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Films Screened In 1988

The Way Things Go (Peter Fischli, David Weiss, 1987)
Inside a warehouse a precarious structure 70-100 feet long constructed from various items is set into motion via a chain reaction So begins a story about cause and effect, mechanism and art, improbab… Read more

THE YOUNG MAGICIAN (Waldemar Dzicki, 1986)
The Young Magician is the fourth feature film in Rock Demar's ongoing series of family films. A truly international production, this multi-award winning film is a delightful story about youthful disc… Read more

To Australia with Love (Mal Bryning, 1969)
A product of the notorious 1969 Melbourne film festival censorship scandal, (when Swedish director Stig Bjorkman arrives as a guest of the festival only to find his film I Love, You Love, had been ba… Read more

Transatlantique (Bruce Krebs, 1987)
A tragic love story set on an ocean liner ... Celebrated French filmmaker Bruce Krebs' latest charcoal animation was in competition at Cannes 1987 ... Read more

Trevor Island (John Taylor, 1988)
A continuation of The Huge Adventures of Trevor, a Cat. Trevor's family decide to take up residence upon a tropical island. To found the first caravan park. A sedate lifestyle, however, is not Trevor… Read more

TV Buster (Anita Assal, John Hudson, 1987)
A TV set possessed by the devil provokes a drama in a couples home ... Read more

UNDER SATAN'S SUN (Maurice Pialat, 1987)
The controversial winner of last year's top prize at Cannes, the Palme d'Or for Best Film, Maurice Pialat courts critical and popular acrimony with each film intent on forging his own creative path i… Read more

Underground (Geoff Stern, 1987)
Travelling by tube will never be the same again! Underground takes you through a day in the life of the London underground system. Filmed in 16mm black and white with a specially composed soundtrack,… Read more

Unusual Ground Floor Conversion (Mark Herman, 1988)
An author rents a flat on the ground floor of an apartment building. Why are the previous tenants so upset? ... Days later - a glance out the window... ... Read more

V.O. (Christophe Delmas, )
A film in the original French sub-titled in French. About three people (Jean, Jane and companion Eric, a policeman). The sub-titles narrate the action in the style of film noir! ... Read more

Valtos (Patrick Keiller, 1987)
A long term patient in a psychiatric hospital contemplates the inevitability of chance and mars the small but relentless dislocations that threaten this fragile existence ... Read more

Very Good News (Christophe Jankovic, )
A witty, imaginative fable about a gutter journalists Tatar-like manhandling of the scoop to end 'em all. And it's very good news! ... Read more

WAITING FOR THE MOON (Jill Godmilow, 1987)
Of the legendary relationship between Gertrude Stein and Alice Boyd Toklas, Thornton Wilder, wrote that "Alice was merely the dragon protecting the treasure." Waiting for the Moon develops from the e… Read more

War Story (Randelli, 1988)
Although War Story is in some respects an intensely personal videotape, it is true to say that my task would have been impossible without the practical assistance and advice offered by others I can o… Read more

Waterwork (Tony Hill, 1987)
A sculptural film which explores the space at and just below the surface of a swimming pool. The film plays with orientation, weightlessness and particularly the surface itself, that peculiar boundar… Read more

WEAPONS OF THE SPIRIT (Pierre Sauvage, 1986)
It's been said that there were three ' sparks ' of goodness among the evil of the Holocaust that of an individual, of a community and of a country. The individual was Raoul Wallenberg, the country wa… Read more

A young widow with no children, Keiko Yashiro (Takamine), works as a bar madame in Tokyo's exclusive Ginza nightclub district. Her wealthiest customer, Minobc (Ozawa), has been seduced by a girl who … Read more

When the Going gets Tough, the Tough go Shopping (John Lowndes, 1987)
Isn't it remarkable that the essence of Melbourne life fits neatly under the floor of a Holden Kingswood? ... Read more

White Woman (Anne-Marie Crawford, 1988)
She hides in little cracks. She is able to get herself in behind the edges of doors. She can squeeze herself into these maze-like crevices and go in and in, further and further inside so that no-one … Read more

Why Don't You Dance (, )
A resonant portrait of a woman who suffers the loss of her husband during the Second World War, and remains with the loss to the present day. ... Read more

Wire (Mark Freeman, 1987)
A short gush from Chelgo Fronx. The whole thing is held together by wire. ... Read more

WISH YOU WERE HERE (David Leland, 1987)
Shot on the southern coast of England, David Leland's drama, Wish You Were Here is about a teenage girl of the 1950s unfashionably fascinated by sex. Played by newcomer Emily Lloyd, the character of … Read more

Wishful Thinking (Jill Scott, 1988)
Wishful Thinking is a five part mini series for television, full of surreal and amusing adventures. It is a stereotypical look at our selves through the digital eyes of two female replicants from Pla… Read more

Work of Iron (Celia Canning, Nery Catineau, 1988)
No synopsis available ... Read more

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