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Films Screened In 1991

Pencil Dance (Chris Casady, 1990)
Abstract pencil animation to a funky rhythmic beat. ... Read more

This film uses archival footage and interspersed interviews to look at the dairy industry and its products, but only as a backdrop, as a social indicator in a society thirsty for modernity, unquestio… Read more

PEPI, LUCI, BOM AND THE OTHER GIRLS (Pedro Almodóvar, 1981)
With the widespread publicity accorded his last two films, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown and Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!, almost everybody knows the name of Spain's campy enfant terrible, Ped… Read more

Personal City (Keita Kurosaka, 1990)
Singularly weird depiction of an urban nightmare initiated from a corporate toilet cubicle. A slick production that incorporates sophisticated film techniques with elements of performance art. (S.C.) ... Read more

Philadelphia (Virginia Hillyard, 1991)
A journey, knowing little, but with high hopes, towards a city we must reach - Philadelphia. ... Read more

Piece Touchee (Martin Arnold, 1990)
Through repetition and reversal, a short sequence featuring two people in a domestic setting is continually deconstructed and reinvented. The result is a curious system of spatial dynamics where the … Read more

Play Safe (Jim Pearson, 1948)
Part of a series on Road Safety, cricket hero Don Bradman instructs children on playing safe on the roads. ... Read more

POISON (Todd Haynes, 1990)
Todd Haynes' first Film since Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story can hardly fail to set audiences ablaze. Poison is a movie without any obvious precedents, an amyl-charged ride through images of de… Read more

Poor Jenny (Urban Gad, 1912)
An excellent example of Nielsen's early films. In it she plays a scrub-girl seduced by a heartless cad. ... Read more

Post No Bills (Clay Walker, 1990)
Robbie Conal is an artist who sneaks about at night with a broom and a bucket of glue. He has a healthy disrespect for most politicians and celebrities, and is keen to show his art outside galleries,… Read more

Poumse (Mikhail Aldashin, 1988)
A sailor arrives on a desert island and barters with the local natives, to sell them Western garments instead of their traditional skins, bones and shells . When they have all gone home, the animals … Read more

Presence of Absence (Shane Carn, 1990)
Subdued tones, cold textures and slow, gliding movement combine to produce an uneasy ambience in a disused institution. The presence of people is replaced by the sparse clarity of empty rooms, tiled … Read more

PROOF (Jocelyn Moorhouse, 1991)
Direct from its triumphant World Premiere in Cannes, where it was selected to open the Directors Fortnight and subsequently drew a rapturous standing ovation, Proof is a sensational debut for Melbour… Read more

Puppenhead (David Cox, 1990)
A Berlin puppet maker. Goethe, takes his clockwork puppet knife throwing act to New York. It is 1934 and a Nazi spy is watching him. ... Read more

Quinoscopio #2 (Juan Padron, )
A light-hearted Cuban Animation. ... Read more

Relax (Chris Newby, 1991)
The thoughts and feelings experienced while awaiting the results of an HIV test are vividly etched in this sharp, sensitive short. ... Read more

Requiem (Mojgan Khadem, 1991)
The writing and rehearsal of a publicly commissioned requiem are interrupted by the arrival of a strange woman with an urgent private commission. An accomplished short film, reminiscent of the art ci… Read more

RESIDENT ALIEN (Jonathan Nossiter, 1990)
Marginal victim, superstar, homosexual icon, dandy; which ever way you wish to describe him, Quentin Crisp remains one of the greatest and most fascinating British inventions of the last millenium. D… Read more

Resonance (Stephen Cummins, 1991)
A poetic examination of what "resonates" from a gay bashing, unravelling the social scriptions of power and meaning on the body, through close-ups of gestures, various forms of dance and interior mon… Read more

Riff (Remix) (EmmanuelG, Simon Cooper, Andrew Frost, Caroline McArthur, 1991)
Images accompanying a riff vice-versa. ... ... 'Will To Power' by Emmanuel G ... 'In The City' by Simon Cooper ... 'Chamber of Clear Rhythm' by Andrew Frost ... 'Untitled' by Caroline McArthur ... ... Read more

Rodney and Juliet (Fane Flaws, 1990)
The most pathetic love story ever (re-)told. Rodney still loves Juliet, Juliet wants him dead... ... Read more

Roimata (Riwia Brown, 1989)
Roimata, a young Maori woman from the East Coast, travels to the city to meet her half sister Girlie. Introduced to gang members, the scene is set for confontation when Kevin, a young Salvation Army … Read more

Rose (Jann Turner, 1990)
A film of delightful nuance and characterisation. A housewife makes a shocking discovery about her husband. In search of guidance she rings a professional in the field of love a call girl who arrives… Read more

Rubber Face (Gordon reid, 1990)
Director's Note;" Some days you just feel like this". A graphic animation on facial expressions. ... Read more

RUBY AND RATA (Gaylene Preston, 1990)
Gaylene Preston, a past Festival guest with her last film Mr Wrong, is still going strong and we're pleased to welcome her back with the beguiling Ruby and Rata. ... 83 year-old Ruby (played by the t… Read more

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