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Films Screened In 1988

ICEBREAKER (Jean Rouch, Titte Tornroth, Raul Ruiz, 1987)
This three part film is just one clement of an extraordinary multi-media project initiated by the (obviously enlightened) French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which sent a group of artists out for two… Read more

Imagine (Zbigniew Rybczynski, 1987)
Using John Lennon's song 'Imagine', Zbig Rybczynsla has created a magical and poetic comment on human life. People move from room to room, maturing with time as they pass through doorways. Imagine wa… Read more

In the Land of the Owl Turds (Harrod Blank, 1987)
Roland drives a dada art gallery on wheels and attracts more girls than he knows what to do with. Unfortunately they seldom stick around. Can it be his chicken imitations? His dead animal skulls? His… Read more

IN THE NAME OF GOD (Patricio Guzman, 1987)
Well known for his landmark Battle of Chile trilogy, which received considerable international exposure and press coverage during the 1970's, Patncio Guzman returned to his native country m 1986 to s… Read more

INHERITANCE (Bill Donovan, 1987)
There have been many examinations made of the 'American malady', but few as incisive and frightening as Bill Donovan's Inheritance Donovan started this project in 1978, initially planning to make a f… Read more

IRIS (Mady Saks, 1987)
This feminist thriller, only the second narrative feature from Mady Saks, is an engrossing account of how a 30 year old woman who, having turned her back on city life, tries to live an independent ex… Read more

Jack the Rabbit (Peter Sdtirakis, 1988)
Jack the Rabbit has escaped Jack has no scruples, no morals He hunts detective Mickey Juliette, as he was once hunted. ... Mickey leaves a trail of broken hearts, Jack a trail of death one day they w… Read more

JUJU MUSIC (Jacques Holender, 1987)
Without a doubt, one of the most exciting musical forms to come to the West's attention, Juju music is a vital thread in the social fabric of Western Nigeria. The music incorporates traditional song … Read more

KELVIN AND HIS FRIENDS (Brian McKenzie, 1987)
In his latest doco, Melbourne filmmaker Brian McKenzie develops the observational documentary style employed in his earlier films,The Last Days Work (MIFF86) and I'll be Home for Christmas (MIFF "85)… Read more

KING LEAR (Jean-Luc Godard, 1987)
"Are you trying to make a play for my daughter'", asks Lear (Burgess Meredith) of William Shakespeare the 5th, a development exec. with the "Cannon Cultural Division", currently travelling Europe in … Read more

Last October marked the 40th anniversary of the beginning of what some observers have called The American Inquisition - the House Un-American Activities Committee's investigation of Communist activit… Read more

Lift Off 1887 (Maj Green, Ewan Cameron, 1987)
Science fiction comedy first and best aviation pilots - Dr Cronic and his offsider Dribbler - Never seen on T.V. Dr Cronic - Ewan Cameron and Dribbler - Jim Hammerly ... Read more

Like the Fingers on a Hand (Eric Rochant, 1984)
There were always five boys with her. Maybe she was born with them. She left me the day I asked her, and only her, to marry me. She was the woman of my life, but the five other guys were part of hers. Read more

Living Room (David Caesar, 1988)
Why do people live where they do? Do they have a choice in the way they live? What does 'home' mean? Living Room is not about the politics of housing, hut reveals unique cultural aspects. ... David C… Read more

Looking for Spacethings (John Armstrong, 1986)
Jason and his dopey companion go looking for a thing from outer-space. Meanwhile, a search party for the pair goes astray and Gonzo munches on a shoe. But sooner or later the spaghetti has got to be … Read more

Love at First Sight (Pauel Kootsky, 1987)
A man tries to woo a woman. He holds a monologue, a love-sick tirade, he threatens, flatters, brags. But his efforts are in vain - the lady does not yield to him. He tries the same monologue - on ano… Read more

LOVE, MOTHER (János Rózsa, 1987)
János Rózsa's new film a modern tragi-comedy about strained family relations, ... whose meaning is universal. The first part, ... and probably the best, is an ingenious kaleidoscope tracing the fre… Read more

Lump of Sugar (Jacek Beawut, 1987)
The hypocracy of the horse racing elite and the hardened gambler is highlighted in this work. ... Images of admiring crowds and gentle handlers are countered by the demise of the horse. ... Read more

Lupo the Butcher (Danny Antonucci, 1987)
When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie that's Lupo! ... A rib tickling adventure, not for the vegetarians at heart. ... Read more

Machorka Muff (Jean-Marie Straub, 1962)
No synopsis available ... Read more

MAIDENS IN UNIFORM (Leontine Sagan, 1931)
Leontine Sagan's groundbreaking 1931 ... girls-school melodrama stands as one of the ... most passionate films about sexuality ... evermade. Like most classics, this now ... legendary film has over t… Read more

Make My Day (Lis Aroney, 1988)
The shifting base of power between two working girls and their clients are scrutinised. A parlour piece really, combining pointed dialogue with a remarkable theatricality. ... Read more

Mama Hemmers (Rosemarie Merbach, 1979)
No synopsis available ... Read more

Man: A Passion Playground (Atom Egoyan, 1986)
While a woman orates on the excellence of the masculine gender, a field of males cheer and chant their appreciation in unison. ... Read more

MAPANTSULA (Oliver Schmitz, 1988)
Theatre and stage director/writer Thomas Mogonane has gathered a cast of experienced black television and stage actors for Mapantsula and probably the films greatest strength lies in its ability to d… Read more

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