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Films Screened In 1989

Love in Vain (Andrew Webb, Dorian Lazar, 1989)
Vanity, veins and hopelessness, all mixed up in an Australian short about a young couple who are themselves mixed up in drugs, prostitution and jealousy. Stunning Wenders-inspired colour and black an… Read more

LOVERBOY (Geoffrey Wright, 1988)
In the fine Australian tradition of Love Letters From Teralba Road and Backroads, Lover Boy is a powerful short-feature that runs not a second too long or too little. By any standards this is an impr… Read more

Mail Early (Norman McLaren, 1941)
McLaren's first film for the NFB was this publicity clip for Canada Post. Non-abstract symbols drawn with pen on clear 35mm stock were superimposed on a painted background. ... Read more

Making a Baby (Karl Staven, 1988)
He wants to make a baby. She isn't very interested in the idea. He decides to go ahead on his own, and unleashes some of his baby-making potential. - (JS) ... Read more

MEANTIME (Mike Leigh, 1983)
Leigh's best-known film in Australia is the most sophisticated of his television-films and one of the great British films of the decade. Made not for the BBC but for Central Television, the film was … Read more

Melbourne Centenary Celebration (, )
A cinema advertisement to celebrate Melbourne's centenary in 1934. ... Read more

MIRACLE MILE (Steve De Jarnett, 1988)
4.05 am. Outside Johnnie's Coffee I Shop on Los Angeles' Miracle Mile a public phone rings. When Harry lifts the receiver he is about to trigger the beginning of the end. Of the world. ... This seemi… Read more

Mongreloid (George Kuchar, 1978)
'Kuchar mothers his dog as if it were an autistic child, white he reminisces in their San Francisco living room about their past in the Bronx. Since the massive animal cannot talk back, the filmmaker… Read more

MORGAN'S CAKE (Rick Schmidt, 1988)
... ... Made on a shoestring — and a very small shoestring at that, the . $15,000 budget recommended by Rick Schmidt in his book 'Feature Film making at Used Car Prices' — Morgan's Cake i… Read more

Morning In Melbourne (, )
From Australian Sound Gazette, c 1920s. ... Read more

My Little Sister's Got a Motorbike (Anne Parislo, 1988)
'... there is women motorcycle riders, but no such thing as woman bikers' - A male biker ... Shot in black and white, and with almost no indicators of the 80s, this film allows you to slowly slip int… Read more

MY NAME IS BERTOLT BRECHT (Norman Bunge, Christine Fischer-Defoy, 1988)
... ... Bertolt Brecht arrived in Los Angeles on 21 July, 1941, with his wife, 16-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter. The little-known story of his brief time in exile in the USA is documented in … Read more

Neighbours (Norman McLaren, 1952)
Possibly McLaren's best known film, it is a film without words to show the futility of violence for settling quarrels. This Cold War parable depicts two neighbours who tolerate each other until a flo… Read more

NEXT OF KIN (Atom Egoyan, 1984)
Canadian 'wunderkind' Atom Egoyan, a guest at last year's MFF with his breakthrough film Family Viewing, made his first feature in 1984. Invited for last year's festival but lost en-route from Cannes… Read more

NUTS IN MAY (Mike Leigh, 1976)
A 'post-hippie' couple take a camping holiday in Devon, determined to escape the bustle of the city. Leigh's brilliantly observed comedy will have you loathing the officious husband within minutes, b… Read more

ON THE BLACK HILL (Andrew Grieve, 1988)
Based on the novel by the late I Bruce Chatwin, On The Black Hill is a chronicle-like portrait of rural life in the Welsh border country. Set against the major events of the 20th century, the film is… Read more

One Step Beyond (Naoto Yamakawa, 1987)
A power-station blows up. Two men and two women run out. An employee tries to convince them of the non-danger of the disaster. ... 'No Jean-Luc, not a child of Marx and Coca-Cola. More like a residen… Read more

Op Hop - Hop Op (Pierre Hébert, 1966)
Directed by Pierre Hubert, this film has 24 visuals which arrange and rearrange on film in many combinations. A hand-made, scratched-un-film experiment in intermittent animation. ... Read more

Opening Speech (Norman McLaren, 1961)
McLaren appears on a stage but cannot make his planned speech on account of a feisty, bad-tempered microphone that finally has him chasing it around the stage. Befitting a cartoon sketch, McLaren use… Read more

Pagan Rhapsody (George Kuchar, 1970)
Like Hold Me While I'm Naked, Rhapsody is as much about the difficulty of staging the drama as drama itself. Grand pianist Edgar is trying to recount his memoirs for biographer Camillo: they are both… Read more

PALTOQUET (Michel Deville, 1986)
... ... In a harbour cafe presided over by an aloof hostess and tended by a surly barman, four men meet regularly to play cards: the professor, the doctor, the honourable merchant and the journalist.… Read more

Pas De Deux (Norman McLaren, 1968)
McLaren employed a multi-image technique to film two ballet performets in this study in the grace of dance. It was filmed against a black backdrop with rear lighting oudining the white-clad dancers. … Read more

Paul Tomkowicz: Street Railway Switchman (Roman Kroitor, 1953)
Director Roman Kroitor talks to unsung hero Paul Tomkowicz; a Polish-bom Canadian, whose job it is to keep the rail-switches on streetcar tracks free of freezing mud and snow during the Canadian wint… Read more

Perfect Image (Maureen Blackwood, 1988)
A film with a healthy irreverance for images of women and images of being black. Two actresses constantly change persona, humorously exploring questions about self-worth. They, along with a chorus of… Read more

Pesto: A Death Sentence (Steve Robinson, John Nicholl, 1989)
She was young, beautiful and had so much potential, Jane's tragic death from a pesto overdose leads an investigative reporter to ask burning social questions, amongst them — is Italian food rea… Read more

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