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Films Screened In 1994

BACK TO BACK, FACE TO FACE (Huang Jianxin, 1994)
Coming straight from the Cannes Film Festival's Directors Fortnight, Back To Back, Face To Face is a razor-sharp comedy from the Chinese cinema's resident satirist, Huang Jianxin. ... The film is a h… Read more

Torn from the headlines of today's tabloids, nothing you may have seen before from the Indian cinema will prepare you for the shock of Bandit Queen. ... India's most famous and most feared outlaw sur… Read more

Bert (Craig Ross, )
Bert is just an ordinary revolting slob until his behaviour is transformed in a bathroom encounter. ... Read more

BETWEEN THE TEETH (David Byrne, David Wild, 1993)
There's no stopping contemporary renaissance man David Byrne. The painter turned art-rocker who became a pop star has more recently turned his interests to photography, musical anthropology and filmm… Read more

Black Spot in the Desert (Danny Verete, 1994)
In the harsh landscape of the Judean desert, two Israeli truck drivers accidently hit and kill a Bedouin child. The confrontation between the family of the child and the drivers is a stark and fascin… Read more

BLUE (Derek Jarman, 1993)
Challenging British director Derek Jarman's final major work has been compared in visual execution to Warhol's Sleep and Empire State. Where it outstrips them both is in the meticulously crafted and … Read more

BOATMAN (Gianfranco Rosi, 1993)
The boatman is Gopal. He rows the waters of the Ganges, the Sacred River of India, guiding his vessel through Benares, the city of Shiva, the city of the Dead. Creating the illusion of a moving point… Read more

Bob's Birthday (Alison Snowden, David Fine, 1993)
Surprise birthday parties can be risky. Especially when the guest of honour is turning forty. Poor Bob! It's tough turning forty! Midlife crisis and all, poor dear! ... Read more

BODY MELT (Philip Brophy, 1993)
When Philip Brophy describes his first feature as "the suburbs on weird drugs", he's not just milking a cute turn of phrase - it's the plot in five words! When an ambitious doctor tests his new body … Read more

BOYS AND BALLS (Sue Thompson, 1994)
Red ones, white ones, yellow ones, orange ones, large ones, small ones, some that aren't even round - boys will play with balls. Sue Thompson set out to find out why and the result of her investigati… Read more

Brain Surge (Nick Ostrovskis, 1994)
Burlesque drawings, shapes, symbols, flowers, landscape, snowflake etchings and rich abstract colour fields in continuous kaleidoscopic collision; Brain Surge is in rhythmic pursuit. Chris Knowles' p… Read more

BREAD AND ROSES (Gaylene Preston, 1993)
Versatile director Gaylene Preston (Mr Wrong, Ruby And Rata) has managed to wend her bending way through yet another genre, bringing us one of the notable 'biopics' of this year's festival. Bread And… Read more

Brief Secrets (Diana Leach, 1993)
Are we what we underwear? Highly stylised in its approach, Brief Secrets enters the personal worlds of five unusual characters who talk about the meaning of their underwear. ... Read more

Britannia (Joanna Quinn, 1993)
Joanna Quinn of Girl's Night Out and Body Beautiful fame, uses her distinctively beautiful drawing style to produce this short history of England as a rapacious imperialistic bulldog. ... Read more

Brooklyn on the Bowery (Rudolph Joseph Blanke, 1994)
Shot in grainy black and white, this is a smooth slice of New York's time-warped barber shop culture. Immensely stylish and laid back, Brooklyn on the Bowery exudes an irresistible 50s style and look… Read more

By the Lake (Patrick Bokanowski, 1994)
A return to the picnic setting favoured by French painters such as Seurat and Manet more than a century ago but long since passed into postcard pop. Using optical manipulation and subtle colour tones… Read more

Athletes are training smarter, running faster, jumping higher and outperforming past champions - thanks to sports science. With every possible way of improving performance now being pursued, records … Read more

Computers in the Cinema (Various, )
A selection of short films featuring state of the art computer animation. Titles include The Third Millennium - A User's Guide (Canada), In The Time Of Angels (UK) and The Infinite Tree (Australia) (… Read more

CONCRETE CITY (Mandy King, Fabio Cavadini, 1994)
Concrete City charts City West's development in Pyrmont focusing on the clash between commercial and residential interests. Controversies dealt with include the casino, the heliport, and the destruct… Read more

Creature Comforts (Nick Park, 1989)
Even pumas need their 'personal space'! Meet the polar bears, chickens and other zoo occupants whose complaints and comments about their climate, diet and accommodation seem uncannily human. ... The … Read more

DALLAS DOLL (Ann Turner, 1994)
She came, she stayed, she conquered! ... This new feature from Melbourne-based filmmaker Ann Turner follows the sexual and professional conquests of the colourful Dallas Adair - American golf-pro wit… Read more

DARKER SIDE OF BLACK (Isaac Julien, 1993)
Gangsta chic, violence and nihilism, the hard edge of Rap and Ragga increasingly dominates the image of black popular culture. Director Isaac Julian (Looking For Langston, Young Soul Rebels) and the … Read more

DARKNESS IN TALLINN (Ilkka Jarvilaturi, 1993)
The setting is the Estonian capital Tallinn, which is celebrating its new-found independence. A billion dollars in gold bullion, hidden in Paris since the Nazis invaded the tiny Baltic state in 1940,… Read more

Deadly Deposits (Jay Falconer, 1992)
A pathological detective story where the culprit is either the victim's vindictive wife, environmental pollution or...? ... Read more

DEADLY MARIA (Tom Tykwer, 1993)
Director Tom Tykwer's debut feature is a fresh shot in the arm for recent independent German filmmaking. A macabre mix of the hyperreal laced with a dose of black humour, Deadly Maria is a psychodram… Read more

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