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Films Screened In 1987

London 1986 (John Gillies, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Loose Corner (Anita Thatcher, 1986)
An adventure to an impossible place the other side of the Looking Glass. A challenge to perceptual assumptions and a regressive journey into pre-symbolic realms! ... Read more

Love Della (Graeme Wood, 1986)
Who was Della Ray? A mythic portrait. ... Read more

Luminare (John Sanborn, Dean Winkler, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

Made in Italy (Various, 1986)
An anthology of the best independent Italian video clip productions from the Bolognese electronic rock of the Stupid Set, to the refined dance music of N.O.I.As; from the ambient atmospheres of the C… Read more

Making Biscuit (Sharon Laura, 1986)
An animated documentary that revealingly examines a women s factory culture. Made by ex-factory workers the film juxtaposes still images (reminiscent of the automated processes of factory production)… Read more

Maladaption Number Four (Peter Napier, 1987)
Ejected from his lonely retreat, William finds inspiration on the street outside. One image gives way to another, it's all quite simple really. ... Read more

Masterpeace (Four Frames, 1986)
A scratch video on the theme of peace. ... Read more

Meta-Ecology (Sardono Kumoso, Gotot Prakosa, 1983)
Synopsis not available Read more

Metrovision (Yann Piquer, 1986)
A nightmare journey on the Paris Metro from Mimesis to Abstraction. ... Read more

Morena (Anne-Marie Crawford, 1987)
Morena is made up of little fragments of a personal history: old stills, bits of dreams, identifications, moments of clarity and things only half seen. I hope that from behind these scattered images … Read more

Mountains of Memory (Mao Kawaguchi, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Mr. President (Nan Helm, 1987)
An ethnographic fiction premised upon a dog-napping of presidential consequence. The film's mercurial thermometer measures American cultural vanities from hot pursuits in the local supermarket to the… Read more

MsTaken Identity (Karen Alexander, Helen Petts, 1985)
Made to coincide with International Youth Year. A fast-moving video in which seven young women's groups use an engaging combination of Raps, Skits and Songs - all written and performed by the women i… Read more

Mulheres da Terra (Marlene Franca, 1985)
The daily life of women sugar cane workers, emphasising the emotional side of the women's lives. After back-breaking work on the plantations all day, they return home to the drudgery of household cho… Read more

Muybridge Revisited (George Snow, 1986)
Muybridge Revisited consists of re-animation of Muybridge loops, cut with experimental videographics of the people and buildings of Fulham, processed with a 'Pluto' computer programmed by George Snow. Read more

MY LIFE FOR ZARAH LEANDER (Christian Blackwood, 1985)
Zarah Leander was a Swedish-born singer who was extremely popular in Germany during the Third Reich and became the premier star of UFA. Her deep, dark voice, great beauty and tailor-made roles establ… Read more

Negative Man (Cathy Joritz, 1985)
A scratch film which foregrounds the superficial self-importance of male authority figures. As the anonymous Negative Man indulges in the endless sermon, he undergoes a series of mutations directly s… Read more

Nice Coloured Girls (Tracey Moffatt, 1987)
"Nice Coloured Girls is an experimental film dealing with European men's first confrontations with Aboriginal women 200 years ago This is juxtaposed with some present day Aboriginal women's urban rit… Read more

NIGHT OF THE PENCILS (Héctor Olivera, 1986)
With this gripping, disturbing account of the kidnapping, torture and ultimate disappearance of six high school students in the early years of the Argentine military regime's "dirty war" against subv… Read more

Night Thriller (Alessandro Furlan, 1986)
Through the hunt for a mad killer, a private detective ends up discovering the truth. By playing with the conventions of the genre, this tape becomes an amiable tribute and homage to thrillers and th… Read more

Nightangel (Jacques Drouin, Bretislav Pojar, Alexeiff-Parker, 1986)
A man prone to daydreaming suddenly loses his sight Overnight, the world becomes a frightening place. Luckily, an angel watches over him. ... Read more

Nightmare Angel (Susan Emerling, Zoe Beloff, 1986)
Jack and Diana Weston's lives are intruded upon by Dr de Freis, not long after their car accident. Dr de Freis is a chronicler of car accidents who attempts to verify the psychological changes which … Read more

Ninjazz (Eric Metcalfe, Ed Mowbray, Kou Nagajima, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

Ninos Deudoces (Estella Bravo, )
A documentary which examines the plight of children who are born with inherited debts. ... Read more

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