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Films Screened In 1995

Design For Spring (Humphrey Jennings, 1938)
... ... Famous dress designer Norman Hartnell, his 1938 studio and the working world of cut­ters and seamstresses, is the focus of this early Jennings work. it is one in which he uses a colour pr… Read more

Designer Wines (Chris Haws, 1994)
For thousands of years mystery and myth have shrouded the secrets of the grape Winemakers in America and Australia are now slowly master­ing its basic biochemistry and are sweeping the internatio… Read more

Diary for Timothy (Humphrey Jennings, 1945)
... ... A fitting conclusion to Jennings' war record, this film of old death and new life-a war ending and rebirth-takes the form of a story addressed to a new-born child, recounting the sacrifices a… Read more

Dim Little Island (Humphrey Jennings, 1949)
The post-war world seemed to have little time or space for Jennings' films. By the end of the turbulent forties, the mood of Britain was changing profoundly, and his cinematic songs of unity and iden… Read more

Drop (Osamu Tezuka, 1965)
A companion piece of sorts to Mermaid, Drop utilizes similar brush and wash backgrounds, but stylizes its central protagonist in broader caricature. Tezuka made this film in one week as a demonstrati… Read more

Drowning in Flames (Garine Torossian, 1994)
Once again this Armenian Canadian film maker proves that she is the world s best alchemist of handmade abstract film this time taking on the aesthetic of her contemporaries Mike and Doug Starn. A nat… Read more

DUST OF LIFE (Richard Bouchareb, 1994)
... ... Dust of Life begins where many accounts of Vietnam end-after the fall of Saigon. In 1975 when the Communist army defeated the South Vietnamese forces, American soldiers made a quick exit leav… Read more

ECLIPSE (Jeremy Podeswa, 1994)
... ... In writer-director Jeremy Podeswa's cool and decidedly erotic debut feature, sex circulates like a good rumour as ten people unwittingly form a complex network of friends,lovers and casual en… Read more

Imagine a house that heats and cools itself and filters its own air. Or a future where raw sewer­age is treated through a combination of pools containing fish and plants. In this engrossing tour … Read more

ECSTASY (Gustav Machaty, )
... ... A landmark in the history of the erotic film genre, Ecstasy has been known more for the scandal it provoked rather than as a fascinating and definitive work of Czech modernism. ... ... ... Or… Read more

ED WOOD (Tim Burton, 1994)
... ... Ed Wood, generally considered to have made some of the trashiest films ever committed to celluloid (Glen or Glenda, Plan9 from Outerspace, I married a Monster) finally gets the star treatment… Read more

EDEN VALLEY (The Amber Collective, 1994)
Genuinely warm and engaging, Eden Valley exhibits the disarming honesty that has become the hallmark of the Newcastle-on-Tyne-based collective Amber Films (In Fading Light, Dream On, Letters to Katja… Read more

Egg (Pierre Bouchon, Jose Miguel Ribreiro, 1994)
A humorous model animation where a fried egg becomes aware of its own mortality. As it attempts to fend off the threatening spatula, where bribery, threats and egg-agility are to no avail, the egg fi… Read more

Elena (Helen Underwood, 1994)
Part travelogue part personal diary, Helen Underwood, like fellow British filmmaker Cordelia Swan utilises the notion of antiquity to express a kind of subliminal sensory awaken­ing. Photos fragm… Read more

Emilie Muller (Yvon Marciano, 1993)
An audition for a young actress takes an inter­esting turn as her innermost thoughts and fears are brought to the surface by an inquisitive director. A simple yet stunning film that takes an inte… Read more

End of Restriction (Robert Bradbook, 1994)
A 3D computer animation of the 1990s that echoes Ruttman's Berlin: Symphony of a City of the 1920s. End of Restriction is a haunting poetic observation of the urban landscape and individuals in a sma… Read more

English Harvest (Humphrey Jennings, 1939)
... ... Shining with the soft hues of early colour and with Jennings evident love of the English landscape, each shot's composition reflects the classical balance and harmony of the romantic, Constab… Read more

ENGLISH, AUGUST (Dev Benegal, 1994)
Dev Benegal's blackly comic story of a mod­em, English-speaking, city-born young Indi­an who comes up against a different India when he works as a trainee civil servant in a small rural town.… Read more

EROTIKON (Gustav Machaty, 1929)
... ... A seldom seen silent gem, Erotikon is an earli­er work in the same lyrical quartet on love and eros as Gustav Machaty's more widely known Ecstasy. Though very different, its explicit­… Read more

EXALTED GUEST (Usmar Ismail, 1955)
... ... Filmed on location in East Java in 1955, Tamu Agung is about the visit of a dignitary from Jakarta to an isolated rural village. The dignitary fails to come and in the atmosphere of height&sh… Read more

FAUST (Jan Svankmajer, 1994)
... ... A Faust for our uncertain times from one of the world's most original filmmakers and brilliant animators. Abandon objective logic when you enter the wonderful world of Jan Svankmajer and expe… Read more

FIRES WERE STARTED (Humphrey Jennings, 1943)
... ... Jennings' first dramatised feature concerns the events of one afternoon and night during the blitz of London in 1943. It concentrates on a small team of the Auxiliary Fire Service and makes n… Read more

Food (for) Thought (Daniel Crooks, 1994)
Food. Religion. Televison. Using a multiplicity of styles, this technically accomplished animation seeks to present a critique of religion and consumer culture. With stylistic references to Ian Svank… Read more

For Starters (Marc-Henri Du Fresne, François Morel, 1993)
Maurice and Lucien live in the same street in the same suburb. One is single, the other a widower. They probably have nothing in common but that they both value frankness and plain speech. A wry come… Read more

Forever Young (Michael Buckley, 1994)
A strong new addition to the growing Melbourne school of animated social realism. The film views one man's rage against age with powerful poetry. ... Read more

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