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Films Screened In 1990

SURNAME VIET, GIVEN NAME NAM (Trin T. Minh-ha, 1989)
A literate, rewarding work of surprising emotional power, writer-director Trin T. Minh-ha's latest film analyses Vietnamese culture by concentrating on the history of its women in both Vietnam and th… Read more

Swimming (Belinda Chayko, 1990)
A short film that recreates a home video view of lingering domestic tragedy. The realism that home video presents is captured in strong performances and evocative cinematography. Carefully observed c… Read more

Tales from the Vienna Hoods (Marcus Bergner, 1989)
This bioptic experimental animation incorporates stroboscopic effects and live animation. The after-images/effects are those of a Rorschach ink blot test mixed with the art of modern cinema. The film… Read more

Tea and Pictures (Claire Jaeger, Susan Weis, 1990)
Tea and Pictures evokes the working relationship and friendship of two Australian artists, Thea Proctor and Margaret Preston. ... Set in Sydney spanning the period 1923-33, the two collaborate on Hom… Read more

Teenage Babylon (Graeme Wood, 1989)
A haunting false documentary about teenage suicide in the 1960s. Using reconstructed black and white footage of police file photos of the period, accompanied by melancholy 60s love songs, the film pa… Read more

THE BIG STEAL (Nadia Tass, 1990)
WHAT BETTER WAY to close the festival than with a sneak preview of a new Melbourne-produced comedy? Nadia Tass and David Parker follow Malcolm and Rikhj and Pete with The Big Steal, a wickedly funny … Read more

The Big Wish (Esben Storm, 1990)
The Big Wish is a modern fairytale which deals with the enchanted world of fairies and goblins. ... Fairy law decrees that they must give away seven wishes to human beings every hundred years or they… Read more

The Black Ship (Alain Lévy, 1988)
A modern French allegory about childhood and illness. Beautiful cinematography and childlike understandings mix the reality of a boy dying with the hopes and dreams of his young brother who must save… Read more

The Broadcast Ban (, 1989)
A year on from the Broadcast Ban, we look at what it has meant for television, from regional news to arts programmes. Of particular relevance to Behind The Mask. ... Read more

The Burden (Guillaume Bréaud, 1989)
A black French farce in which naughty children try to conceal a corpse in various cumbersome ways. Inevitably the prospect of discovery leads to more complications until only one alternative presents… Read more

THE CAMELS (Giuseppe Bertolucci, 1988)
Typical of Giuseppe Bertolucci's best previous efforts (An Italian Woman, Secrets, Secrets) this quirky modern fable exudes an idiosyncratic, offbeat charm. The scenario, which features a pleasing am… Read more

The Coloured Pencils (Belinda Alexandrovics, 1989)
The Coloured Pencils is an insight into a child's world. Annie, the main character, is an eight year old. ... Annie is poor, unlike the prissy, spiteful Wendy who displays her pristine set of 72 Derw… Read more

THE DECALOGUE (Krzsystof Kieslowski, 1989)
One of the most ambitious, monumental and remarkable achievements of filmmaking of the past decade is The Decalogue, Kryzstof Kieslowski's adaption of the Ten Commandments. The project arrives with n… Read more

THE EYE ABOVE THE WELL (Johan van der Keuken, 1988)
A couple of years ago, distinguished filmmaker Johan van der Keuken and his wife and collaborator Noshka van der Lely visited Kerala, a coastal province in southwestern India. There he conceived and … Read more

The Follower (Linda Hassani, 1989)
London, some years after the introduction of Thatcher's "poll tax" is the setting. The country's answer to poverty, homelessness and unemployment is a privatized social welfare scheme. The scheme ope… Read more

The Fruit of Our Labour (Elvira Vacirca, 1989)
Set in the late 1950's, II Frutto Del Nostra Lavoro centers on the life of Lina - the daughter of Italian migrants who live in rural Victoria. ... Pressured into marrying a young Italian farmer, Lina… Read more

THE HOUSE ON TRUBNAYA (Boris Barnet, 1928)
Filmgoers whose knowledge of the classic Soviet cinema is limited to the confirmed greats such as Eisenstein, Podovkin and Dovzhenko owe it to themselves to get acquainted with the comedies of Boris … Read more

The Josh Shelter (Anthony L'Huillier, 1989)
Josh, an adopted child, finds family life somewhat lacking and attempts to find solace in books and his hideaway treehouse. His brother bullies him and finally, when he can't stand it any longer, he … Read more

THE KILLER (John Woo, 1989)
THE KILLER is a prime example of the type of filmmaking at which the Hong Kong film industry is most adept. With clear nods at the gamut of film genres from the thriller to the melodrama, writer and … Read more

The Killing of Angelo Tsakos (Kay Pavlou, 1989)
A compelling re-enactment of the still disputed real-life case of a Sydney Greek boy in the outer suburbs who was fatally shot by a local probationary police officer. ... Read more

The Last Newsreel (Karen Borger, 1990)
When Australian newsreel No. 2032 hits the screen on Opening Night the festival audience will witness the end on an era. But this 'curtain call' for the Australian Newsreel tradition, which officiall… Read more

THE LAW (Idrissa Ouedraogo, 1990)
In Burkina Faso, the concept of honour is essential in the structure of traditional societies. It rules over any notion of family, of blood. . . "Ya tilai", that is the law. . . ... From the director… Read more

The Little Things (Melanie El-Mir, 1989)
A couple attempts to deal with an invasion of mysterious little things in their garden. ... "Incorporating a kind of surreal treatment of both the visual and thematic material in my film, I blend hum… Read more

The Master of Shiatsu (Ishii Sogo, 1989)
An elderly shiatsu master gives a young woman a massage. A massage so effective it seems to take over the city. ... A new short film from the director of The Crazy Family (MFF '85). ... Read more

THE MATCH FACTORY GIRL (Aki Kaurismäki, 1989)
Humiliation and torment constitute the basic conditions of Iris's life. She is exploited at the factory, where she endures the drudgery of the production line, at home, where her parents hog her sala… Read more

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