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Films Screened In 1986

ATHEIST (Sjuman Djaya, 1974)
This remarkable film (made in 1974 by one of Indonesia's most talented directors. Sjuman DJayal may have become a lost film if there had not been a project mounted to make internegatives and new copi… Read more

BACKLASH (Bill Bennett, 1986)
An intriguing, often powerful drama set in rugged outback country. BACKLASH is an unusual attempt, for an Australian-made feature, to have its actors improvise dialogue,around a carefully plotted sto… Read more

Bad Blood for the Vampire (Li-san Tibodo, 1985)
Story of a lonely vampire living in Berlin and his search for mortality. One day his White Angel of Hope will come and they will live happily ever after. ... Read more

Bartakiada (Oldrich Haberle, 1985)
Animated version of a trying day in the life of modern man using the character and artwork of the famous Czech cartoonist Miroslav Bartak who could be a relative of our own Leunig. ... Read more

Baw-Naan (Gai Ramaka, 1984)
Baw-naan is an incantatory ceremony practised by the Lebu during the winter season. When the rains are slow in coming, or when they are rare, the Lebu organise a ceremony destined to make God laugh a… Read more

Beauty Becomes The Beast - A Journey Into Uncertainty (Lydia Schouten, 1985)
A video about the emotional experience with nature. A woman with a ... tale meets sirens, mermaids and other fantastic creatures in the garden ... of Lusts — between Paradise and Hell. ... Read more

BECKY SHARP (Rouben Mamoulian, 1935)
BECKY SHARP, directed by Rouben Mamoulian, was the first feature film shot in full colour, that is, in three-strip Technicolor. ... Loosely based on William Thackeray's VANITY FAIR. BECKY SHARP was h… Read more

Binding Love (Karen Ingham, 1985)
A film that deals with notions of beauty and romance, fashion and fetishism history and bondage it is about the masochistic element of fashion, of learning to 'bear the pain of being a woman. ... Read more

BITTER COFFEE (Teguh Karya, 1985)
BTTER COFFEE is a recent work by Indonesia's foremost contemporary director Teguh Karya. Teguh Karya has made some 12 films, and is co-founder and leader of the Jakarta based film production collecti… Read more

Bitzbutz (J. Yoresh, 1984)
Animated fable confined within picture frame tells story of little white duck's encounter with big black monster Witty inventive use of space. ... Read more

Bloody Stump (Direct Art Production, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Blue - Blind (Byron Black, 1985)
A transvestite enthusiastically sings about nightfall. Secondary sounds ... and hands push their way Into the frame to disturb the performance. ... Black plays with the allure of the star, the concep… Read more

Blue Monday (The Duvet Brothers, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

Bostich (Yello, 1985)
More music wrapped In images. ... Read more

Bucks Fizz (Jeffrey Hinton, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

By Bread Alone (Kirk Lavine, 1986)
A young priest returns home on vacation tries unsuccessfully to convert his mother returns to church and has a kind of vision Bizarre comic iconoclastic short fiction. ... Read more

Calling The Shots (Mark Wilcox, 1984)
An ordinary man meets an ordinary woman. The same thing happens on the television. Whilst Ironing, the woman dreams or live imaginary world where desires are insatiable. ... Read more

CAME A HOT FRIDAY (Ian Mune, 1985)
Wes and Cyril are smooth operators ... a master criminal and his side-kick....they are common living on their collective wits. They travel the rural byways in some sort of Laurel and Hardy picaresque… Read more

Camera Natura (Ross Gibson, 1985)
A film on the history of white Australian landscape fantastic protections, fields of vision, crash sites, proving grounds Tracing 200 years of images of the continent it charts the contours of a myth… Read more

Cannonball (Gary Templeton, 1985)
A small stray dog called Cannonball befriends a circus clown . The clown is facing the unemployment office unless he can give his act some sparkle... Cannonball saves the day. ... Read more

Captain Boomerang (Nina Barbier, 1985)
Barnaby Ruhe likes throwing the boomerang in New York City First of all. it's illegal, second of all it can be done third of al! its fun1 Ruhe the star of this film holds a number of world records in… Read more

Carbon Culture (Steven Moni, 1985)
A young Afrikaaner finds himself alone in the Roman countryside just before dawn. As he stalks through military debris and symbols of Roman and Fascist Italy he is confronted with his past and his ad… Read more

Carumba (Nick Meyers, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

Catherine et la Sirene (Martine Thoquenne, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

Caught (U. Roberto Romano, 1985)
Music specially written for images to be retained be the camera retina. ... Read more

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