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Films Screened In 1994

Nonno Pepe Is A Video Head (Safina Oberoi, 1994)
An old man finds new spirit after the death of his wife when he gets a video camera. A sweet, succinct look at the many parts that make up the sum of one life nearly completed. ... Read more

Not Without My Handbag (Boris Kossmehl, 1993)
Aliens took my mother! The most recent Aardman internee has produced a whacked-out, fluro-driven, B-movie pastiche. ... Read more

NOW AND ALL TIME (Astrid Ofner, 1993)
This film has a secret. The secret is not what you watch but how you watch it. In as much as the meaning of 'documentary' is concerned, Now And All Time is pure. Rich natural light, beautiful extende… Read more

Odd Jobs (Daniel Nettheim, 1994)
What's a bob worth these days? Clearly times are a changin'...and the scouts are keeping up with the times. "Bob a job" is not what it used to be as one unsuspecting home owner discovers. ... Read more

OH...ROSALINDA!! (Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, 1955)
It's the occasion for a double celebration: the first screening of Oh...Rosalinda!! on any local theatre or living-room screen for nearly forty years and in the acclaimed new colour restoration as we… Read more

On the Road with Emil (Hubert Sauper, 1993)
This charming film follows Emil - circus director and ringmaster - and his little circus from one village to the next, through the Austrian winter landscape. The film reveals the endless routine of c… Read more

ON THE TOWN (Gene Kelly, Stanley Donen, 1949)
The ground-breaking, irresistible 1949 MGM musical On The Town brings song, and most especially dance, out from the ballroom and into the streets, fulfilling the creative vision of the film's brillia… Read more

One Minute Film (Jeremy Lines, 1993)
Expanding from an idea originally conceived as a manner of cinematic intervention in British television, the discipline of the one-minute film continues to bear fruit as a tree of quick wit. But even… Read more

ONLY THE BRAVE (Ana Kokkinos, 1994)
Alex and Vicki are wild girls, torching hedges, smoking dope and just hanging out, both in and out of school. Allegiance is owed to no one but each other and to a plan of escaping, going to Sydney an… Read more

Opus 7 (Alexander Curtis, 1993)
A short silent museum piece. Two actors are seen from the eye of the projector, miming out an ironic series of sentimental impressions. A conceptual animation film. ... Read more

Our Feral Friends (Daniel Krige, 1994)
A mockumentary of miniscule proportions, drink, party, drink, drink. This piss-take of the habits of Blue Mountain hoseheads is as funny and accurate as it is cruel. ... Read more

OUT OF SIGHT (David Sutherland, 1993)
Put away all your sentimental, politically correct assumptions about "inspirational" films and prepare to be strapped in for a ride through the surreal soap-umentary that is the life of thirty-four-y… Read more

PARIS, ROMAN D'UNE VILLE (Stan Neumann, 1991)
At the time of the revolution, Paris was still Medieval. Centuries later it was a 'model city', the yardstick by which other European cities were judged. On the occasion of the death of Baron Haussma… Read more

Pass (Penelope Buitenhuis, 1994)
This simple story about a Nigerian immigrant who's lost his passport cleverly explores issues of racism and alienation in a foreign country. A new film from the director of Trouble (MIFF 93). ... Read more

Plasmo the Bookworm (Anthony Lawrence, 1993)
Searching through the holographic starcharts, Plasmo discovers a destructive force at work in the library of Monjotroldeclipdoc! Armed with nothing but his goodness, niceness and friendliness, he fin… Read more

Post Sign Post (Juanita Custance, Mark O'Rourke, 1994)
A journey from Melbourne to Darwin is rendered as discontinuous windows which multiply and glimpse snatches of landscape and road stops - all set to a backwardly processed chaotic soundtrack of feedb… Read more

PRAM FACTORY (Anna Grieve, James Manché, 1994)
The subject of Anna Grieve and James Manché's lively, stimulating documentary is not simply a building and the theatre company (The Australian Performing Group) which it housed. What emerges here is… Read more

Prejudice Identity Project (Eija-Lisa Ahtila, 1993)
A trilogy of films made for insertion between advertisements and programs on Swedish, Finnish and Russian commercial TV channels. Part short drama, part mini-commercial, these films reach way beyond … Read more

Prince of Peace (Hans Scheugl, 1993)
A finely constructed collage film from one the founders of contemporary Austrian experimental filmmaking. Balletic movement, the underground entrance to a Viennese pissoir intercut with matted stills… Read more

Pro and Con (Joanna Priestley, Joan Gratz, 1993)
This kaleidoscope of animation techniques combining drawings, 2-D puppets, rotoscoping, object animation, cel animation and clay painting is an innovative animation-documentary that explores the real… Read more

Proboscis (Rebecca McLean, 1994)
Penny Gosonki and her wonder nose go to town. Proboscis is a comically endearing film of imaginative proportions. A somewhat bizarre story of death, family heirlooms and being different in a beautifu… Read more

PUBLIC ACCESS (Bryan Singer, 1993)
Bryan Singer's debut feature (a controversial Co-winner Grand Jury Prize 1993 Sundance Film Festival) is an edgy tale of the seething morass lurking beneath seamless surfaces, whether they be of smal… Read more

RAP, RACE AND EQUALITY (Stephen Elliott, Grant Elliott, 1993)
Is Rap the Devil's music, mindless and often unintelligible, or a dangerous battle cry for increasingly tribalised and disaffected Black American youth? In the case of the early 80s release of Grandm… Read more

Remembrance of Things Fast (John Maybury, 1993)
This witty barrage of sexual diversity and media mayhem juxtaposes gay self-perception with the view from outside. The control exercised by the media over all aspects of contemporary society is cleve… Read more

Rex The Runt (Richard Goleszowski, 1991)
Meet Rex, a potential kiddy TV hero (and a very naughty pup). ... Read more

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