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Films Screened In 1993

Hoping For Better Times (Jonas Raeber, 1993)
A malfunction in the industry of big business creates an evil and deathly solution. Thematically appropriate to the politics of today the bold, hard-edged graphic quality of this eel animation suits … Read more

HOW'S BUSINESS (Colin Finbrow, 1991)
From the director of Hard Road and Doombeach comes the latest feature from the Children's Film and Television Unit in Britain. How stays busy making business deals and dodging bombs during the raids … Read more

I Begin to Know You (Lana Lin, 1992)
A filmic loop is created in this repetition of narrative and classic female imagery. Lin par­allels the stereotypical routines women endure through both Eastern and Western perspec­tives. The… Read more

I Imagine the Cold (Phillipe E. Sorlin, 1992)
In the mindless and cruel world of combat, bodies lie where they fall in the mud or are dropped into a pit. A letter from a lover sparks longings for another time and a suicide pact only half fulfill… Read more

Ianfu (Antonio Vidal Aguilar, 1992)
'Ianfu', which literally means 'comfort women', is a Japanese euphemism for prosti­tutes servicing military personnel. In this case it refers to Filipinos, who were forcibly con­scripted to s… Read more

In the Wake (Alexander Curtis, 1992)
The first sentence of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake is fused together with anonymous film material; "Riverrun, past Eve and Adam's, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by a commodius vicus … Read more

Isais Kuruss (Janis Karklins, 1991)
75 years of Soviet history condensed into 3 minutes. As the system collapses, the leader's authority hangs on a thread. ... Read more

Joan Mitchell was one of the only women among New York's dynamic Abstract Expressionists — Jackson Pollock, Robert Motherwell, Willem de Kooning. A fascinating and complex woman, the film is a … Read more

Juggling Gender (Tami Gold, 1992)
What is it like to be a woman with a beard? To be a performer at one of the only remaining sideshows in America?Juggling Gender pushes viewers to explore their own assumptions about construction of s… Read more

Just Desserts (Monica Pellizzari, 1993)
While Maria Stroppi is discovering her body and her sexuality, her mother is in the kitchen. Maria's first period is evoked through the crushing of grapes for wine and making of Venetian fritters par… Read more

Kamen Sud (Rikki Kalbe, Barbara Kasper, 1990)
Synopsis not available Read more

Kid (Ron Pereria, 1992)
Imagination is a powerful thing and the imagi­nation of a child and a child at heart most pow­erful of all. The story of a little boy, his uncle the artist and a runaway rollercoaster car. ... Read more

Kissing Time (Frederic Cassidy, 1993)
A 'reverential and referential' tribute to the silent film say the filmmakers. Kissing Time beautifully captures the concerns and con­straints of this oft neglected genre. Black cats, mild dreams… Read more

Lady (Ira Sachs, 1993)
Performing gender and reframing the fictional/ factual film debate, Lady is an intriguing blend of 70s-style mockumentary and confessional melodrama. Is the Lady of the title a woman playing a man pl… Read more

Land of the Laugh (Manit Sriwanichapoom, Yutthasak Choomphonsatien, Siwaporn Pongsuwan, Kompin Kemgumnird, 1992)
An illustration of a woman's thoughts which tell a story of the struggle for freedom, for democracy... ... In undeveloped and developing countries, a coup d'etat or a violent seizure of power from an… Read more

LAWS OF GRAVITY (Nick Gomez, 1992)
Premiered at the New Directors/New Films Festival in New York, Laws of Gravity is a gritty and audacious addition to the milieu of 'male bonding among young hoods', a la Scorsese's Mean Streets (and … Read more

LESSONS OF DARKNESS (Werner Herzog, 1992)
Lessons of Darkness marks a welcome return to form for German director Werner Herzog, once a regularly seen figure on the festival circuit, now noted mainly for his absence. After a decade of large-s… Read more

LIFE AND NOTHING MORE (Abbas Kiarostami, 1992)
Awarded the Rossellini Prize at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival, this latest achieve­ment by one of Iran's foremost filmmakers takes us to the aftermath of the devastating 1990 earthquakes in North… Read more

Life Forms (Georgia Wallace-Crabbe, 1993)
A young girl surrounded by the ever changing life-cycle of nature must contend with changes in her own life, as she learns that adulthood is a macro-world in which the rules are often bro­ken. ... Read more

Laura Esquivel wrote her first novel in 1989, and 'Como Agua Para Chocolate' has become one of the top selling Mexican novels ever. The film version, produced and directed by Alfonso Arau (known for … Read more

Living on the Comet (Kathy Smith, 1993)
"The Comet is a metaphorical image — sym­bolising the cycle of life." This animation by Australian artist, Kathy Smith, examines the way we interpret and evaluate the patterns of our lives … Read more

Lizards of Oz (Klaus Toft, 1992)
What do you know about the lizards of Aus­tralia? This enjoyable short film takes an often amusing and always enlightening look at the descendants of the dinosaurs in outback Aus­tralia. ... Read more

Lo(o)s gelöst - A Spatial Film Essay (Prinzgau, Podgorschek, Driendl Steixner, C. Angelmaier, 1992)
The title is a play on words. Adolf Loos was an influential and famous Viennese architect (1870-1933). The film is dedicated to him. 'Los gelöst' ranges in meaning from solved, through to loos­e… Read more

LOADED (Helen Bowden, Susan MacKinnon, 1993)
Loaded gets under the skin of the men (and some women) whose lives are immersed in gun culture. At once inviting us to appreciate their passion and obsession for weapons, while simultaneously provoki… Read more

Loves Me...Loves Me Not (Jeff Newitt, 1992)
A modern-day Narcissus? A humorous exploration of male vanity? A cheap gag film! All of the above, from the continually brilliant Aardman team. Their Academy Award win­ning animation, Creature Co… Read more

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