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Films Screened In 1992

Homage by Assassination (Elia Suleiman, 1991)
The filmmaker in his apartment in New York awaits news of his family in Nazareth during the Persian Gulf War. Television reports the missile attacks from Iraq are landing in Israel. The filmmaker's h… Read more

Home Stories (Matthias Mueller, 1991)
An adept collage of footage culled from various Hollywood films of the early 1950's and 1960's (Sirk's melodramas, Hitchcock's psycho-sexual thrillers.) It provides an incisive commentary on this dom… Read more

HOMEWORK (Jaime Humberto Hermosillo, 1990)
... ... This latest offering by one of Mexico's most prolific and outrageous commentators is a single shot — one angle, one com­position. The result is anything but one note; rather, the el… Read more

Hoodoo Nightspot (Mark Donegan, Scott Lacey, 1992)
Detective Black Ford is pursuing Lazy Dick, who meanwhile, is havin' one hootin'-tootin' time at the Hoodoo Nightspot. A morality tale? ... Read more

HUNTERS & BOMBERS (Hugh Brody, Nigel Markham, 1990)
... ... In the Nitassinan forests of Quebec it is illegal for the Innu Indians to set foot on their tradi­tional land. An area that once provided them with food and shelter is now a bombing range… Read more

In and Out of Time (Elizabeth Finlayson, 1991)
This sensitive study of the filmmaker's grand­mother who has Alzheimers disease, explores the nature of time and memory. The tyranny of memory loss means that she, an accomplished portrait artist… Read more

In Between (Robert Crusz, 1992)
This latest film from Sankofa Film & Video is an extraordinary search for self-identity. An 'exploration-of-my-parents' film, it develops into a deconstruction of the classic polarities of our societ… Read more

In Loving Memory (Leone Knight, 1992)
Using close-up and extreme close-up images in black-and-white. In Loving Memory romanti­cizes S & M icons in a manner similar to Ken­neth Anger's works. However, by an ambiguous use of gender… Read more

Introduction to the End of an Argument (Elia Suleiman, 1990)
In the 1950's, the French leftwing political artists-philosophers known as the Situationists invented a raw (and illegal) form of the 'com­pilation film' — gathering fragments from mainstre… Read more

Invisible City (Mark Jay, 1991)
Once upon a time there was a place in Europe where poets and hustlers, scholars and shlemiels lived side by side. Now, that place exists only in memory. It might be called the Invisible City because,… Read more

Jazz In The Box (Liz Hughes, 1991)
A modern day nightmare. A pregnant woman is too busy to have her baby. A humorous observation of pregnancy. ... Read more

Jazz in the Box (Milan Grozdanic, 1991)
A cool, cool, cool, finger-snapping, bebopping, scat-singing stroll along a Black bar to the White boys blowing unbelievably hot in the corner. (RR) ... Read more

Julie: Old Time Tales of Blue Ridge (Les Blank, 1991)
The star of Julie is Julie Jarrell Lyons, who was born in 1903 in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. In telling the stories of her life, Julie evokes in an inimitable way a world gone by, th… Read more

Just Words (Louise Bourque, 1991)
Experimental-Student Inspired by Samuel Beckett's Not I, the film intercuts archival images with a giant mouth reading excerpts of the play. By means of the intimate portrait it offers, Just Words ad… Read more

K-Rad Man (Ian Haig, 1991)
A mad scientist, a techno-nerd and a deadly computer virus form an ultra vivid hyper-reali­ty in this computer generated comic strip. ... Read more

Kaddish (Serge Zetoun, 1991)
Synopsis not available Read more

Koorie Culture Koorie Control (Russell Porter, 1992)
Synopsis not available Read more

L'Encadré (Manuel Gomez, 1991)
Synopsis not available Read more

LA BELLE NOISEUSE (Jacques Rivette, 1991)
... ... No description will ever do justice to this magnificent film, a masterpiece in any­one's terms, a work which could only be a piece of cinema and nothing else, and which is one of the most… Read more

LA VIE DE BOHÈME (Aki Kaurismäki, )
... ... Aki Kaurismaki (subject of a 1990 MFF Spotlight) returns with a deadpan remake of La Boheme, which seems to owe as much to the comic bonhomie of Lubitsch's Design For Living, or the romantic … Read more

Lady Lazarus (Sandra Lahire, 1991)
Poetry, I feel, is a tyrannical discipline," we hear Sylvia Plath say it was not as tough on her, perhaps, as her own inner life Plath's readings of her most personal works, such as 'Daddy* and 'Lady… Read more

LAST WINTER (Aaron Kim Johnston, 1989)
William lives with his family on a Canadian farm in the 1950's, and shares a bed with Grandpa Jack, sometimes they even share the same dreams. ... When his parents decide to move to the big city for … Read more

LIFE CLASSES (William MacGillivray, 1987)
... ... Life Classes stands as the definitive 'life-trans-formed-by-art movie, and MacGillivray's most fully realized film to date, a gently satirical yet deeply moving portrait of self-discovery. ..… Read more

LIFE ON A STRING (Chen Kaige, 1991)
... ... Based on a short story by Shi Tiesheng, Chen Kaige's latest film is a fable that explores the chasm between faith and magic, authority and disobedience, sacrifice and con­summation. Far m… Read more

Life's A Gas (Philip Davis, 1991)
Danny and Donald have decided they don't care for the world and stay in their caravan They are happy to smoke, drink, eat junk-food, fart and philosophize. One day even the thought of the world outsi… Read more

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