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Films Screened In 1994

Hunting Season (Rolando Colla, 1994)
The desperation of persecuted and persecutors are revealed in this tale of love and the loutish efforts of a gang of neo-Nazis. Torn between her Fascist brother and the immigrant worker she loves, a … Read more

ICEMAN (Katharne Everett, 1992)
Prize-winning documentary on the discovery of the 5000 year-old remains of a hunter high in the Austrian-Italian Alps. His remarkably well-preserved corpse, clothing, tools and other possessions have… Read more

ICI White Male (Chris Dada, 1994)
Made by two students during their summer holidays, ICI White Male is a gritty and evocative look at a day in the life of a young man to whom crime is a natural means of supporting his drug habit. Joh… Read more

Icon (Di Cousens, 1994)
A very succinct look at statuary with a gender twist, set to a Bulgarian chant. ... Read more

Ident (Richard Goleszowski, 1989)
There are no individual identities amongst the mirrors and mazes of this futuristic world. Made for the Lip Synch series. ... Read more

If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home By Now (Marina McDougall, 1993)
Archival and original footage is mixed to describe architectural, automotive and electronic realms that have shaped the great American nomadic experience. From mobile billboards to karaoke machines, … Read more

IN COLD BLOOD (Richard Brooks, 1967)
"It's not exactly my book but it's a hell of a movie." - Truman Capote ... Based on Truman Capote's controversial best-selling 'non-fiction' portrayal of two apparently unmotivated killers and their … Read more

In Cuba They're Still Dancing (Richard Downes, 1993)
Agnes McLean is a life-long socialist and aficionado of Latin dancing. The film follows her from her modern sequence dance class in Glasgow's Pollok Centre to the famous Tropicana nightclub in Havana… Read more

In Memory (Abraham Ravett, 1994)
Using the only extant footage of the Lodz Ghetto in Poland, the filmmaker pays tribute to members of his own family and others who died as a result of Nazi persecution. An affecting and extraordinary… Read more

In The Street (Helen Levitt, 1948)
Synopsis not available Read more

In Time of Angels (David Alexander Anderson, 1994)
Have you ever wished you could reverse time or bring dreams to life? If so, you will like this manipulation of images in real time to animation. The difference, in a Gothic sense, between fate and de… Read more

Intermezzo (Daniel Guyonnet, 1993)
A playful series of five short animated exercises - from the fun parlour to Palm Beach. The witty concepts are stylishly executed and tautly paced. ... Read more

JAMES ELLROY (Reinhard Jud, 1993)
The legion of James Ellroy fans could require nothing more of this Austrian canonisation of their hero, the uninitiated no better primer. A 'mood' documentary, Jud's film seeks to be more than simple… Read more

Jerusalem - Rhythm of a Distant City (Dan Geva, 1993)
So, this is what Jerusalem looks like from a bread delivery push-cart? Some great steadi-cam work and editing propel us through this ancient city's back streets and market places; from the strange tr… Read more

JOANE'S LAW (Dominique Faix, Dobrivoie Kerpenisan, 1993)
Director/writer Dobrivoie Kerpenisan spent his childhood in a remote, rural Romanian village. Joane's Law retraces his steps on a journey to the village, and his relatives, after an absence of over t… Read more

Kanada (Mike Hoolboom, 1993)
Prolific Canadian experimental filmmaker and activist, Hoolboom turns his hand to an ambitious multi-narrative tale of his country as collectively traumatised by war, greed, gender difference and hig… Read more

KANEHSATAKE: 270 YEARS OF RESISTANCE (Alanis Obomsawin, 1993)
Kanehsatake: 270 Years Of Resistance (Winner of Best Canadian Feature Award 1993 Toronto Film Festival) provides searing images for the standoff between the Mohawks of Kanehsatake and the forces of t… Read more

Karaiba (Lea Zagury, 1993)
Lea Zagury is a Brazilian filmmaker who has been living and working in the United States for some fifteen years. ... In a series of collages and stop-motion, she explores the relationship between Bra… Read more

Khajuraho (Pan Nalin, 1993)
Myths and mysteries of love surround Khajuraho, the ancient site of a sacred Hindu temple of ecstasy. Here, man has attempted for centuries to find Liberation through Love, Deliverance through Desire… Read more

Killing Kids (Cain Daggia, 1992)
The tragic story of rubber bullets used by English soldiers in Northern Ireland resulting in the death of children. Far from making judgments, the film highlights the tragedy of kids killing kids in … Read more

Kitchen (Pamela Woods, 1993)
Ford Maddox Ford's kitchen tableau evokes a disquieting atmosphere of the forbidden world of adulthood. Pamela Woods' animation uses three-dimensional objects and cut-outs to emphasize the unsettling… Read more

Lallie (Melanie Coombs, 1993)
"Lallie is a film about my grandmother, Lallie Coombs. Her stories about her life were always deemed inaccurate by the rest of the family. I remember my father saying, 'Mother, You never let the trut… Read more

Lemming Aid (Grant Lahood, 1994)
Human nature collides with Mother Nature - literally. On a clifftop somewhere in Scandinavia, a group of zealous activists prepare to take a stand. Their misguided mission: to stop a crazed horde of … Read more

LETTERS FOR AN ANGEL (Garin Nugroho, )
Synopsis not available Read more

LETTERS FOR AN ANGEL (Garin Nugroho, 1993)
Garin Nugroho's evocative feature, Letters For An Angel, was shot on Sumba, one of the chain of islands in the Nusa Tenggara group, stretching from Bali to Timor. The film mixes documentary and ficti… Read more

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