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Films Screened In 1988

REPAST (Mikio Naruse, 1951)
The Okamotos are a young couple who married for love rather than by family arrangement, but after a few years and no children, their romantic illusions have vanished. They live in an ordinary Osaka n… Read more

Return Trip Tango (Angelo Restivo, 1988)
Violent, erotic, and darkly comic, Return Trip Tango continually shifts tenses from present to past to conditional From what really happened to what might have happened, forcing the viewer to become … Read more

RIDING THE GALE (Hugh Piper, 1988)
The story of Genni Batterham, a young healthy and active woman who contracts multiple sclerosis and becomes a paraplegic in just eighteen months. Riding the Gale looks at Genni and her husband Kim te… Read more

RIGHTS AND REACTIONS (Phil Zwickler, 1987)
This explosive one hour documentary gives air to various positions on a topical, contentious issue the legal and civil rights of lesbians and homosexual men. Against the mounting concern and irrevoca… Read more

ROUGE (Stanley Kwan, 1988)
It's 1934, downtown Hong Kong and Fleur, (Anita Mui) an aspiring opera singer turned prostitute is entertaining her special friend" Chan (Leslie Cheung), the languid, pampered, opium-puffing son of a… Read more

SALT, SALIVA, SPERM & SWEAT (Philip Brophy, 1988)
What motivates society to embrace a cinema dominated by elements of sex, violence, horror and terror? Using a day in the life of an ordinary office worker as its central story, Salt, Saliva, Sperm an… Read more

SAME TO YOU (Helmut Berger, 1986)
Directed and co-written (along with leading players Franke and Levy) by Helmut (not the actor) Berger, this fast, funny, furiously paced romantic thriller has been favourably compared to Beineix's Di… Read more

SEACOAL (Amber Films, 1985)
Lying somewhere between the naturalism of Mike Leigh and the working class concerns of Ken Loach, Seacoal, a unique collaborative project, is an astonishing doco-drama that demolishes the lines betwe… Read more

SHADOWS IN PARADISE (Aki Kaurismäki, 1986)
Shadows in Paradise borrows its title from an Erich Maria Remarque novel about wartime refugees. It is an attempt by director Aki Kaurismaki at a realistic love story with scenes taking place in the … Read more

SIGNED: LINO BROCKA (Christian Blackwood, 1987)
Following last year's screening of Christian Blackwood's look at obsessive film random and star imagery My Life for Zarah Leander, we now present his latest documentary account of similarly cine-cent… Read more

Simptoons: The Movie (Kym Sansovini, 1986)
A sort of Dogs In Space, Simptoons, The Movie recounts the experiences of a group of artists sharing a dwelling as told through the eyes of one of the house cats. My first animated cartoon. ... Read more

Snub TV (Brenda Kelly, Peter Fowler, 1987)
An alternative MTV music magazine produced in London for a US cable network (!) Snub TV features interviews with musicians, indy record company reps, D.J.s, record producers etc. and clips you won't … Read more

STAND AND DELIVER (Ramon Menendez, 1987)
Independently produced as Walking on Water as an American Playhouse project, Stand and Deliver, emerges as neither exploitation dross nor action fodder despite the ambiguous title ... Rather it is a … Read more

Steps (Zbigniew Rybczynskii, 1987)
A group of American tourists visit a Russian-like Disneyland wherein they physically interact with the famous Odessa Steps sequence from Eisenstein's Battleship Potemkin. The scenes of tourists were … Read more

Stik (Stewart Carter, 1987)
'Stik' lives by his wits on the streets of Melbourne. Stewart Carter and his crew spent weeks with 'Stik' in order to film this slice of life. A second year Swinburne project ... Read more

Stiller, Garbo & I (Claes Olsson, Alvaro Pardo, 1987)
The story of Maurice Stiller, the silent director, his dog Charly and Stiller's grandson Ruben. When Stiller went to Hollywood, Charly remained in Sweden. It is 1961 and Stiller's grandson, Ruben hea… Read more

Superbia (Ulrike Ottinger, 1986)
No synopsis available ... Read more

SURROGATE WOMAN (Im Kwon Taek, 1987)
Director Im Kwon Taek has again created a moving portrait of a Korean woman, this time in historical circumstances. ... Set in the Yi Dynasty (14th Century) Im is obviously suggesting and attempting … Read more

SWIMMING TO CAMBODIA (Jonathan Demme, 1986)
The inventor of his own medium, Spalding Gray combines journalism, theatre, fiction and comedy into his solo performances Onstage he sits hchind a desk equipped with only a glass of water, two maps a… Read more

T.V. Reporter (Ian Haig, 1987)
Looking at different spatial relationships in the presentation of the news and where/how we locate ourselves in relation to the presenter, interviewee, reporter etc... ... Read more

Tandem (Garth Maxwell, 1987)
A nightly stylised account of a young woman's grief and eventual acceptance of her grandfathers death ... Read more

TESTIMONY (Tony Palmer, 1987)
Nothing can prepare you for the visual and aural extravaganza that is Testimony, the fascinating story of Soviet composer Dmitri Shostakovich ... The young Shostakovich had success after success unti… Read more

THANKS GIRLS AND GOODBYE (Sue Maslin, Sue Hardisty, 1988)
"I often think [for] the best part of our lives we are enjoying just feeling so much alive and yet so many people [are] dying. A bit of a paradox, isn't it - Gloria Gear (ex A.W.L.A) ... Thanks Girls… Read more

THE ADVENTURES OF ALGY (Beaumont Smith, 1925)
Not a Napoleon, a Broken Blossoms, or a Sunrise - something just as special but altogether rarer one of ours. The Adventures of Algy is a spirited romantic comedy/drama, a local folk film very much a… Read more

The Artist (Jonas Grimas, 1987)
A delightfully delicious "smorgasbord" of sound effects which explodes on the palate The artist arrives in the country to give a performance. At the airport he meets a customs officer, who goes to se… Read more

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