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Films Screened In 1993

O No Coronado (Craig Baldwin, 1992)
O No Coronado is an ultra fast-paced, aggres­sive 'head job' of a history lesson. Baldwin (Tribulation 99) propels us into a journey of epic proportions as we follow the phantas­magoric explo… Read more

OLIVIER, OLIVIER (Agnieszka Holland, 1992)
Olivier, Olivier opens with more than a passing nod to Tarkovsky — romantic scenes of majestic, wind-swept cornfields entice the unsuspecting with rose-coloured recollections. Whilst ostensibly… Read more

Omnibus (Sam Karmann, 1992)
The framework of our subject's life is his job. Unfortunately, the keystone is the National Rail Company. When they assume the right to change the timetable, his life is thrown into confusion. ... Read more

The power to control human evolution is now within our grasp, thanks to developments in reproductive and genetic technology. But who will wield that power? Will scientists and doc­tors decide who… Read more

ONCE UPON A TIME, CINEMA (Mohsen Makhmalbaf, 1992)
Once Upon a Time, Cinema almost defies description, as the complexity and imagi­nation director Makhmalbaf brings to it pro­duces a dazzling visual roilercoaster, which sweeps the viewer alon… Read more

Oozat (Darren Walsh, 1992)
On a night out with the lads getting 'pixillated' at the local pub, one individual decides that there is more to socialising than mere face value. ... Read more

Ophelia Had a Bigger Bath (Vivienne Jones, 1992)
Combining photographs, drawn animation and pre-Raphaelite painting the film explores the boundaries of sanity using hair as its metaphor. Hair is seen to represent comfort and protection from the out… Read more

ORLANDO (Sally Potter, 1992)
The welcome return of provocative film director Sally Potter teams her with festival favourite Tilda Swinton in a grand tour de force. Acquiring centuries, continents and sexes in a sweeping flourish… Read more

Our Gay Brothers (Greta Snider, 1993)
This collage of found film footage, assembles porn movie, children's instructional film, sports coverage and 50s Hollywood musicals to con­struct an investigation of gay men's differing attitudes… Read more

Ouzo (Meredith Campbell, 1992)
In a dog pound in Alice Springs, Ouzo the bull terrier reminisces about better times and the pleasures of having a home. ... Read more

Over the Hedge (Karen D. Davis, 1992)
A humorous look into one of the more harm­less forms of California suburban culture: Topi­ary as a vernacular American art form. The retiree, who shapes voluminous sombrero hats out of his sh… Read more

Palace Cafe (Andrew Lancaster, 1993)
To a lonely man on a rainy night the corner cafe glows with the promise of coffee and romance. ... Read more

Parallel Space: Inter-view (Peter Tscherkassky, 1992)
An intensely physical and intimate film, which combines hypnotic flickering visuals (shot entirely with a photo camera) with a combative and at times haunting staccato soundtrack. Within a spatially … Read more

Parents (Harald Zwart, 1992)
A parent and a problem child play a deadly serious game of hide-and-seek in a dark and monstrous nursery. A twisted fantasy for all children who ever wished that parents came with a six-month warrant… Read more

PARPAILLON (Luc Moullet, 1992)
"No plot, no story, no main characters. It's a comedy" Luc Moullet ... From his beginnings as a Cahier du Cinema critic and fellow traveller of the Nouvelle Vague, Luc Moullet has followed his own di… Read more

PART TIME GOD (Paul Cohen, 1992)
One of the surprises of this year's programme looks like being Paul Cohen's Part Time God, a challenging and extremely original work about the origins of the earth, free will and human endeavour. ... Read more

Passage A L'acte (Martin Arnold, 1993)
A film where repetition and stop-frame tech­niques take on new meaning. Inspired by rap "scratching" turntable music, Arnold takes an extract from the 1962 film To Kill a Mockingbird to create a … Read more

PETER'S FRIENDS (Kenneth Branagh, 1993)
Proving himself to be as versatile as he is prolific, Kenneth Branagh's third feature film marks a distinct change of pace. Being neither a literary epic like Henry V or a Hollywoodesque thriller lik… Read more

Phone (Tim Pope, 1992)
Persimmon and Duke get their kicks by answering the small ads in the Hollywood Recycler. Their seemingly innocent enquiries are slyly manipulated until the hapless victims are hopelessly floundering … Read more

Portly's Hat (Loraine Marshall, 1992)
Portly Penguin has a new hat. But Stuart the Stinky Seagull wants it tor himself. Little Bert to the rescue! Narrated by Alexei Sayle. ... Read more

Portrait of an Artist - Victor Hugo Zayes (John J. Kovacevich, 1993)
Portrait of an Artist details the process of creat­ing a large oil painting. In the words of the artist, "It's the process that's the exciting part. If you come up with a great painting at the en… Read more

Rebellion of the Flowers (Mille Goldscholl, 1992)
A gardener turns from the lover and nurturer of his garden to a tyrant. But the flowers fight back! This animation looks at the effects of pos­itive (caring) and negative (abusive of power) behav… Read more

Remedio (Walburg von Waldenfels, 1992)
Luminous black and white cinematography caresses the eye as the experience of two women's lives is told in a gently passionate and moving monologue, by a daughter prepar­ing her aged mother's nak… Read more

Having established an international reputation as a leading video artist, Robert Morin now offers us one of the most compelling feature film debuts of recent times. ... Known for his preoccupation wi… Read more

Resurrection (Ray Kilby, 1992)
A genteel tale of three Welsh sisters. With the death certificate signed, and the mourning and funeral paid for, Bertha and Ellen are deter­mined to put the lid on their troublesome sister Meg on… Read more

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