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Films Screened In 1993

What's Hollywood About You? (Jan Bruck, 1993)
Sydney filmmaker and academic Jan Bruck spent seven days walking around Hollywood and other close L.A. suburbs — an extraordi­nary adventure in itself. In "an attempt to bring the image of … Read more

Whatsitsi Whatsitsou (Jean-Francois Desbois, 1992)
What's in the suitcase? A quirky comedy. ... Read more

When the Spill Hit Homer (Edith M. Becker, 1991)
When the Exxon Valdez struck the coast of Prince William Sound, the world waited to see what the immediate consequences of the oil spill would be. But what were the more long term costs of the spill … Read more

Why So Many Soldiers? (Samia Mikhail, 1992)
A journalist is sitting alone in a cafe in Beirut waiting for his friends to come back. He remains alone and imagines the life that could grow again among the ruins of the city. ... Read more

Wind (Margit Ruile, 1992)
A film poem with flying hats, talking trees and weather vanes. Wind is a lyrical and beautiful venture into the memories of an old woman. ... And the little girl says "It is as if Heaven gently kisse… Read more

With Frogs and Fishes (Cynthia Wells, 1992)
A young woman searches through a whirlpool of emotion to understand the senseless drown­ing death of her first love. Told through a com­bination of dance and drama, it depicts a young woman's… Read more

WITTGENSTEIN (Derek Jarman, 1993)
Jarman has once again created a lush and visually stunning canvas, that explores the life and key ideologies of one of this century's most influential philosophers, Ludwig Wittgenstein. This latest a… Read more

Wombats - Bulldozers of the Bush (Richard Campbell, 1992)
What do wombats do when the lights go out? Wombats is an amusing account of one of Aus­tralia's most lovable animals; lovable, that is, if you're not a farmer! ... Read more

Work on the Grass (Tetsuo Shinohara, 1992)
Shinohara constructs a delicately nuanced por­trait of a highly charged relationship between two young men. With minimal ingredients — one location, two characters, one day's passage &mdash… Read more

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