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Films Screened In 1987

ANGEL (George Katakouzinos, 1982)
Angel is a young homosexual living discreetly in an unfriendly and destitute social milieu with his family in a squalid Athens' suburb. He meets and falls in love with Michae,l a marine and experienc… Read more

Apartheid is the Devil (Servaas, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Are You a 90lb Weakling? (Tom Guthry IV, )
Synopsis not available Read more

As Seen On TV (David Rimmer, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Attack on a Bakery (Naoto Yamakawa, 1983)
When two labourers decide to rob a bakery, they get more co-operation than they expected from its communist owner. ... Read more

Australian Bush (Paul Winkler, 1986)
Paul Winkler, one of Australia's foremost stylistic and technical innovators devised 'The Matte-Box Image Shifter' to achieve in-camera effects usually achieved by optical printing. ... Still photos … Read more

Don Giovanni, Mozart's famous opera, had its world premiere in October, 1787, exactly 200 years ago. The latest work from Belgium's internationally known director, Andre Delvaux, concerns an ambitiou… Read more

BAD BLOOD (Leos Carax, 1986)
A youthful, anarchic film from 26-year-old French director Leos Carax, a crime thriller that turns into a tale of unrequited love. ... "Paris, a few years before the beginning of the 21st century. No… Read more

BAD NIGHT (Gus Van Sant, 1985)
Mala Noche is a low-budget adaptation of an autobiographical novella, shot in black and white. It seems to be aiming for a style that has emerged recently in the USA with Jim Jarmusch's Stranger Than… Read more

Bananen (Hans Peter Boffgen, Harry Reinen, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Beethoven's 5th (Christine Mehner, 1986)
A fantasy about the time Beethoven spent composing his 5th Symphony. ... Read more

Before I Die Forever (Harry Hook, 1986)
An old man returns from the grave on a final quest. ... Read more

Berlin Blue (Hartmut Jahn, Peter Wensierski, 1987)
A film combining disparate art forms (including the art of film itself) to paint a psychological portrait of the Berlin Wall's effect on the Germany psyche. ... Read more

BLACK AND WHITE (Claire Devers, 1986)
Described as "the ultimate male bonding film" and "an understated example of a good modern gothic narrative", Noir Et Blanc marks Claire Devers' remarkable directorial debut. The story deals with Ant… Read more

Bleeding Star (Bertrand Fevre, 1986)
Recalling the mythic encounter between Ulysses and the Siren, a series of men become imprisoned by the projections of their own desires. "I felt that Fevre's sensitivity and imagination would bring t… Read more

Bodhvriska - The Tree of Wisdom (Rajan Khosa, )
This fictional narrative reflects, through an inner dramaturgy of gestures and rooms, a mother/daughter relationship. Through its archetypal iconography, it discreetly provokes debate about the India… Read more

Breath (Margaret Dragu, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

Brian Eno - Crystal Conversation (Studio Azzurro, Soft Video, Balkuh, 1985)
An interview with Brian Eno in the San Carpoforo church in Milan about his videosculpture installation. Topics range from the current to the future state of video, art and music. A few hypotheses on … Read more

BRITISH ROCK: THE FIRST WAVE (Patrick Montgomery, Pamela Page, 1985)
An American documentary tracing the origins of the British Invasion in the 1960s - particularly the rise of The Mersey Sound in Liverpool and the growth of the hard-edged white rhythm and blues scene… Read more

BUTTERFLY AND FLOWERS (Euthana Mukdasnit, 1985)
Euthana Mukdasnit's film (winner of the Grand Prix at last December's Hawaii Film Festival) was a dream project that he waited years to make, and the result is very far from the melodramatic mainstre… Read more

Cadence (Jan Wouter Van Reyen, 1986)
An impressionistic look at a block of flats somewhere in the Netherlands. ... Read more

CHEATED BY THE WINDS (Douglas Sirk, 1937)
La Habanera was the last feature Sirk made in Germany (he shot several short films with students in Munich after he left Hollywood). In Jon Haiiiday's book-length interview with him, Sirk describes i… Read more

Chickens (Michiko Amali, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Chinavision (Paul Wong, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Circle Game (Tom Guthry IV, )
Synopsis not available Read more

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