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Films Screened In 1992

My Withered Tomato Friend (Michelle Harrison, Sally Abbott, 1991)
A tonal poem that rejects conventional narra­tive in order to express the thoughts of an abused woman. Four 'found' images and a woman's voice alternate between thoughts of a battered wife who de… Read more

MYSTERIES OF JULY (Reece Auguiste, 1991)
... ... The documentary form is under review. Audiences do not need to accept the tired formulae which television imposes on docu­mentary filmmakers. The tyranny is powerful, and well established… Read more

NIGHT AND DAY (Chantal Akerman, 1991)
... ... Considering that she is one of the most con­sistently original filmmakers of our time, ifs difficult to explain the under-currency of Chantal Akerman's work. Put it down to the vagaries o… Read more

NIGHT ON EARTH (Jim Jarmusch, 1991)
... ... The films of Jim Jarmusch invariably locate themselves in what one might call the 'poetry of the everyday'. His characters are constantly on the move, geographically and domestically uprooted… Read more

Now That It's Morning (Neil Bartlett, 1991)
London, 1961. Closets were closed, so were minds. Forty-five-year old Gerard wants to cel­ebrate his birthday with his lover, fifteen-year-old Ian. A private party turns nasty as homophobia and p… Read more

OFF LIMITS (Isabelle Benkemoun, Francis Allegret, 1991)
... ... In the fight between the torturer and the tor­tured, the stake is never simple. It is not only that of revealing a secret, it is the loss of self-possession. Because torture aims to get h… Read more

ONE FULL MOON (Endaf Emlyn, 1991)
... ... This subtitled Welsh-language drama deals with a remembered childhood that is, if anything, more harrowing than those depicted by Bill Douglas or Terence Davies. The film is based on a tragic… Read more

One Man's Meat (Christine Parker, 1991)
He's late home — again. She's lonely; she's fed up; she's got ambitions. She gets help from some big stars — Dionne Warwick, The Virgin Mary, a Living Barbie Doll and a Dominatrix... But … Read more

Ordinary Flux (Richard Tuohy, 1991)
A subtle, restrained narrative with decidedly formal concerns. Set in a very unextraordinary environment, this film, rich with visual themes and motifs, examines personal feelings towards movement &m… Read more

Out of Order (Joy Saunders, 1992)
Synopsis not available Read more

Out of Place (Maeve Woods, 1991)
"Looking out of the window I began to notice strange things about the way in which plants moved. It seemed that there were patterns and discrete combinations of bobbing, swaying, rotating, fluttering… Read more

PARIS TROUT (Stephen Gyllenhaal, 1991)
... ... If Ann Turner's Celia gave the mistaken impression that it examined the effects of a 1957 rabbit plague on a suburban Melbourne family, you would be forgiven for assuming Paris Trout's openin… Read more

Pegged In (Michael Eaglesome, 1991)
Have you ever wondered how that peg got into your Y-fronts? This light-hearted anima­tion explores the secret life of your washing basket, and the playful antics of some playful washing pegs. (SS) Read more

Pegged In (Michael Eaglesome, 1991)
Synopsis not available Read more

Planet Under Pressure: Acid Assault (D. Chamberlain, V. Goetzelman, 1991)
In 1977 Canadian scientists decided to sacrifice one lake to study the effect of acid rain on the thousands of lakes spread across North America. Each year measured amounts of raw acid were dumped in… Read more

Plot (Michael Gitlin, 1991)
A group of strange, disquieting images and sounds turn about in a subtly varied cycle: clouds, a nut being cracked, an obscure geolog­ical landscape, particles of matter, a face disfig­ured i… Read more

Possession (Phil Mulloy, 1991)
Using the story of Little Red Riding Hood as a starting point, this unusual animation tran­scends into a dark and bleak anomaly, of chaos, destruction and paranoia. A disturbing indictment of the… Read more

Projections (Krysztof Wodiczko, 1991)
Krysztof Wodiczko is an artist who does not dis­play his work in galleries but by using large for­mat slides to project his carefully constructed images on the facades of large public buildin… Read more

Puamana (Les Blank, 1991)
Puaniana is a portrait of the elegant and vener­ated Irmgard Farden Aluli, one of Hawaii's best loved composers. The name Puamana is central to Inngard's life — it is the name of the family… Read more

Release Me (Frances Lea, 1991)
Roy and Janet are young, in love and have Downes syndrome. Together they fight for their rights to freedom of choice and self expression. This remarkable film was made with the involvement of the 'Fr… Read more

Return to the Edge of the World (Michael Powell, Frixos Constantine, 1978)
... ... In 1978, Frixos Constantine helped Powell revisit Foula with members of the original cast and crew for material to accompany a BBC presentation of the film. In Return To The Edge Of The World… Read more

Revolver (Chester Dent, 1991)
In a lonely place, a man and woman meet, time and time again. Love...Mystery...Fate. Chester Dent's graduation work from the National Film School in London is hypnotic. Liam Nee­son stars in this… Read more

Rex the Runt - Dreams/Dinosaurs (Peter Lord, 1991)
Meet Rex, the latest in the Oscar-winning Aardman's gallery of plasticine pups, bears, turtles and parrots, in two brief but punchy pilots, Dreams and Dinosaurs. ... Read more

Rhino Christmas (John Armstrong, 1992)
A hot weird Christmas in the suburbs. Mott dreams of snow, Trace and Raoul search for real coffee, Jane and Bruce just want to medi­tate. When things turn ugly, only the Rhino can save the day. ... Read more

RIFF-RAFF (Ken Loach, 1991)
... ... Ken Loach's work has been marked over the 30-odd years of his career by a sensi­tive if uncompromising eye. He has turned his gaze on social injustice in no uncommon terms and has broken … Read more

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