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Films Screened In 1992

DAMNED IN THE U.S.A. (Paul Yule, 1991)
... ... This ambitious British documentary takes an unusual and refined look at the most recent and controversial cases of censorship in the United States. A number of senators are seen on their crus… Read more

David Blows Up (Edwin James Lynch, 1992)
A cleaner blows up her dead prick-of-a-husband ... Read more

Dead Roads (Heinz Boeck, 1991)
The landscape was never indifferent. The barbed-wire fence has snagged the skyline. The bath water is tepid. And every night when you lie down you fall flat. ... Read more

DEADLY CURRENTS (Simcha Jacobovici, 1991)
... ... The Intifada, Israel's occupied territories. This is a world of Israeli soldiers, Palestini­an child-warriors and CNN news crews, with politicians and rabble rousers on both sides. ... ... Read more

Deadly Deception: G.E., Nuclear Weapons & Our Environment (Debra Chasnoff, 1991)
General Electrical "Bring Good Things To Life " But does it really? Deadly Deception juxta­poses General Electric's rosy commercials with the true stones of those whose lives have been devastated… Read more

Dexter on Vacation (Arthur Elgort, 1991)
Dexter On Vacation records the last perfor­mance of legendary saxophonist Dexter Gor­don aboard the S S Normandy during the 1988 Floating Jazz Festival "When Dexter stood in my studio and pla… Read more

Did You Do the Napkin Tops? (Lisa Doyle, 1991)
A humorous account of the artisf s crummy-sut-high paymg jobs Utilizing repetitive edit-ng techniques and a rambling, ranting voiceover, the film takes a tongue-in-cheek ook at that daily phenomenon … Read more

... ... In December 1985 two Nevada teenagers car­ried out a suicide pact in the playground of a local church. Ray Belknap succeeded in blow­ing his brains out, but James Vance survived with … Read more

Drive (Catherine Birmingham, 1992)
Nick finally did it He got mad and shot his father Now Nick and Angela must run, trying to escape their destmy and their demons On their journey they meet Ralph, who pushes it to the limit. Good and … Read more

EDWARD II (Derek Jarman, 1991)
Anyone who has followed with interest the films of Derek Jarman will find cause for dehght m Edward II It seems to be the culmina­tion of everything the bold British director has been toying with… Read more

EIGHT BALL (Ray Argall, 1992)
... ... Ray Argall's debut feature Return Home (1990 MFF) touched a nerve with its insightful depiction of working class survivors in an ail-too-believable contemporary Australia. Argall's new Film t… Read more

Epilogue (Tom Tykwer, 1992)
The end of an affair A whodunnit about a man, a room and a loaded gun. ... Read more

First Comes Love (Su Friedrich, 1991)
Last year's Grand Prix winner Su Friedrich (Sink or Swim), returns with something of a departure from her usual style First Comes Love uses footage shot at weddings, married with a soundtrack of pop-… Read more

Flitters (Christopher Tuckfield, 1991)
Flitters concerns the special quality of two brother's friendship as one of them is placed in an institution. ... Read more

Franz Kafka (Piotr Dumala, 1991)
Black and-white images show Kafka's world through the eyes of his childhood and sexual­ly-aware adolescence, up to his creative period (occasionally taking his viewpoint from that of an insect) T… Read more

Freud (Tanja George, 1991)
1898, a cold winter's night in Vienna. Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, has finally arrived at his theory of dream analysis. ... Read more

Fury is a Feeling Too (Cynthia Beatt, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

Gizelle Kerozine (Jan Kounen, 1989)
Pixillated witches on broomsticks run riot in a futuristic city. ... Read more

Gold (Klaus Weller, 1991)
Gold is a precious commodity, it playfully transforms as it changes hands It falls like rain, enchants like music. The piece of gold which passeth all understanding be amongst you and remain with you… Read more

Guerrillas in our Midst (Amy Harrison, 1992)
Documentary A witty documentary that explores the issues of discrimination and exclusion in the 'main-stream' US art community by focusing on the activities of the underground activist group, the Gue… Read more

Hassan (Virginia Pitts, 1991)
The occupied west bank. Curfew has fallen. Hassan has not returned home. There are gun­shots in the streets... (JB) ... Read more

Hear My Cry (Maciej Drygas, 1991)
On Polish national day, 1968, Ryszard Siwiec self immolated in front of thousands of people in a Warsaw stadium. He was protesting the invasion of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact forces. The world rema… Read more

... ... It will be a pity if Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer comes to be known for the controversy it has sparked rather than its qualities as a piece of filmmaking. As Caryn James in The New York … Read more

HERMAN (Erik Gustavson, 1990)
Herman is the warm-hearted story of an 11 year-old boy who encounters a stumbling block on the path to puberty premature (and rapid) hair loss. The setting is Oslo 1961, a time when people didn't hav… Read more

The story of Sylvester, 76-year-old astronomer, and seven-year-old Katharina, who spends a summer with him. They go on a treasure hunt with their friends old Egon and Veronika, who is the same age as… Read more

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