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Films Screened In 1988

DRAGON FOOD (Jan Schütte, 1987)
"A modest enterprise of surprising impact, Jan Schutte's first feature film may remind veterans of the refugee stories by Erich Mana Remarque. The difference being that Remaique was writing about exi… Read more

Dream Running (Kanai Katsu, 1987)
"Today dinner plates of the Japanese family are occupied by the plasuc food sold m supermarkets In cinemas it's ail the same This is the stams quo of Japan, a wretched economic giant I myself, being … Read more

E’Ellermanin: The Story of Leo and Leva (Lorraine Mafi-Williams, 1988)
The legend of Leo and Leva (or should that be Elvis!) told by the contemporary custodian of their story's sites. ... "All my stones have messages - philosophy, teachings. The stories are connected to… Read more

Embrace (Bill Mousoulis, 1988)
"In the explosive point of contact between what the star actually projects, and what the fan longingly invests, a soul is born" -Adrian Martin ... "Confessions of a Mask" Cinema Papers March '88 ... Read more

Eugene's Valet (Jane Chapline, 1984)
After decades of service to the community, Eugene's Valet in New York is about to close because of rising rents and falling business We watch its elderly Jewish proprietor as he winds down his busine… Read more

Execution - a Study of Mary (Elfi Mikesch, 1979)
No synopsis available ... Read more

Facades (Paul Winkler, 1987)
Facades: "The frustration of mankind at traffic lights" - standing in the thick of traffic in any main city trying to cross a street is a daunting task. Traffic and tension can be enormous. The filmm… Read more

FAMILY VIEWING (Atom Egoyan, 1987)
One of the most talked about films of the year at international festivals, Family Viewing> is as extraordinary and surprising as it is original. Egyptian born, Canadian bred writer/director Atom Egoy… Read more

FIRERAISER (20th Century Vixen, 1987)
A drama-documentary which sets out to explore the role played by Sir Arthur (Bomber) Harris in the history of bombing. Intercutting drama, documentary and archive footage, the film examines the relat… Read more

Flower Animation 2 (Nick Ostrovskis, 1988)
No synopsis available ... Read more

GABY - A TRUE STORY (Luis Mandoki, 1987)
In 1979, the words of Gaby Brimmer reached a wide readership in Mexico, with the release of her autobiography, a memoir chronicling a writer's struggle for self-expression - the stuff of many first h… Read more

GHOSTS . . . OF THE CIVIL DEAD (John Hillcoat, 1988)
The first feature from former Swinburne students English and Hillcoat blows the cobwebs out of the Australian feature in one gut wrenching cinematic punch It's tough, uncompromising and totally unlik… Read more

GONDOLA (Chisho Itoh, 1986)
In his highly accomplished, self-financed, first feature, Chisho Itoh focuses on the friendship that develops between Kagau a lonely, neglected Tokyo schoolgirl and Ryo a window cleaner, recently arr… Read more

HAITI - DREAMS OF DEMOCRACY (Jonathan Demme, Jo Menell, 1987)
The seemingly spontaneous boycott of the sham elections held in February in Haiti makes a lot more sense after one has seen Jonathan Demme's documentary on Haitian street life in the post-Duvalier er… Read more

Half a Life (Christine Noll Brinckmann, 1983)
No synopsis available ... Read more

HANDSWORTH SONGS (Black Audio Film Collective, 1986)
A film essay on the contours of 'race' and 'civil disorder' in contemporary Britain. Filmed in Handsworth and London during the riots of 1955, and using extensive archival material ranging from scene… Read more

He-man (Eila Hutri, Eki Peltomaa, 1987)
Country rock lives in Finland An English sub titled pop clip ... Read more

HEART, BEATING IN THE DARK (Nagasaki Shunichi, 1984)
"A key film from the Japanese new wave of the early-mid 80 s, Nagasaki's brilliant Heart, Beating in the Dark, reinvents the languages of cinema, sexuality and identity to come to terms with the prob… Read more

HEAT AND SUNLIGHT (Rob Nilsson, 1987)
"Mel is a photo-journalist whose book on Biafra haunts his career. Seventeen years later he is trying to find new subjects, new forms and new reasons for work. In the last 12 hours of a romance, Mel … Read more

Her and Him (François Margolin, 1987)
She is 17 years old and Polish. He's 40, African and married. He is also a wealthy, powerful pimp. They speak over the car-phone. She proposes that she come and work for him He accepts ... Read more

Hey Paris! (Gregor Nicholas, 1988)
A couple dance rings around our expectations of masculine' and 'feminine', proving there are more twists to gender than you can polka a suck at. ... From the director of Bodyspeak and Drum/Sing, a cl… Read more

Home to Algiers (Cyril Collard, 1986)
The story of a passion between Jean and Farid, thwarted by incomprehension opposite ... cultures and impossible departures And finally in their inevitable persecution. ... Read more

HOMECOMINGS (Dirk de Bruyn, 1988)
Dirk De Bruyn has made a number of distinctive (usually short) experimental films since the 70's. Homecomings an avant garde examination/diary of the filmmaker's roots is by far his most ambitious fi… Read more

Humdrum (Til and Ruben Dellers, 1986)
This evening Theo and his friend from work have gone to the pub. It is filled with the same old faces behaving in the same restrained fashion, talking over the same old things. Suddenly Theo stands u… Read more

I Hate Mime (Chris Willems, 1988)
A pair of knees go to a disco ... Read more

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