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Films Screened In 1994

DEATH AND TAXES (Jeffrey F. Jackson, 1993)
America's Most Wanted. The target of one of the most intensive manhunts in FBI history was shot to death in suspicious circumstances, his body mutilated and burnt beyond recognition. What crime had d… Read more

Debutante (Polly Nash, 1993)
Amber is bored with her forthcoming debutant ball. Why not substitute her 'friend' at the party? A stylish fable of class and awakening sexuality, shot with a remarkable economy of means and a macabr… Read more

Diablo is Done For (Esben Storm, 1993)
Diablo Is Done For is a drama designed for use to encourage the provision of support and assistance for victims of child sexual abuse, as well as to challenge community attitudes towaids children and… Read more

Doctor Alzheimer's Medicine Show (Richard Schatzman, 1993)
Alzheimers has almost become an 'OK' disease to joke about, being quite fondly referred to and demonstrated by 'dotty' TV relatives (Mother and Son, Absolutely Fabulous). Schatzman uses the quality o… Read more

Dottie Gets Spanked (Todd Haynes, 1993)
From the cryptic pen of Todd (Poison) Haynes, Dottie Gets Spanked explores the depths of a young boy's imagination via his obsession with a trashy 60s TV comedy. When young Steven wins a contest to v… Read more

Down and Out (Peter Lord, David Sproxton, 1978)
A homeless man struggles to cut through obstructive bureaucracy just to get a meal at a Salvation Army hostel. ... With the very first Aardman series Animated Conversations (from which this derives) … Read more

DREAM GIRLS (Kim Longinotto, Jano Williams, 1993)
The all-singing, all-dancing, Takarazuka Revue is one of Japan's foremost musical extravaganzas, with lascivious sets, classically romantic Broadway style shows and an all female cast. The stars of t… Read more

Drop (Bruno Bozzetto, 1993)
From the dripping tap to the end of the universe - unless! Watch this space. ... Read more

Dropping the Baby (Spiro Kyriacou, 1993)
The dilemmas of love, sex and procreation (and a life-threatening pancake) conspire to break up Harry and Louise's marriage. This is a rapid-fire romp in the style of a '30s Hollywood screwball comed… Read more

Early Bird (Peter Lord, David Sproxton, 1983)
What really happens behind the scenes at an early morning radio show? And when do sleepy DJs get to eat their toast and jam? From the 1981-83 Aardman series Conversation Pieces, Early Bird matches 'o… Read more

Earwitness - Tuning Environmental Design (Sonia Leber, 1993)
Synopsis not available Read more

Elevated Shores (Paul Winkler, 1993)
This new work by former Erwin Rado award-winner (Long Shadows, 1992) is a masterpiece of over a decade's worth of concentrated experimentation into the boundaries of possibility in optical printing a… Read more

Eli's Lesson (Peter D Marshall, 1992)
Eli lives in a small Hatariat farming community and wants to be a pilot. His guardian uncle, a chicken farmer, has other plans. When his own and his uncle's dreams for his future collide, Eli runs aw… Read more

Endless Tango (Michael Dwass, 1993)
By way of his clever use of rotoscoped images, Michael Dwass explores the relationship between remembered or imagined images with the realities of the present. The action is set somewhere on Lower Ma… Read more

ETERNITY (Lawrence Johnston, 1994)
Eternity tells the story of Arthur Stace, a man who for decades wandered the streets of Sydney, writing in perfect copperplate script the word 'Eternity' in yellow chalk. Regarded by some as a man sa… Read more

Everyday Echo Street: A Summer Diary (Susan Mogul, 1993)
Everyday Echo Street is a very personal and idiosyncratic portrait of the filmmaker's relationships and experiences in Highland Park, a working class neighbourhood she has lived in since 1981. The st… Read more

EVERYNIGHT...EVERYNIGHT (Alkinos Tsilimidos, 1994)
Ray Mooney's play Everynight...Everynight, an insider's view of life in Pentridge Prison's notorious H Division, has assumed a near legendary status since its original production in 1978 at a small M… Read more

Ex Memoriam (Beriou, 1992)
Wonderfully eclectic and witty, Ex Memoriam is a computer meta/morph/osis that reimages the site of history and the body. Dealing in the politics of polaroids; the contradictions of logic; and the vi… Read more

Eyewitnesses in Foreign Countries (Gustav Deutsch, Mustafa Tabbou, )
Filmmaker Deutsch adapted his camera so it could only make three-second shots. He then travelled to Morocco and filmed three hundred of these three-second shots. Co-director Mustafa Tabbou did the sa… Read more

Born in 1917, Lyndall Hendnkson's life has been one of extremities, from childhood violin prodigy to fame and wealth, to polio, paralysis and poverty. She has received worldwide acclaim for her unort… Read more

Falstaff on the Moon (Robinson Savary, 1993)
Falstaff is dying, he requests the moon, so he asks his daughter. Why would Dad want the moon on his deathbed. An offbeat French short full of wonder and feeling. ... Read more

FEARLESS - THE HUNTERWALI STORY (Riyard Vinci Wadia, 1993)
"HEYYY!" she would belt out her trademark cry, and briskly proceed to whip men, toss them over her shoulders, and punch them in their collective solar plexuses. She would swing from chandeliers, thro… Read more

FENCES (David Caesar, 1994)
What does a fence mean to you? Bits of wood and concrete that distinguish one person's property from another? In this case, the definition extends further to encompass the sometimes self-imposed wall… Read more

Field Trip (Adva Magal, Eyal Benbensity, 1993)
Yael and Natalie run away from their annual school excursion in search of adventure. Their runaway adventure eventuates as more than they had intended. How will they deal with guilt? What will they d… Read more

Five Easy Pizzas (Jo Bell, Ray Boseley, Mark Hanlin, Clayton Jacobson, Garry Richards, 1994)
Five slices of the one pizza. Five off-the-wall comedies by five different directors featuring five comic actors. Five individuals grappling with stress and paranoia in the modern world. Each slice c… Read more

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