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Films Screened In 1990

The Minotaur (Raphael Caussimon, 1989)
Something's been done to the signs along the passageways of the Parisian Metro and three million passengers get lost within the confusing network of corridors, that constitute this twentieth century … Read more

THE PLOT AGAINST HARRY (Michael Roemer, 1989)
ALTHOUGH IT WAS SHOT in 1969, The Plot Against Harry was publicly premiered at last year's New York Film Festival, from where it has gone on to become one of the greatest 'discoveries' of the past de… Read more

THE QUEST OF JIMMY PIKE (John Tristram, I. James Wilson, 1989)
Art, life, myth and landscape are skillfully blended in this fine film portrait of Aboriginal artist Jimmy Pike. Using a journey as narrative device and metaphor, the film takes us into the West Aust… Read more

The Rational Life Film 1-5 (Debbie Lee, 1989)
The filmmaker describes this as "five cryptic vignettes influenced by community service announcements and educational shorts. Neo-moral interludes for the impatiently nostalgic generation". ... Great… Read more

THE ROAD TO GOD KNOWS WHERE (Uli M. Schüppel, 1990)
Uli Schüppel was still a student at the Berlin Film Academy (DFFB) when he conceived this project - the documentation of a US tour by internationally recognised Australian cult figure, Nick Cave and… Read more

Hal Hartley's feature debut takes us back to his native Long Island, where the lovely, 17-year-old Audry Hugo, a nuclearphobic high school senior falls madly in love with a perfectly chiselled auto m… Read more

The Verdict of the Rational in the Face of the Absurd (Damien Grant, 1990)
How could it be resolved? There is no solution, no answer - no conflict. It is here, it is here. A facile facade of indifference looks back and asks: Are these faces? Are these faces? ... Read more

The Water Trolley (Noel Price, 1989)
Students invariably love this tale of a young Australian boy who, in drought conditions, saves the day after his father's horrific accident. ... Because this is based on the popular novel by Colin Th… Read more

This is a History of New York (The Golden Dark Age of Reason) (Jem Cohen, 1988)
A "history" of New York City from Prehistoric Times through the Space Age, illustrated entirely with documentary street footage. ... The filmmaker made a wide-ranging study of radically different wor… Read more

Tiga (Lucinda Clutterbuck, 1989)
The film is based on documentary footage (of the now extinct Tasmaman Tiger) shot in Hobart in the 1930s. It shows the last Tasmaman tiger in captivity pacing up and down in its cage in the zoo. From… Read more

TJOET NYA' DHIEN (Eros Djarot, 1988)
TJOET NYA' DHIEN was the wife of the Acehnese rebel leader, Teuku Umar, she was also his chief strategist and political mentor. Teuku Umar was killed in battle in February 1899. For eight years after… Read more

TONGUES UNTIED (Marlon Riggs, 1989)
In collaboration with the black gay poet Essex Hemphill, Marlon Riggs has produced what is sure to become a landmark film in the history of gay cinema, eschewing traditional documentary forms with a … Read more

TROUBLE THE CALM (David Fox, 1989)
An essay film which explores questions of national identity as constructed by critical views of Irish history on one hand, and the new formulations of national identity for Ireland in the interests o… Read more

TWIN PEAKS (David Lynch, 1989)
Allegedly, David Lynch and Mark Frost approached television with the proposal of making a series for television when it became difficult to raise money for a theatrical feature following Lynch's accl… Read more

Uhloz (Guy Jacques, 1989)
What would you wish for if you were a twelve year old locked in your room on Christmas Eve? What about a remote controlled toy space craft that could fly, hover and fire missiles right through your b… Read more

WATER AND POWER (Pat O'Neill, 1989)
Years ago, the Owens Valley (260 miles north of Los Angeles) was a flourishing country of farms and ranches. Today it is a dusty, dying and nearly deserted stretch of parched land. Pat O'Neill's Wate… Read more

When I Was A Girl (David Yates, 1989)
Memories of a 1940s girlhood are evocatively captured in this crisply matter-of-fact recollection of things past. A British working-class family, ruled by a domineering, hard-drinking patriarch, gets… Read more

WILD FLOWERS (Robert Smith, 1989)
An older woman is preparing the body of a younger woman for burial. For a moment she stares bitterly at the corpse, then slaps it violently across the face. ... The reason for this outburst? All is r… Read more

Witness Butthole Surfers (Jem Cohen, 1987)
In which Cohen bears witness to the dark intensity of the American band Butthole Surfers filmed at a particularly exuberant show. Brooding and unsettling - an anti-music video??? ... Read more

Worse Than Christmas (Julie Harris, 1989)
What's worse than Christmas? Easter, that's what, when Angela's relationship with Dan is thrashing out its death throes, amidst the flying bullets of verbal abuse and the occasional hurtled chocolate… Read more

YAABA (Idrissa Ouedraogo, 1989)
Yaaba means grandmother in Moorea. It is the name given by Bila, a wide-eyed 12 year old boy to the wizened Sana, an old woman who is treated as an outcast by the rest of the village. Yaaba is a deli… Read more

You Talk As If You Knew Me (Irene Lopez Kuchilan, 1989)
An impressive and provocative dance film, featuring the Ballet Teatro de la Habana. ... Read more

Zen Spot (, 1989)
Synopsis not available Read more

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