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Films Screened In 1987

Coffee and Cigarettes (Jim Jarmusch, 1987)
The American Steven and the Italian Roberto meet for the first time in an offbeat cafe for a conversation overr coffee and cigarettes. ... Read more

COMING UP ROSES (Stephen Bayly, 1986)
This funny, observant and charming film earned the distinction of being the first Welsh-language production selected for an official section at Cannes. It screened there last year in the Un Certain R… Read more

Cops and Docs (Ian Haig, 1987)
A survey of opening credit sequences/theme music of TV series that deal with maintaining the status quo, upholding justice, uncovering truths, saving lives. From Dragnet to Miami Vice and back again. ... Read more

Synopsis not available Read more

Cutting Like The Ocean (Peter Callas, 1986)
A 'didactic' document, tracing events concerned with the creation and dismantling of a video installation in Japan. ... Read more

Czechs and Balances (Debra Epstein, 1986)
Czechs and Balances is the story of a down and out Japanese woodworker living in New York City. In desperation he resorts to purse snatching. ... Read more

D.U.I. (Spike Stewart, 1986)
DUI (Driving Under The Influence) originated as a benefit concert for a member of the Los Angeles band Severed Head In A Bag who was picked up by the Los Angeles Police Department for alcohol consump… Read more

Damsels Be Damned (Wendy Thompson, 1987)
Fairytales have never been less Grimm. Jest (or gests) and jousts in Wagga Wagga parallel contemporary women's encounters with Patriarchy (or should that be Tapriarchy) in the guise of a tap-dancing … Read more

Dance Ex Machina (John Sanborn, Mary Perillo, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Dear Me (Cathy Vogan, 1986)
A sound poem that traces the rhythm of mediaphrenia and contrapuntal expressionism within a tight harmonic and temporal framework. A tribute to television: garbage with a lot of thought put into it. … Read more

Deo Bernique (Celia Canning, Raymond Gourrier, 1986)
A film which attempts to separate the sheep from the monks. One to flock to. ... Read more

Depictions (Philip Brophy, 1986)
Depictions are the evidence of acts of depiction. From cartoons of J.R. to B.B.C. weather maps of Ireland, to pages from Zora comics to 'Wildstyle' Letraset - what is centred on in this tape is the a… Read more

Der Karibische Western (Christoph Dreher, 1984)
The Berlin band, Die Haut, in a bizarre drama of love and deal friendship and horror. ... Read more

Dhaka Tokai (Filmmakers Collective under direction of Christoph Hubner, 1986)
Documentary on an eight-year-old boy who earns his living by collecting waste paper and working as a coolie, and lives in a slum hut on the border of the city. The film is the result of a workshop ru… Read more

DIARY FOR MY LOVES (Marta Meszaros, 1986)
In 1982 Marta Meszaros made Diary For My Children, an autobiographic account of her childhood in the USSR and her return to Hungary after the war following the death of her mother and the imprisonmen… Read more

Dienstag (Volker Anding, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

A compact, exemplary study of one of Hollywood's premier directors, Aviva Slesin's affectionate portrait is built around an interview with William Wyler filmed three days before his death. It is an i… Read more

DOUBLE MESSIEURS (Jean-François Stevenin, 1986)
Jean-François Stevenin is best known in France as an actor. Double Messieurs, his second film as a director, is a personal, idiosyncratic work, hailed for its evocative presentation of situati… Read more

Double Trouble (Peter Callas, 1986)
A tape which uses a two frame animation technique developed on the Fairlight CVI. This technique emphasises body movement as a 'decoder' of culture. ... Read more

Drawing Lesson #2 (Bill Plympton, 1985)
The bittersweet story of the ill-fated romance between the tragic hero - a line - and his model. ... Read more

Ear Responsibility (John Sanborn, Mary Perillo, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

Easter (Geoff Clinton, 1986)
A hellish vision or dream, which wanders through a collection of historical events, attitudes and outcomes. It compares the '1824' Wiradjuri Aboriginal massacre (in NSW) with a motorcycle carnival he… Read more

Eloquence (Radio Robotnik TV, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Entr' Acte (Yann Piquer, Jean Marie Maddeddu, 1986)
A depiction of the almost surreal scenes in a theatre toilet during intermission. ... Read more

Eugene's Valet (Jane Chapline, 1984)
After decades of service to the community, Eugene's Valet in New York is about to close because of rising rents and falling business. We watch its elderly lewish proprietor as he winds down his busin… Read more

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