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Films Screened In 1991

M-dot Report (Stephen Ball, 1991)
A season in Elwood. Looking back on 1991. This is my scrapbook. This is not my home but it's where I live. These are not my words but they're what I say. You see there are all these connections but i… Read more

Macha's Curse (Rose Bond, 1990)
An Irish tale of the shift in social allegiance from mother-clan to father-king. The pregnant goddess Macha, to save her boastful husband, concedes to run a race against the King's horses. Created in… Read more

MAN WITHOUT PIGS (Chris Owen, 1990)
The film captures the exotic spectacle, and at the same time the intense and subtle dynamics of village life through the eyes of John Waiko, a member of the Binandere clan in Papua New Guinea, and Ph… Read more

MARCH COMES IN LIKE A LION (Hitoshi Yazaki, 1990)
Ten years ago Hitoshi Yazaki made Afternoon Breezes, one of the finest Japanese movies of the 1980's, a quietly rapturous study of a lesbian infatuation. It has been worth the decade long wait for an… Read more

Melbourne Southern City (Eric Thompson, 1956)
"London on the Thames, Paris on the Seine... Melbourne on the Yarra..." an auspicious opening for a film on Melbourne. In 1956 with the Olympic Games on the doorstep the DOI produced several films ab… Read more

Melbourne Wedding Belle (Colin Dean, 1953)
A simple story set to music - Colin Dean's light-hearted and charming contribution to the DOI's 1950 films on the state capitals of Australia. Dean was a leading young director at the DOI before he l… Read more

MIKE AND STEFANI (Ron Maslyn Williams, 1951)
Mike and Stefani had its World Premiere at the first Melbourne Film Festival, January 1952, (one of just 4 features shown at the first fest! - though at 64 minutes it is only just a feature if at all… Read more

Mirrors of Time (Jean-Jacques Leduc, 1991)
Why has the notion of time become so central to our lives? How did the days of the week and the months of the year get their names? Mirrors of Time takes a light-hearted look at these questions, begi… Read more

Morsels (Felicity Browning, 1990)
Homeless people are used to serve the desires of the affluent... ... Read more

MR CANTON AND LADY ROSE (Jackie Chan, 1989)
Hong Kong superstar, Jackie Chan, whose films combine breathtaking action, amazing stunts and self effacing humour, tries a change of pace with Mr Canton and Lady Rose. Based on a Damon Runyon story … Read more

MY FATHER LIVES IN RIO (Ben Sombogaart, 1988)
Nine year old Liesje lives with her mother and writes letters to her father, who she believes lives in Rio de Janeiro, but who is actually in prison. Liesje wants to visit him in Rio and she saves up… Read more

My Neighborhood (Richard Blakeslee, Margaret Miles, 1991)
A celebration of the short essay film. It's just hard to stop making short films. ... Read more

MY SKY, MY HOME (Slamet Rahardjo Djarot, 1990)
My Sky, My Home is a gentle, thoughtful, humorous film made deliberately to be suitable for adults and for children, and succeeds in doing this. Why then should this film - suitable even for children… Read more

Myths and Legends (Dana Rayson, 1990)
When the magical world of two young boys and the junkyard where they share games and stories and hunt for lost treasure is disrupted by a gang of bullies, the boys call on a mythical creature, the Gu… Read more

Nice Girls Don't Do It (Kathy Daymond, 1990)
Art advocacy film about female ejaculation. Black and white to distinguish itself from pornography, multi-layered sound to distinguish itself from the patriarchal narrative, explicit and confronting,… Read more

ON THE WIRE (Elaine Proctor, 1990)
This impressive first feature by South African-horn Elaine Proctor is one of the most effective and intelligent films yet to deal with racism in South Africa. Its determination to explore the root ca… Read more

On Time (Eric Thompson, 1956)
The magnificence of Flinders Railway Station and the masterpiece of planning that keeps Victorian trains on time. There is also a series of running jokes throughout the film, a signature of Shan Bens… Read more

One Day (Andrew Corby, 1990)
A telephone call from mum. A girl, an apple and a worm doing its thing. ... Read more

Only Stock Options Are Going Up These Days (Jean Paul Lilienfeld, 1990)
Directors Note: "A man and a woman try to make love inspired by a French condom. An old man tries to make a "carts castle: inspite of universal gravitation. Nobody succeeds in doing it. In fact, only… Read more

OPEN DOORS (Gianni Amelio, 1990)
At the start of the somberly handsome Italian thriller Open Doors, a calm, neatly dressed man returns to the office from which he has recently been dismissed. He is armed with a long sharp knife. Wit… Read more

Oreos With Attitude (Larry Carty, 1990)
A wicked tongue-in-cheek satire that turns racial stereotyping inside out. Janet and Richard are a black "buppie" couple living in New York City. After calculating that the risk of producing a dark s… Read more

OVER THE THRESHOLD (Christine Lloyd Fitt, Yoshiharu Tezuka, 1989)
Over the Threshold is about intermarriage between Japanese and Westerners. The filmmakers are a husband and wife team who met during their studies at Britain's National Film & TV School in London. Th… Read more

Pancake (Alan Clayton, 1989)
Family pancake making never was so crazy. First a pancake gets stuck on the ceiling then it gets stuck on a kid's head. The doctor's eat it off. ... Read more

PARIS IS BURNING (Jennie Livingston, 1990)
They call themselves The Children. They are messengers, welfare recipients, salespeople and prostitutes. The Children live in two worlds, the world of poor Blacks and Latinos in New York City, and th… Read more

Patterns (Nick Ostrovskis, 1990)
Crosses, horizontal lines and a focus test pattern are rapidly animated. Many shapes/textures are generated. Then flowers. An orange flower seems to sprout out from itself. Other images include shots… Read more

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