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Films Screened In 1985

THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE (Helke Sander, 1984)
Helke Sander takes her time between productions to pour as much personal philosophical reflection into her films as possible. Following The All-Round Reduced Personality and The Subjective Factor, he… Read more

The Window (Zivko Nikolic, )
Synopsis not available Read more

THE YEAR OF THE QUIET SUN (Krzysztof Zanussi, 1984)
A film of gentle emotions and autumnal colours, set during the post World War II reconstruction of Poland. Two women, mother and daughter, leave from the east and arrive in the home town they have be… Read more

Thursday's Children (Lindsay Anderson, 1954)
Synopsis not available Read more

To Hell and Back Again in Time for Breakfast (Conny Templeman, 1985)
A stylish comedy-thriller set in contemporary Paris, about a young female pickpocket-turned private-detective who becomes enmeshed in a web of political intrigue. ... "If the camembert, which smelt o… Read more

TOKYO GA (Wim Wenders, 1985)
1982 inaugurated a series of events in Rome, organised by a group of die hard cinephiles who clubbed together in a co-operative called Mission Impossible. Their aim was to ask a variety of filmmakers… Read more

TOKYO MELODY (Elizabeth Lennard, 1985)
Nicknamed the "professor" in Japan, Ryuichi Sakamoto's stardom with the group Yellow Magic Orchestra has been compared to that of David Bowie, with whom he co-starred in Oshima's film Merry Christmas… Read more

TOSCA'S KISS (Daniel Schmid, 1984)
Giuseppe Verdi's "finest work" (Verdi's own opinion) still stands on the Piazza Buonorotti in Milan. The Casa di Riposa was founded in 1896 for people "less fortunate than I". People who never accomp… Read more

TRAPS (John Hughes, 1985)
Jude Campbell, a public radio reporter based in Melbourne, follows events in Australian political life from March 1983 (when Bob Hawke became Prime Minister), to December 1984 when Labor was re-elect… Read more

TUKANA (Chris Owen, 1982)
Tukana, whose title is both the name of the film's troubled hero and the word for "walking stick" in one of the divergent tribal languages of the North Solomons province of Papua New Guinea, is the f… Read more

Two Men and a Wardrobe (Roman Polanski, 1958)
Synopsis not available Read more

UNCHARTED RIVER (Wu Tianming, 1983)
In the years following the downfall of the Gang of Four, a recurrent theme in Chinese cinema has been the hardships faced by the people during the Cultural Revolution. Uncharted River is more success… Read more

UNSER NAZI (Robert Kramer, 1984)
Ostensibly a documentary about the making of Thomas Harlan's. Wundkanal: Execution for Four Voices - a film about the kidnapping of Alfred Filbert, Deputy Head of the Nazi Secret Service - Unser Nazi… Read more

UNSTABLE ELEMENTS (Andy Metcalf, Paul Morrison, 1985)
On one level a standard documentary detailing the evolution of a nuclear Britain since the Second World War, but in combining several stories (particularly a fictional section), the film examines the… Read more

VICTORY OVER THE SUN (Robert Benedetti, 1984)
A recreation of a 1913 Russian avant-garde opera - an extraordinary collaboration piece that influences performance art to this day. The original script by poet Alexsei Kruchenykh is written in the s… Read more

Vodka Orange (Dominique Deruddere, 1982)
A young man attempts to keep his father in hospital happy, even if it means breaking all the rules. ... Read more

Wings of Death (Nichola Bruce, Mike Coulson, 1985)
The 'wings of death' pursue a young addict - trying to escape from a violent murder. He takes refuge in a decaying hotel - inhabited by creatures from his imagination - victims of their own gross for… Read more

WITH BURNING PATIENCE (Antonio Skarmeta, 1984)
In the seaside village of Isla Negra (Chile) lives an old and much respected Nobel Prize-winning poet, Pablo Neruda. The villagers are poor people who live simply and ordinarily. Pablo is the only li… Read more

Woman Before The Mirror (Marisol Trujillo, 1983)
Rosaria Suarez, a ballerina with the Ballet Nacional de Cuba, discusses the effects of motherhood on her work in the ballet company. ... Read more

Women of Utopia (Keith Gow, 1984)
The traditional Aboriginal women of Utopia cattle station near Alice Springs show, with jokes and good humour, how they make their beautiful batik fabrics. They also share some of their daily lives i… Read more

Women Workers (Irena Kamienska, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Work & Change (Inez Bararay, 1985)
Provides an account of the introduction of industrial democracy within government factories by the Australian Federal ... Government. ... Read more

Working Women (Piotr Szulkin, 1978)
In sketchy outlines the film refers to the everyday life of working women and ends with an allegorical tableau. ... Read more

WRONG WORLD (Ian Pringle, 1985)
"The money's finished. It had to run out sometime. Everything does. The blood, the passion, the fear. Everything except the loneliness. I don't even want to kill myself anymore. I don't know if I eve… Read more

An old man is kidnapped and interrogated by his captors. In the process, the biography of a mass murderer is laid bare: the eighty-year-old man formerly held a high-level command post in the SS and w… Read more

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