scott, 1985)
A series of role plays that examine the rights of residents in institutions. ... Read more

REPO MAN (Alex Cox, 1984)
In a remarkable feature debut, Alex Cox has delivered a dazzlingly comic amalgam of gritty urban neo-realism, grotty punkish send ups and D-grade sci-fi movies. Here the hero is Otto, a self-styled "… Read more

Report on Terezin (Drahoslav Holub, 1983)
This documentary is a singularly unique history of the fortress and prison town of Terezin, which the Nazis converted into a concentration camp. ... Read more

Rita Ndzanga - South African (Beata Lipman, 1984)
Rita is a black trade unionist .She talks about her life and the struggle for freedom in South Africa that has led to her frequent arrest. ... Read more

RONJA, THE ROBBER'S DAUGHTER (Tage Danielsson, 1984)
One of the delights of this year's Berlin Festival and winner of a special award for imagination, Ronja, The Robber's Daughter is fun. ... Written by noted children's author Astrid Lindgren and direc… Read more

Satiemania (Zdenko Gasparovic, 1978)
Starting out from the music of Eric Satie, the film creates a whole world. ... Read more

Scenes & Songs from Boyd Webb (Boyd Webb, Philip Haas, 1984)
Boyd Webb is usually classified as a sculptor although he does not exhibit three-dimensional objects. His art works are extremely large photographs. In the studio, he constructs elaborate sculptural … Read more

Scenes form the Netherlands (Otto Jongerius, )
Fictional scenes from everyday life, based on newspaper articles by Dutch writer Simon Carmiggelt, pinpoint forms of human communication, creating a sometimes strange mixture of tragedy and comedy. ... Read more

Self-Service (Michael Muschner, 1984)
One can, if one has an appetite, eat a bowl of pea soup, and a sausage. One can, if one has an appetite for a really sad, funny, everyday story, watch how an old lady has an appetite for a bowl of pe… Read more

Silent Pioneers (Lucy Winer, 1984)
Contrary to the public stereotype of a youthful homosexual community, gay men and lesbians do grow old. Silent Pioneers creates a portrait of strong and active women and men who face not only issues … Read more

Sprout Wings and Fly (Les Blank, 1984)
There are no naked women in Les Blank's film, but the music is equally good. It is a touching tribute to Appalachian culture in the form of a profile of the legendary mountain fiddler, Tommy Jarrell … Read more

Tango (Zbigniew Rybczynski, )
Synopsis not available Read more

TARTUFFE (Gerard Depardieu, 1984)
This first feature directed by Gerard Depardieu is an elegant record of his successful stage interpretation of Le Tartuffe. This is no brisk updating of Mohere's classic satire on hypocrisy, but at 1… Read more

The Adventures of Hugo The Innocent (Neil Armstrong, 1984)
Having been ill for the last five years with only a blurred image of his TV set to relay information from the outside world, Hugo, ... now recovered, sets forth. ... Read more

Derek Jarman is best known in Australia for his more "mainstream" features (Sebastiane, Jubilee, and The Tempest) and as production designer on Ken Russell's Savage Messiah and The Devils. He has als… Read more

The Assault (Pia Frankenberg, 1984)
A party in a bar. Woman meets man... and slaps him. But things take an unexpected turn and a world-wide chain reaction begins... ... Read more

The Attic Year (William Kelly, 1984)
A non-narrative drama which establishes a link between "performance art" and film. Attic Year deals with the relationships between people and the consequence of their actions. ... Read more

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