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Films Screened In 1995

KOREAN CINEMA (Jang Sun-Woo, Park Ki-Yong, Samsung Nices, 1995)
... ... The film is founded on perception of the very close connection between Korea's modern history and the development of Korean cinema. Jang Sun-Woo's view of history negotiates its way around al… Read more

La Pharmacie (Gerard Jugnot, 1994)
The "3000 Scenarios Against a Virus" series is a belated, but effective French response to the HIV epidemic. Taking its title from the number of story ideas submitted by French teenagers, 30 short sc… Read more

Le Criminel (Gianluigi Toccafondo, 1993)
With clear references to film noir, Toccafondo presents a masterwork of animation that has both a luminosity and a richness of texture. Accompanied by an atmospheric soundtrack, Le Criminel explores … Read more

Legend of the Forest (Osamu Tezuka, 1987)
The second major work Tezuka produced as a reflection on the art, craft and history of animation (the first being Pictures at an Exhibition). Legend of the Forest is formally dedicated to walt Disney… Read more

Lens Spasm (Nick Ostrovskis, 1995)
Frenetic, pulsating black-and-white reeling to spectrum-coloured configurations and animated scratched emulsion images. ... Read more

Lilly and the Yellow Cake (Trace Balla, 1994)
The story of a recipe of love, spanning two continents and five generations. The story of tradition and change. ... Read more

Listen to Britain (Humphrey Jennings, 1942)
... ... One of the most brilliant syntheses of Jen­nings' and collaborator Stewart McAllister's talents. Eschewing commentary and dialogue (with the exception of a brief introduction added after … Read more

Little Women in Transit (Barbara Heller, 1994)
"Oh God Don't tell me you still think Little Women is the greatest book ever written'?'' Some of your most cherished beliefs can be destroyed in the backseat of a car, especially when you're wedged b… Read more

Logo Loco (Martyn Pick, 1994)
"Blixa always led me into the toxic zone, can't say I was thrilled but wherever Blixa went ..." ... See what you make of this blast from the future. ... Read more

London Can Take It (Humphrey Jennings, 1940)
... ... Jennings' great wartime work really began with London Can Take It. Along with Watt he made this, the first of the home-front war films to make its mark. A one-reeler shot in haste, the film w… Read more

Love (Vlatko Gilić, 1972)
A railway bridge is being built in a small valley; worker's wife comes to visit him. ... Read more

Love, Passion and Love (Ghislain Cravatte, 1994)
A puppet animation in which dolls are used to parody American sitcom television. Presented in three parts, the antics of the dolls are linked by a black Shakespearian character (perhaps Othello or a … Read more

Lumière Films (Lumière Brothers, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Maidenhead (Marie Craven, 1995)
Alice's existence is in a world where opposites collide, the mundane becomes sinister the sin­ister, mundane. Nothing is ever as easy as it first seems. Maidenhead is a series of acute observatio… Read more

Mammals (Roman Polanski, 1962)
This film is an attempt to speak some bitter words of truth about human beings. One might call it a philosophical grotesque or a pantomimic etude. ... Read more

Marvelous Melmo (Osamu Tezuka, 1971)
If Princess Knight sounds wiid, Marvelous Melmo is all the more so because Tezuka's intentions were that this TV series function as sex educa­tion for young children. Never released in the west-n… Read more

MEMORY: WEAVER OF LIFE (Kenji Kikue, 1994)
While studying at Cambridge University, Jeremy suddenly lost the ability to remember events occurring in the immediate past. Drawing on the experience of Jeremy and the lives of oth­ers, we learn… Read more

Mermaid (Osamu Tezuka, 1964)
A whimsical tale of impossible love rendered in severely simplistic stick-figure technique. Tezuka explored a vast range of styles and tech­niques in his animation which he could not do with his … Read more

MIX-1 (Dietmar Brehm, 1994)
Inside a collection of fragments we begin to find the gradual definition of things, spaces, glimpses of a camera an eye looking back at us the scratchy, almost fidgety sounds of a film whirring into … Read more

Mrs Foucault's Pendulum (Jean Marc Vervoort, 1994)
A strictly metered repressive regime regulates the Foucault household. Disruptions are not wel­come. Unfortunately for the domineering Mrs F the swing of things does not accommodate two small boy… Read more

Muramasa (Osamu Tezuka, 1987)
One of Tezuka's last shorts. Utilizing a sketchy realist mode of depiction , it is a cautionary tale of armament set against a backdrop of samurai lore and iconography. Towards the end of his life, T… Read more

MUSHROOMS (Alan Madden, 1995) ... Read more

My Boyfriend Gave Me Peaches (Ann Marie Fleming, 1994)
A wide-eyed yet laconic look at violence and gender role implications 'hide and seeking' at the heart of schoolyard rhyming games Beneath deceptively simple animation techniques lurks a wondrously wh… Read more

MY FIRST NAME IS MACEO (Markus Gruber, 1994)
" Maceo, blow your horn!!" There wasn't a concert or recording session when the Godfather of Soul, James Brown didn't fire up his aggressive dynamic saxophonist with the preced­ing exclamation. M… Read more

Nan is in a Box (Susan Stamp, 1994)
Susan Stamp's hand-drawn underomera anima­tion explores grief as experienced by both child and adult. There is a quiet eloquence that seems to emanate from the film's understatement. ... Read more

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