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Films Screened In 1987

Une Minute Video (Jean-Pierre Trudel, Mario Bedard, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Uno, Dos Eso Es (Miriam Talavira, )
An insight into the training methods used for the sport of boxing. ... Read more

Untitled (Michael Buckley, 1986)
A baby, a woman and a romantic sound track combine and form a hypnotic and emotive film. Untitled is a hand-processed film which has been rephotographed through a faulty optical printer and includes … Read more

Untitled (Nick Ostrovskis, 1987)
A re-photographed film. Sections in slow-motion, super impositions, re-photographed family photos and slides. ... Read more

VAMPIRES IN HAVANA (Juan Padron, 1985)
Vampisol is a potion invented by Professor Dracula that allows vampires to survive in daylight and therefore lead a normal life. As might be imagined, such a product could revolutionise the nocturnal… Read more

Video Album 3 (George Kuchar, 1986)
George Kuchar, renowned avant-garde filmmaker based in California creates a day-in-the-hfe style of video documentary (the third in the series). ... Read more

Video Through the Ages (Herbert Wentscher, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Paul Cox uses the letters of Vincent Van Gogh to his brother Theo, written between 1872 and his death in 1890, to tell the artist's story and explore the sites of his inspiration. It is a documentary… Read more

Vision (Dirk De Bruyn, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Visual Shuffle (John Sanborn, Mary Perillo, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Volveran Las Naves (Gianfranco Annichini, 1986)
"This beautiful Peruvian film captivated me with the simplicity of its concept and its beautiful imagery which betrays a personal visual style. A grandson asks his grandfather about the old days then… Read more

Von Die Lustigen Dingen (Bertold Hering, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

Waiting (Nan Hoover, 1985)
Waiting is about those endless moments we experience while waiting. As we wait, our perceptions are altered; what at first appeared as curious activity becomes more and more abstract and almost hallu… Read more

War in Flowerland (Byron Black, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

What Is This (Rafael Montanez Ortiz, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

Who's That Fat Bitch in the Corner? (Christoph Dreher, Ellen El Malki, )
A montage from four different perspectives of a group of musicians working in a claustrophobic situation. ... Read more

WINGS OF DESIRE (Wim Wenders, 1987)
The heroes of the film are angels, unemployed guardian angels who have been hanging around Berlin ever since the end of World War II, having lost most of the powers they once owned: to whisper advice… Read more

With Inertia (Margie Medlin, Jasmine Hirst, 1987)
A film without inertia. A meditation on the impasse within feminist approaches to representation and the straitjacket of generic conventions. Interrogating ideologies of iconography and interior deco… Read more

Wallace is a taxi driver who lives in a small flat in a Melbourne bayside suburb. With the aid of a micro-recorder, he tapes the stories passengers tell him in the cab. Their willingness to discuss t… Read more

WITH TIME TO KILL (James Clayden, 1987)
With Time To Kill is a film of the street and the city, of two cops and their prey. Lt. Nick Yates and Sgt. Max Clements make a hit-list and set out to rid their town of the human garbage that has ac… Read more

YELLOW EARTH (Chen Kaige, 1984)
Director Chen Kaige was only 32 when he made Yellow Earth, his debut feature. During the Cultural Revolution (1966-76), like many of his contemporaries, Chen had been sent down to the countryside to … Read more

Your Face (Bill Plympton, 1985)
A second-rate crooner sings to his love, while his face becomes a permutating landscape. A bizarre animation. reminiscent of Godley & Creme's Cry. ... Read more

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