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Films Screened In 1994

LETTERS TO KATJA (The Amber Collective, 1994)
The latest documentary from the Newcastle-on-Tyne collective, Amber Films (previous MIFF Kino Award winners with Writing On The Sand), follows the journey of Finnish born photographer, Sirkka-Liisa K… Read more

LIFE IS IMPOSSIBLE (John Lynch, 1993)
How did life begin on Earth? When science seems to know so much, why has this great question been impossible to answer? Microfossils found in rock show that life was underway four billion years ago, … Read more

This is a beautifully executed film about life, dreams, homeland, journeys and the told through the letters of a mother in Denmark, as her son travels across the open plains and deser… Read more

Lipstick (Harriet McKern, 1993)
Australian women speak out: all you've ever wanted to know about red lipstick, and more. A fast, snappy 'microdoc' that moves between the tongue-in-cheek, the inside story, and good ol' exotic Vogue-… Read more

Little Wolf (An Vrombaut, 1993)
A humorous animation about a group of wolf-like creatures. Through some folly, the smallest member of the pack goes the highest. But having jumped so high, the little wolf now has far to fall... ... Read more

LONDON (Patrick Keiller, 1993)
"The true identity of London is in its absence. As a city, it no longer exists. In this alone it is truly modern: London was the first metropolis to disappear ." ... Rather like following literary, a… Read more

Long River (Reynold Weidenaar, 1993)
A new work from upstate New York's Experimental TV Centre, it is one of a wave of recent American short films often besotted by a certain Pacific-rim 'new Orientalism'. Most of these pieces float in … Read more

Love In Black and White (Wladyslaw Starewicz, 1923)
A galloping burlesque and sophisticated critique of a variety of genres, and a jab at theatrical temperament (not to mention human behaviour and prejudice), Love In Black And White has Charlie Chapli… Read more

Loves Me, Love Me Not (Jeff Newitt, 1992)
A modern-day Narcissus? A humorous exploration of male vanity? A cheap gag film! Take your pick ... Read more

MAN TO MAN (John Maybury, 1993)
An inventive, visual powerhouse, Man To Man brings to the screen Manfred Karge's one-woman play, Jacke wie Hose. The tour-de-force performance from the remarkable Tilda Swinton (who illuminated the s… Read more

MANDALAY (Maggie Fooke, 1994)
Culled from over 100 hours of footage shot over a 7 year period (1987-94), Mandalay is Maggie Fooke's already legendary diary film chronicling the campaign to save the ageing art-deco apartment block… Read more

Manila Child (Nonoy Dadivas, 1994)
By using a series of photographs of urban landscapes of Manila, two animated figures of a desperate mother and young child wander through desolate streets, as she attempts to abandon her child. The f… Read more

MARTHA AND ETHEL (Jyll Johnstone, 1994)
Martha And Ethel is a unique and indelible portrait of two lifelong nannies, strong-willed women who subjugated their own lives to raise someone else's family (as ninety year-old Ethel states, "You d… Read more

Melanomes (Caroline Strubbe, 1992)
A girl and an old man are stuck together in a strange place. Daily they sift through sand; 'You never believed in this story about pearls...Huh?" chides the old man. "I hate you...I hate you," thinks… Read more

Miss Taurus (Graeme Wood, 1994)
It's 1972 and 'It's Time', but not it seems for Violet who is caught in the limbo world of adolescence in a small costal town Director Graeme Wood's exceptional cinematic rendering of a place, a time… Read more

MOTHERLAND (Kriv Stenders, 1994)
Motherland is the story of two Latvian grandmothers who have lived in Australia (since the end of WWII), and although never knowing each other in their native Latvia, have become close friends since … Read more

MURIEL'S WEDDING (P. J. Hogan, 1994)
P. J. Hogan's breakthrough feature, coming to us directly from its World Premiere at Cannes, rockets another enormous local talent onto the world stage as it launches the 43rd edition of the Festival. Read more

Murmuration (Elisabeth Murray, 1993)
"A cast of Hawks...A watch of Nightingales...A Murmuration of Starlings." This short black-and-white film is a lyrical study of the common starling, sturnis vulgari. But this is no traditional wildli… Read more

Museum (Jeanne Brown, 1992)
Artistically splendid depiction of the natural coastal environment on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. ... Read more

Muttaburrasaurus (Graham Binding, Norman Yeend, 1994)
Mind-blowing computer animation, initially created as part of the documentary Muttaburrasaurus - Life In Gondwanna. See Australia's own dinosaurs as they face threatening elements in a pre-historic e… Read more

Muttaburrasaurus - Life in Gondwana (Graham Binding, Norman Yeend, 1994)
100 million years ago the great southern continent of Gondwana was inhabited by a unique species of dinosaur - the Muttaburrasaurus. Evidence for this dinosaur has been found only in Australia. An im… Read more

N IS A NUMBER: A PORTRAIT OF PAUL ERDÖS (George Paul Csicery, 1993)
Described as a wandering genius, at age 80 Paul Erdös has no home, no job, yet he is the most prolific mathematician alive. This documentary presents his struggle to uncover truths hidden by what he… Read more

N.Y., N.Y. (Francis Thompson, 1958)
Synopsis not available Read more

Next (Barry Purves, 1989)
From nought to Shakespeare in 300 words - Next features an empty stage, one actor and the complete works of the bard. It's quite an audition?! ... Made for the Lip Synch series, Next signals Aardman'… Read more

No Place Like Home (Kathryn Hunt, 1993)
No Place Like Home is the story of a young girl, Barbara Faye Wilson, who lives with her mother, brother and sister in homeless shelters and cheap motels. This film is arresting in both its bleak nat… Read more

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