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Films Screened In 1990

MAKING 'DO THE RIGHT THING' (St Clair Bourne, 1989)
As the title suggests, St Clair Bourne's documentary is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Spike Lee's acclaimed feature Do The Right Thing. ... While 'making of...' movies invariably serve me… Read more

Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing and Charm School (Randall Miller, 1990)
The story is told from the perspective of an adult looking back to 1962 when he was twelve years old. The main character, Steve, and his best friend, Pete, are in the summer of their lives. The most … Read more

Mars Ad (Spike Lee, 1989)
Spike Lee directs a TV spot for "Air Jordans". ... Read more

MELANCHOLIA (Andi Engel, 1989)
“YOU WAKE UP ONE MORNING and you know you're lost." An expatriate German approaching middle age in the comfortable niche he has built as a London art critic, David Keller (Jeroen Krabbe), is alread… Read more

Melbourne Pipers' Tune (Sandy Munro, 1990)
The City of Melbourne Highland Pipe Band are here performing outside the Melbourne Arts Centre. ... Read more

Michelle and Carolyn, Carolyn and Michelle (Darren Davies, 1990)
An afternoon's attempt to capture the spirit of two people; their dreams, their enthusiasm. ... Read more

MONTALVO AND THE CHILD (Claude Mouriéras, 1988)
IN HIS FIRST FEATURE-LENGTH FILM, director Claude Mourieras deliberately eschews two of the cardinal tendencies of contemporary mainstream filmmaking. He shot this lyrical film, based on the choreogr… Read more

Monuments Far and Strange (David Cox, 1989)
"Lost forever in the vortex of Eastern European anxiety, our puppet hero Hector languishes in scene after scene of contrived torment. Antiquity is thus his total realm, his self... ... This is the fl… Read more

Although Wim Wenders produced what are arguably amongst the most original and important films of the past two decades there has been no detailed study of his work on film until now. ... Paul Joyce an… Read more

My Place (Manuela Alberti, 1987)
My Place is a video 8 documentary exploring certain personalities around a discotheque-club in Maroochydore, Queensland, circa 1987. The treatment is naive, the film has the look and feel very much o… Read more

Myself When 14 (Ivor Cantrill, 1989)
High contrast, black and white negative was rotascoped, yielding highly coloured animation drawings. Integrating the original black and white negative and positive on an optical printer, complex patt… Read more

New York Special (Emma Freud, 1989)
A special report from the world's number one media city. The Media Show talks to film directors, journalists and television producers; magazine editors and movie stars talk about what it's like to li… Read more

Newbury (Mark Freeman, 1990)
A quiet look at colour. ... Read more

Night After the Revolution (Reza Allamehzadeh, 1989)
Internationally, humanists recoiled from the death pronouncement by Ayatollah Khomeini on Salman Rushdie. This confronting documentary begins with footage of Iranian protests in Amsterdam surrounding… Read more

Night Cries: A Rural Tragedy (Tracey Moffatt, 1989)
Night Cries is the latest experimental work by the talented Aboriginal filmmaker, Tracey Moffat. This breathtakingiy visual film, set in an abandoned and decaying homestead in the middle of the deser… Read more

Night Out (Lawrence Johnston, 1989)
In this hard-edged film, a homosexual is savagely bashed in a public toilet block and taken for a nightmarish car ride by four hoons "out for a good time" while his lover is interstate. ... Lawrence … Read more

NIRVANA STREET MURDER (Aleksi Vellis, 1990)
I SWEAR THERE WERE MOMENTS in Aleksi Vellis' deliriously out of control Nirvana Street Murder when I fully expected Alwyn Kurts or Leonard Teale to appear around the next grimy Fitzroy backstreet in … Read more

No Problems (Jackie McKimmie, 1989)
Mercy Steele remembers her close-to idyllic childhood in rural Queensland in the twenties. Images of the landscape, abundant foods and fruits interspersed with reconstructed snatches of the way thing… Read more

Old Mother Witch (Mark Chodzko, 1989)
An elderly woman, living next door to a young boy, becomes the object of ridicule. Her quarrels with the neighborhood children are heightened by the mood of the Halloween season. When the boy and his… Read more

Melbourne filmmaker Brian McKenzie spent 5 years working on this engrossing study of a not-so-typical Brunswick household. It's a laconic, observational documentary similar to the director's I'll Be … Read more

Once As If A Balloon (Sabrina Schmid, 1989)
The basis for this animation are photographs taken on one day in 1961, representing the filmmaker's own childhood, specifically "the event of being tossed in the air as a one year old". She describes… Read more

One Complete Revolution (Noel Richards, 1989)
In a stylish exhibition of innovative computerised animation, One Complete Revolution parades the signs of the times. What starts out as one man's mythical walk proceeds to a gallop through the realm… Read more

One Man's Instrument (Max Bannah, 1989)
A conventional "Disney style" animation about the way a farmer lives with his bananas and copes with a changing environment. ... This film raises important metaphysical questions - eg: could God be a… Read more

Pause (Raffi Ghazarian, 1990)
A film born out of alienation. It is an attempt at valuing the moments when action ceases and reflection begins. It is not a pessimistic film. ... Read more

PEAUX DE VACHES (Patricia Mazuy, 1989)
IN HER FIRST FEATURE FILM as director, Patricia Muzay brings a tense and menacing atmosphere to this story of the confrontation between two brothers, Roland (Jean-Francis Steventn) and Gerard (Jacque… Read more

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