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Films Screened In 1990

IT (Sergei Owtscharow, 1989)
IN 1870, Michail Saltykow, under the pseudonym N. Schtschednn, wrote The Story of a City, a biting allegory on the history of Russia and its rulers Out of this historical source material, Serge; Owts… Read more

IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER (Gene Kelly, Stanley Donen, 1955)
"The title is a misnomer. Comden and Green's tart follow-up to On The Town, directed by the same team (Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen) is like a delayed hangover. The three buddies are now Kelly, Dan D… Read more

An emotional portrait, a social critique and a passionate and eloquent plea for human equality, this documentary tells James Baldwin's story in his own words. Using interviews from many of Baldwin's … Read more

JESUS OF MONTREAL (Denys Arcand, 1989)
JESUS OF MONTREAL is the eagerly anticipated new film by Denys Arcand, the gifted director of the hugely successful The Decline Of The American Empire. At last year's Cannes Film Festival, Jesus of M… Read more

Jolicoeur Touriste (Louise Bourque, 1989)
"My concern for poetic expression is reflected in this project throughout the different aspects of production." - Louise Bourgue ... Read more

Juke Bar (Martin Barry, 1989)
A funny tale of frenzied, pixillated puppet insects who smoke cigars, dance and wield power tools. The insects enter a juke box and prove they really know how to have a party, however, the juke box i… Read more

Just Hold Still (Jem Cohen, 1989)
Essentially a compilation work made up of numerous short pieces, described by Cohen as: Where Documentary Collides. Music Video As Independent Film. Birds As Punctuation ... The project compiles shor… Read more

Kakadu Man (Michael Balson, 1989)
A film about the jewel of Australia's national parks, Kakadu, and about the teachings of Bill Niedjie (Kakadu Man). ... Kakadu Man is Bill Niedjie's story, a story of the land, looked after for thous… Read more

Kieslowski (, 1989)
An interview with Polish filmmaker Krysztof Kieslowski about his films, Short Film About Killing and Short Film About Love and the monumental Decalogue project. ... Read more

LAND BILONG ISLANDERS (Trevor Graham, 1990)
A narrated advocacy documentary about the struggle of the indigenous people of Murray Island (Torres Straits) for land rights. It has been very recently completed by the Melbourne based team which pr… Read more

LARKS ON A STRING (Jiri Menzel, 1969)
A FULL 21 YEARS after it was made, Jiri Menzel's Larks on a String is finally off the shelf. Menzel's film, a courageous, bittersweet comedy of considerable charm and invention, is now being seen pub… Read more

Le Moi Doute (Stephane Bergouhnioux, 1989)
"Video, ephemeral, erases memories and Man's life." A French satire on Godard, The Nouvelle Vague and Wenders, full of witty word play, and reflections on love, life and the months of the year. - (GW… Read more

The Leningrad Cowboys do not enjoy a great deal of success or talent. The boys are used to playing Russian songs written for an all-male choir. What they lack in talent or marketability, is compensat… Read more

Let Me Rescue You Before Someone Else Does (Doerthe Jansen, 1990)
A respectable public servant fantasizes himself as a hero, driven to save the soul of a woman from the claws of prostitution. At the suburban massage parlour however, it's business as usual. This is … Read more

LIFE IS STRANGE (Giuseppe Bertolucci, 1988)
Dario, a psychologist working in the public health system, lives an uneventful day-to-day routine comprising his work, his fiancee, his future inlaws. ... One day he meets Mario, his one-time high-sc… Read more

Life On Earth As I Know It (Penny McDonald, 1989)
A daggy delight and refreshing antidote to Australian cinema's "rites of passage" sub-genre. Droll, unaffectedly deadpan narration accompanies some unexpected glimpses into the situation of a young w… Read more

LIVE FROM BRITAIN (Andy Lambert, 1989)
A critique of post 1979 Britain, Live From Britain explores the ideological construction of "the future" and of "tradition" in the maintanence of bourgeois hegemony. Rituals of popular culture, toys,… Read more

Llaw (Penelope Buitenhuis, 1990)
This short film develops a personal response to the deconstruction of the Berlin wall. Employing television newsreel imagery and stylized dramatic sequences, a kind of mirror image of the wall's demi… Read more

LONGSHOT (Lynne Herchmann, 1989)
That question mark is no typographical error - Longshot is an eerie documentary style video that meshes fiction and reality so seamlessly you'll not be sure where one ends and the other begins. The r… Read more

LORD OF THE BUSH (Tom Zubrycki, 1990)
This new film from Tom Zubrycki (Kemira - Diary of a Strike, Friends and Enemies) was made for ABC and Channel Four television. Set in Broome the film is a study in the late '80s ambivalence over que… Read more

LOVE IN PROGRESS (Giuseppe Bertolucci, 1989)
In Love In Progress, Giuseppe Bertolucci has drawn a delightfully amusing portrait of the young. As in his previous films, Bertolucci's facility in creating credible and fascinating women characters … Read more

Love Life (Richard Tuohy, 1990)
A quietly paced narrative film about Steven finding his way out of the cold. ... Read more

Lunch (Michael Dwass, 1990)
This film started as a series of still photographs that were used as the basis for the drawings. About 2,500 drawings are included in the 5 minutes of film. Although this film is animated it is exper… Read more

Ma: Space/Time in the Garden of Ryoan-Ji (Taka Iimura, 1990)
The early sixteenth-century Japanese garden in the Zen temple of Ryoan-ji, in Kyoto, is considered a masterpiece of the Karesansui or "dry landscape" style. Slow-moving images of the garden are inter… Read more

Madonna (Laki Sideris, 1990)
Morning is that terrible part of the day when all thoughts run erratic, when all memories become confused and when the pillow, like a mother's loving arms, cradles your head and shelters you from ano… Read more

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