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Films Screened In 1986

I.O.D. (Jeremy Welsh, 1983)
Synopsis not available Read more

If Then (Jean-Marc Le Pechoux, 1985)
Stylish transitions of original photography treated with Paintbox Imaging ... to achieve lyrical movement and the texture of depth. ... Read more

If Then (Jean Marc Le Pechoux, 1985)
Some of the Images presented are a cross section between facial surgery ... and the electronic disfiguration of the truth. ... Read more

Imagination (Richard Hefti, 1984)
Paintings placed on a transparent flounce surface turn to the right as their mirror-images disappear to the left of the screen. As they meet in the middle, they form a collage of more or less recogni… Read more

Imago (J. Doubrava, M. Macorek, A. Born, 1984)
Team of well-known Czech animators have produced a succinct Czech variation on the theme of Bliss. With wit and verve, they draw their little everyman. oppressed by henpecking wife and haranguing bos… Read more

Improvisations on the Theme of Self-Portrait (Norbert Zauner, 1984)
A demonstration of the relationship between film and photography, with the author as "object matter' — not without self-irony. ... Read more

IN HER OWN TIME (Lynne Littman, 1985)
Anthropologist Myerhoff investigates the ultra-orthodox Jewish ghetto of Fairfax, Los Angeles, and asks questions about the lifestyle and values of its inhabitants. Her academic pursuit of knowledge … Read more

In The Cellar (Jan Svankmajer, 1983)
Live action and animation combine to depict little girls encounter with fear down in the cellar, producing suspenseful and fantastic results . . . Jan Svankmajer has been making animation films since… Read more

INDECENT EXPOSURE (Masato Harada, 1984)
People, it is said, get the press they deserve. This production deals with the question of sensationalism in the press ... what is. and what should be allowed?' ... Young Nobi Namekawa arrives in Tok… Read more

INDIA CABARET (Mira Nair, 1985)
The double standard is shown to be alive and well, through an investigation of the experience of strippers and their patrons in Bombay. ... Read more

Invasion of the Amazons (Penelope Wehrli, )
The austere film by Penelope Wehrli draws on such diverse sources as Godard, Peter Wollen, and Laura Malvey, and Bunuel, and documents the struggle of women to gain control over the sources of the la… Read more

Ironage (Peter Forgacs, 1985)
Four women and a blind man take a trip. By playing the home movie in slow motion and by adding an imaginary sound to it we enter an alien age. ... Read more

Ironland (Llurex, 1986)
Waves and rocks rocks and waxes. ... Read more

Island Stories (Nigel Rolfe, 1986)
A sad song with an Irish accent. A tear jerker set In the midst of parody. ... Read more

Japanese Houses (Steve Gerrard, 1981)
Synopsis not available Read more

Jiwan's Uncle (S. Endresen, A. Dundhale, K. Sanders, 1985)
An uncle in Norway is the emotional focus of three children living in an Indian village, liwan's planned journey home becomes a subtle study in the spiritual passage through memory and culture. ... Read more

Joshua Cooks (Penny Robenstone, 1985)
The making of a cake becomes the symbol of a child's growth towards independence and free choice The animator evokes a child's vision through the use of pencil scribblings and colour blotches as well… Read more

Jungles (Tim Grutchy, 1986)
All of the Zip Collective tapes feature audio , visual and graphic components to create repeated patterns of sound, vision texture, abstract colour and synthetic montage effects. ... Read more

KANGAROO (Tim Burstall, 1986)
D.H. Lawrence's novel KANGAROO was based on his persona! experiences in Australia in 1922. ... Richard and Harriet Somers decide to leave England and the ravages of post-war Europe for a freer and mo… Read more

Karin's Face (Ingmar Bergman, 1985)
The director's photographic tribute to his dead mother. ... Read more

Karma Oblivious (Christopher Lang, 1985)
A young woman gets involved with characters who affect her against her will and an accident makes her appear guilty of a crime. Thanks to her diary in the form of a video recording she manages to fin… Read more

Knife in the Head, Spooky (Catherine Lowing, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

L'ansia Letale (Leonie Bodeving, 1986)
A young girl in the bloom of life is set in primarily violent images and surrounded with romantic music. Part of the stream of desire finds its way to commerce - tempted by the goods it offers. ... Read more

Land (Robert Wyatt, 1985)
Through the use of time lapse, animation and other single frame techniques the landscape image and the lilm image are explored Pineapples dance lamb chops sunbake and the spirit of Queensland inlects… Read more

Landscape (Stefan Schwiertert, 1986)
Abstract forms dancing in space. ... Read more

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