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Films Screened In 1986

LAST DAY'S WORK (Brian McKenzie, 1986)
One of the first films to be completed by a recipient of the AFC's Documentary Fellowships. LAST DAY'S WORK chronicles working life in six different workplaces. ... Five days of work, one day of goin… Read more

Last Nights (Sandy Tate, )
A short film with the look of a music video and feminist film noir. ... QUERELLE seen from the other side. ... Read more

Laughing Girls (The Duvet Brothers, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

Learning About the World (Andrej Warchal, 1984)
Doll water egg mama — these are words a deal mute and blind child has to learn with great effort This documentary uses the hands of the teacher as the central motif in exploring the greatness a… Read more

Legion (Mark Titmarsh, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

Life on TV (Janis Lesinskis, 1985)
Video clip as allegory. ... Read more

Light Play (Dirk de Bruyn, 1984)
Part of the direct-on-film series a series ol films made without a Camera but by working directly on the film's surface by scratching, dyeing bleaching drawing with fell pens This film is a kaleidosc… Read more

Like Paradise (Sasha Wonders, 1986)
The look of the image in this black and-white Russian tape appears to be quite simple. A registration without manipulation of an outing with three men: they swim In a lake, picnic on the grass, play … Read more

LIVING AT RISK (Alfred Guzzetti, Susan Meiselas, Richard Rogers, 1985)
A documentary which takes us inside Sandlnista Nicaragua where five siblings of the upper-middle-dass Barrios family choose to remain and work with the revolutionary government. ... Read more

Loisada Lusts (Uzi Parnes, Ela Troyano, )
A frolicsome exposition of geriatric horniness and moderate-to-heavy bondage, with sly borrowings from Fellini and MACBETH, amid the barren rooftops and rubble-gorged lots of the Lower East End. ... Read more

Loisaida Lusts (Ela Troyano, Uzi Parnes, 1985)
The- plot of the film is a bit opaque Three old women fondle a young love-slave or art ob| ... Read more

LOVE ON THE GROUND (Jacques Rivette, 1984)
LOVE ON THE GROUND (L'AMOUR PAR TERRE) is probably the most important film Rivette has made since L'AMOUR FOU. the first film in which his opposition to conventional narrative was clearly expressed. … Read more

Love Will Tear Us Apart (Sandra Goldbacher, Kim Flitcroft, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

Lullaby for Lakshmi (Helene Stork, 1983)
Director Helene Stork is a medical doctor specialisms in psychology This short documentary without dialogue was realised when she was researching the interactions between mothers and babies in a trad… Read more

MACBETH (Orson Welles, 1948)
Shot in 23 days at the Republic Studios in Hollywood on a budget of $ 50 000. Orson Welles' adaptation of Shakespeare's ... play has been restored by the Film Archives at the University of ... Southe… Read more

MAGIC HOUR (Frank Abbot, 1986)
A dramatic documentary contrasting the reality of street life with TV m a contemporary British city. There is a frantic collision ol images as scenes of power pleasure and play compete against each o… Read more

Magnificent Desolation (Jill Scott, 1985)
In 1969 Armstrong lands on the moon only to find that there is a woman ... there before him. When he recognises his fate, his famous speech is mutilated. ... Read more

Magnificent Desolation (Jill Scott, 1985)
In 1969 Armstrong lands on the moon only to find that there is there before him When he recognises his fate his famous speech is mutilated. ... Read more

Manhattan Love Suicides (Richard Kern, 1985)
New York City 1985 - A churning world where the realities of poverty and sex among the desperate musicians, artists and scene markers dictates a mutated parody of normal lifestyles. Consumed with bit… Read more

Mary and the Feathered Nights (Eleni Alexandrakis, 1985)
Mary's brothers are determined to marry her oil. She has no intention of marrying until she is ready. Her gesture of independence begins 10 cause some problems. ... Read more

Masquerade (Co Hoedeman, 1984)
Master animator Hoedeman. who won an Oscar In 1979 for his lilm THE SAND CASTLE gives each ol the puppets in this film a distinctive personality Human foibles are easily discernible behind Ihe papier… Read more

Media Vita In Morte Sumus (Dedo, 1986)
Behind a screen of colourful symbolic forms scenes are played wherein life and death appeal to be struggling with each other. The music swells to baroque heights and all ends in darkness. ... Read more

Meditations 7/8 (Warren Burt, )
Colour and movement texture and shape order duration frequency and a Fairlight CVI. ... Read more

Meditations 7/8 (Warren Burt, )
Colour and movement, shape and texture with the Fairlight CVI. ... Read more

MEMENTOS (Teguh Karya, 1985)
Beautifully designed and photographed, with exquisite use of colour, this stylish and atmospheric film is set in West Java in the early 1930s at a time of particularly right-wing and repressive Dutch… Read more

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