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Films Screened In 1992

Lift Off (, )
Synopsis not available Read more

LIGHT SLEEPER (Paul Schrader, 1991)
... ... Paul Schrader is arguably one of the most vital figures of contemporary American cinema. An auteur in the truest sense, his vast body of work as a scriptwriter, director and crit­ic is an… Read more

LITTLE RABBITS (Detlev Buck, 1991)
Detlev Buck is fast establishing himself as one of Germany's most fresh, prolific and successful contemporary directors. He has made three features since graduating from the Berlin Film and TV Academ… Read more

Livingroom/Schönberg (Hiebler Ertl, )
The film hves m a high nse flat Where have all the flowers gone? What is spilt on the living room table? Rhythmic agitation, repetition, colour reversal, etc, dis-enthrall corridors, liv­ing spac… Read more

Long Shadows (Paul Winkler, 1991)
The red-washed openmg passage of Paul Win­kler's new him is mesmeric, it is almost numb­ing, the Long Shadows of its title could be those of a sunset, those at the last daylight of time They … Read more

Look Out (Dina Zvi Riklis, 1990)
From a rooftop m the village of the occupied Gaza strip, a lone Israeli soldier observes the house across the street The prattle of the radio switching cheerily from the joys of bazouki music to news… Read more

Los Perros (Gregory Miller, 1992)
The complex and confhctmg emotions of an El Salvadorean refugee traumatized by political repression, finds that the tormentors of the past can be very real phantoms of the present, Finding sanity in … Read more

Lost Cat (Chris Brown, 1991)
An off-beat, low-budget short that deals with the issues of racism, relationships and family pet problems — the biggest problem being that no one seems to notice the family pet is a six-foot, t… Read more

LOVE ON A SLICE OF BREAD (Garin Nugroho, 1991)
... ... Garin Nugroho's directorial debut, Love on a Slice of Bread, is one of the most unusual films ever made in Indonesia; a modem love story which has a new psychological complexi­ty for Indo… Read more

Lovelock (David Robertson, 1991)
Obsessed with running faster than any man before him, Jack Lovelock came to the 1936 Berlin Olympics in pursuit of perfection. With powerful directorial understatement and lumi­nous black-and-whi… Read more

Low (James Herbert, 1991)
James Herbert literally breathes life into this masterpiece, which is visually breathtaking, rich in hue and gracefully sensual. (If you have never seen work by him, don't miss this one.) ... Read more

Lunavision (Christophe Michelet, 1991)
Worlds collide as this wordless visual delight leads the audience on a journey of discovery through the breathtaking landscape of the Aus­tralian night. (AH) ... Read more

Manipulation (UK, 1991)
Manipulation is about repression in society The minority, or in this case 'the small man syn­drome', fights against the machinery of life, which physically and mentally humiliates, crushing out a… Read more

Manyu-Wana No.4 (, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Marc and Ann (Les Blank, 1991)
Les Blank's Flower Films presents the latest m a series of films on Louisiana and Caj'un cul­ture by filmmakers Les Blank, Maureen Gosling and Chris Simon. "It bit me and got a hold of me and I n… Read more

MASSILLON (William Jones, 1991)
Combining painterly images, literary prose, ponderous timing and dry humour, William Jones renders his impressions of grow­ing up gay in a small Ohio city. Moving from the personal to the politic… Read more

Megawatt Mania (Mark Hanlin, )
A man unwittingly causes a major electrical catastrophe when he tries to fix a faulty toaster with a fork. ... Read more

MEMORIES OF THE CAUCASUS (Georgii Vlasenko, 1991)
... ... The Caucasus mountains in southern Rus­sia, sites of memory, history, imagination, longing, mysticism. In Memories of the Caucasus, the work of Sergei Paradjanov, the director of such fil… Read more

MODERN TIMES (Graham Chase, 1992)
... ... Documentarist Graham Chase returns to Port Pirie in South Australia to rekindle a few memories, but the town of his childhood is no more. Like so much of Chase's previous work (Democracy, Byl… Read more

Moise (Howard Goldberg, 1991)
Helene has been admitted to the prestigious Julliard School of Music. But there is an obsta­cle: she is the mother of a four-month-old baby. A heart-breaking audition must be taken. Sarah and Sam… Read more

Monster Fish (Polly Seddon, 1992)
A happy story about divorce. ... Read more

MONSTER IN A BOX (Nick Broomfield, 1991)
... ... This is a film. This is no ordinary film. Mon­ster In A Box is like no other film you've ever seen — unless you saw Swimming To Cam­bodia at the 1988 Melbourne Film Festival. ..… Read more

Mr Neal is Entitled to be an Agitator (Daryl Dellora, 1991)
This dramatized documentary about the life of the controversial High Court Judge Lionel Murphy (1922-88) comprises reenactments, interviews and archival footage. The film doc­uments Murphy's role… Read more

Mum's Christmas (William Walker, 1990)
Havoc is wrought as the family gather for the yuletide repast! An hilarious jolt to collective memory. (JB) ... Read more

My Father Died (Mikkel Beckmen, 1991)
Years after the event, the narrator recalls being five-years-old when his family gathered for the wake after his father died. Now he is at a cemetery, picnicking with his girlfriend. Flat, home movie… Read more

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