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Films Screened In 1991

Justine' Film (Jeanne Crépeau, 1990)
The bitter-sweet pangs of unrequited love are deftly and delicately suggested in French Canadian's Jeanne Crepéau's film. A refreshing wry tale of a modern girl with a timeless problem. Our heroine … Read more

L'ATALANTE (Jean Vigo, 1934)
Lyrical, haunting, comical, surrealistic, beautiful, sad, magical: this newly restored print of Jean Vigo's L'Atalante shifts the adjectival gears into overdrive. ... Made in 1934, the film was so ou… Read more

La Machination (Tony Gauthier, )
Synopsis not available Read more

La Nouvelle (Christophe Vassort, 1990)
Subtitles are not required for this satire on news tattling in a small community. The dialogue, if not the shaggy dog ending, would dismay Disney. (F.F) ... Read more

Lardux (Christian Pfohl, Marc Boyer, 1990)
The continuing misadventures of Lardux. Wacky absurdism in stop-frame style. ... Read more

LAST MOMENT (Pupi Avati, 1987)
A long-time soccer club manager (played by the late, great Ugo Tognazzi) is retrenched, then recatled to rescue a poorly performing team. With his demeanour of a man in a hurry, fast-talking, headstr… Read more

Le Bechose (Samuel Zlatoff, 1990)
Two boys receive a free gift in a gum packet, a powder that says 'add water'. At home one of them adds water and the result is a fast growing blue creature...but what is it? ... Read more

Le Coupeur D'eau (Philippe Tabarly, 1990)
Inspired by a Marguerite Duras story, this speechless tale of the demise of an impoverished family evinces the bleak pessimism and cool purity of a Bresson film, rather than the humanism and warm sen… Read more

LEGENDS (Ilana Bar-Din, 1991)
Actors in the longrunning Las Vegas show "Legends in Concert" try, every night to packed houses, to bring Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland back from the dead - and in so doing find thei… Read more

Leisure (Bruce Petty, 1976)
Winner of the 1977 Academy Award for Best Short Animated Film, cartoonist Bruce Petty explores the links between work and leisure in a humorous, inventive way. ... Read more

Let's Play Prisoners (Julie Zando, 1988)
The tape examines the relation between power and love. Power is a substitute for love, or love is feigned when a subject feels that she has lost power. Conversely, powerlessness is a strategy for att… Read more

Letter From Childhood (Patricia Cartier-Millon, 1990)
The amazing and involving story of a young Algerian woman with mutiple sclerosis, Letter from Childhood uses a mixture of ethnographic observation, reconstruction and personal reminiscence to tell it… Read more

LI LIANYING - THE IMPERIAL EUNUCH (Tian Zhuangzhuang, 1991)
From Tian Zhuangzhuang, the director of Horse Thief, comes this unique re-telling of the long reign of Tz'u-hsi, the Empress Dowager of turn-of-the-century China, as seen through the memory of Li Lia… Read more

LIFE IS SWEET (Mike Leigh, 1990)
Mike Leigh's latest delivers all that we have come to expect from this unique filmmaker, and then some. It's at once raucously funny while often blindingly insightful, a natural development upon his … Read more

Life's Great Adventure (Luis Da Silva, 1990)
Howard thought it was just like any old arcade game. He was wrong. Dead wrong. He receives a token and instructions to go to a certain house and that is where a life and death game begins. ... Read more

LISTEN UP (Ellen Weissbrod, 1990)
Listen Up (subtitled The Lives of Quincy Jones), is an informative and invigorating portrait of an unusual American success story, the rise and rise of black musical genius Quincy Jones. Filmmakers C… Read more

LIVING & DYING (Claudia Acklin, 1990)
Claudia Acklin's complex and intelligent documentary examines the passionate life and turbulent times of Swiss television personality Andre Ratti, who caused a sensation on July 2nd 1985 with his sta… Read more

Living Rooms (Nicole Ma, Amanda Ma, 1990)
An experimental narrative concerning two Asian sisters. In the future, as an old woman, Ann is reflecting on her life. The memories flash back in time to major crisis; the 30th birthday party given t… Read more

LOCKED UP TIME (Sybille Schonemann, 1990)
Not surprisingly, a flood of new documentaries about the New Germany and the horrors of the old, have surfaced over the last twelve months at the Leipzig and Berlin Festivals. Undoubtedly the finest … Read more

Londra No Sex (Antonio Tibaleli, 1989)
A challenging doco scanning the arena of lesbian S&M, offering glimpses into the professional and personal worlds of a club entertainer in London's Soho. Pungent and provocative. ... Read more

LONELY IN AMERICA (Barry Alexander Brown, 1990)
A comedic gem which reflects the universal immigrant experience as it explores the conflicts between old world values and the prerogatives of a younger generation, Lonely In America marks the directo… Read more

Love (Bill Mousoulis, 1991)
The light of love: a science fiction film set in Alphaville, 2015. Shot in Melbourne 1991. ... Read more

Luc Learns Slowly (Jen-Louis Gonnet, 1990)
A young-boy-meets-girl story set in the woods. Somehow she remains elusive. Is this a dream or transfigured reality? A charming piece of vivid whimsey. ... Read more

Luke's Party (Tim Burns, Ros Sultan, 1991)
Orchestrated chaos, as the interviewee of this mock documentary struggles to tell her story in the face of continual interruptions by children, neighbours, social security inspectors, debt collectors… Read more

LYRICAL NITRATE (Peter Delpeut, 1990)
Lyrical Nitrate is a compilation of film fragments dating from the period 1905-1915. They originate from the collection of films of Jean Desmet, the first film distributor, which is currently being p… Read more

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