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Films Screened In 1989

BITTER RICE (Graham Chase, 1989)
Graham Chase's just completed new doco is a fascinating episode from the continuing saga of the Philipine revolution. It's subject is one Bemabe Buscayno, alias Kommanda Dante, a life-time friend of … Read more

BLEAK MOMENTS (Mike Leigh, 1971)
Adapted from his 1970 stage production, Bleak Moments not only represents Mike Leigh's feature film debut but also establishes the characteristic method of mood of his output, a stylistic signature w… Read more

Blinkety Blank (Norman McLaren, 1955)
Arabesque-like images flash upon the screen, then suddenly disappear. An impression remains in the viewer's eye, like the burning of a bright light after it has been extinguished. A work of pure imag… Read more

Blown Fuse (John Ege, 1988)
A psychological study of a 'fragile' couple through a kaleidoscope of fractured images. What is left is a mood, a glimpse, leaving the audience ta contemplate and consider various solutions. ... Read more

BODY WORK (David Caesar, 1989)
A film about people who touch dead bodies. Morticians, embalmers, grave diggers, nurses and others describe their work in 'a down to earth manner'. The filmmakers describe it as a 'layperson's guide … Read more

Boleros and Mantillas (Hilton McConnico, 1988)
A dark comedy about a mother and wife in search of a look, a Spanish maid dancing on the table, three precocious little girls and a husband in the bath. Something has to give ... ... Read more

Bonza (David Swann, 1989)
The members of this family have two things in common; one, they cannot communicate with each other, and two, they all love Bonza. This is a frantically paced comedy about the trials of an Australian … Read more

Breakfast on the Grass (Priit Pärn, 1989)
Anna, George, Berta and Edward live in a world of bureaucracy. An animated fantasy, inspired by the famous painting by Manet. ... Multi-award winner from Estonia., including Grand Prix and Critics Pr… Read more

... ... Buried Alive is a very apt title for a film about a country whose population has been sealed off from the rest of the world for the last 13 years. It is now almost 14 years since the invasion… Read more

By Attrition (Jeanne Crépeau, Stephen Fortin, 1986)
Having met, two women discuss their relationship. One compares their time together with a pair of old socks; one wonders whether lips wear out from kissing the same person. They are still in love. A … Read more

CALLING THE SHOTS (Janis Cole, Holly Dale, 1988)
... ... Of the various men's clubs reluctantly desegregated by feminism, the movie industry has been one of the more resilient to change. Still largely a boy's game, big-league moviemaking has proved… Read more

Canon (Norman McLaren, 1963)
In the canon a melody begun by one voice or instrument is echoed by another, beginning one beat or several measures later than the one before. In this film, McLaren illustrates the principle of the c… Read more

Chet's Romance (Betrand Fevre, 1988)
Chet Baker sings 'I'm a Fool to Want You'. 'When Chet sings, he hypnotises people. They react in a particular way, a tender way. In order to film this, I moved in very slowly — four metres in t… Read more

Coffee Coloured Children (Ngozi Angela Onwurah, 1988)
Coffee Coloured Children attempts to approach a social statement through an experimental framework. Two black children are brought up by a white mother in an urban housing estate. Their situation is … Read more

COMPO (Nigel Buesst, 1988)
... ... Fresh-faced university graduate Paul Harper (Jeremy Stanford) doesn't know what he's let himself in for when he starts his new job at the State Compensation Office. Instead of an efficient go… Read more

Confessions of a Simple Surgeon (, 1988)
A humorous yet hard hitting presentation of the health risks associated with smoking, together with an examination of the role of tobacco advertising in recruiting young smokers Its message to viewer… Read more

Crack in the Curtains (Jinks Dulhunty, 1989)
A peeping-Torn gets more than he has bargained for when the students of an elite girls boarding school decide to chase a few vicarious thrills of their own. ... Originally 25 minutes in length, the f… Read more

D.O.A. (Rocky Morton, Annabel Jankel, 1988)
Although ostensibly a remake of Rudolph Mate's 1950 film noir classic, D. O. A. has undergone major structural changes, courtesy of screenwriter Charles Edward Pogue (The Fly, Psycho III), which give… Read more

Daddy's Little Bit of Dresden China (Karen Watson, 1988)
An engaging and apparently benign mixed-animation work develops almost impeccably into a disturbing personal expression of the experience of incest. - (CK) ... Read more

Deep Red Instant Love (Rik Lander, 1987)
Frank is a lonely and purposeless young man until he meets Mr Lord, the charismatic supermarket manager, who employs him to do the lord's work amongst the baked beans and weekly specials. ... An econ… Read more

Degrees of Blindness (Cerith Wyn Evans, 1988)
Shot on high-definition video, transferred to 35mm with remarkable results, this a truly contemporary experimental work, looking at the meaning, the importance of vision. ... Total vision is left beh… Read more

Deportation (Avi Uograbi, 1989)
A sparse glimpse surrounding the deportation of a man set on the Arab/Israeli border. - (JS) ... Read more

DIRECTED BY ANDREI TARKOVSKY (Michal Leszczylowski, 1988)
col/I988/10I mins ... This is easily the best of many documentaries made about Tarkovsky in the last few years of his life, because the director and his camera team had the knack of being in the righ… Read more

Dog Brain (J. Falconer, 1988)
A delightfully lively animation by the makers of Lupo the Butcher — a hit at last year's festival — about the fantasies that take place in a dog's dream. Mr Freud woutd have a field day h… Read more

DRIVING ME CRAZY (Nick Broomfield, 1988)
... ... Take an egocentric German 'empressario' with plans to produce the biggest theatrical event in the history of showbiz; a (respected) film producer with grandiose plans for a film of the show (… Read more

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