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Films Screened In 1995

NICO-ICON (Suzanne Ofteringer, 1995)
"The only reason I don't kill myself is, in fact, because I am unique"- Nico ... An enthralling investigation of an amazing identity and an intensely rigorous dissection of the nature of worship, Sus… Read more

NO LOANS TODAY (Lisanne Skyler, 1995)
... ... South Central L.A. is a world unto itself. Sometimes lawless, sometimes cruel, always hard. Set largely in the A.B.C. Pawnshop—a Social Security cheque-cashing 'fringe bank'-we are draw… Read more

NOAH'S ARK 2150 (Vivianne Howard, 1994)
More money is now spent on video games in a month that on zoos in a year. For the zoo industry it is a sharp reminder that revolution is around the corner. As we head towards the 21 st century zoos f… Read more

NOT BAD FOR A GIRL (Lisa Rose Apramian, 1994)
... ... A fascinating 'serious' exploration of all-female rock bands now referred to universally as the riot girl phenomenon. Self-styled Californian feminist psychologist Dr Lisa interviews the suit… Read more

O Dem Watermelons (Robert Nelson, 1965)
The definitive film about watermelons: they are cut, sawed, run over, used as bombs or for masturbation, appear at the UN and in toilet bowls. ... Read more

Oberhausen ‘64 (Dusan Vukotic, 1964)
Synopsis not available Read more

Off Key (Karethe Linnae, 1994)
An enigmatic encounter between a professional photographer (Atom Egoyan regular Gabnelle Rose) and a temperamental Russian concert pianist erupts with potential overtures in Karethe Linnae's beautifu… Read more

Old Bastards (Niki Caro, 1995)
The title says it all! Six vignettes laced with humour and affectionate vitriol plumbing the depths of maledom in its twilight years. ... Read more

Out of Reach (Annie Griffin, 1994)
Annie Griffin begins with a photograph of her family taken in the squeaky clean 50s it is a clas­sic all American line-up, a beaming mother and father and five cute children Griffin takes each of… Read more

Pat and Eddy's three teenage children, Bradley, Michelle and Darren are growing up not necessarily according to Pat and Eddy's wishes. Their time is taken up with cars, boyfriends, musical ambitions,… Read more

Peaches (Michael Gill, 1965)
A film fantasy concerning the adventures of a modern girl whose passion for peaches is eventu­ally replaced by a very different type of passion. ... Read more

Penguin Head – Alone Again (Anna Johnson, 1994)
A bloke with a beak gets a broken heart. Dada was never this dreamy . ... Read more

People in the House (Louise Bourque, 1994)
A dark and distilled visual dance through time and memory where religion and mortality stalk. This impressionistic shadow play of family and place is a new film from the director of Just Words MIFF' … Read more

Pictures at an Exhibition (Osamu Tezuka, 1966)
Tezuka's second major animation short. Pictures at an Exhibition is Tezuka's inspired response to Disney's Fantasia. Much of Disney's works did not reach Japan until the late 40s, and the advances th… Read more

Belgium's arbiter of minimalist chic, Chantal Akerman, takes a leisurely stroll through the capital, casting a casual but revealing glance at adolescent anxiety and unspoken love along the way. Thumb… Read more

Portrait of Boy with Dog (Robin Hessman, James Longley, 1993)
Gosha Prokoshenkov is a thirteen year old boy living in a boys home in Moscow. This beautifully constructed cinema verite work provides a portrait from the streets rooftops and parks of one child's M… Read more

POSTMAN (He Jianjun, 1995)
... ... Who knows what happens behind closed doors? The postman, if he opens your mail. And this guy doesn't knock twice before meddling in the lives he uncovers. Adultery, prostitution and drugs are… Read more

Pretendy Bites (Jos Valdman, 1994)
There is no known cure for the bite of a teenangster. Brightly coloured images will pass before your eyes and the end will follow quickly. ... Read more

PRIEST (Antonia Bird, 1994)
... ... As topical as it is controversial, Antonia Bird's first feature tackles the contradictions and conflicts at the heart of the taboo subjects of sex­uality in the priesthood, and touched of… Read more

Princess Knight (Osamu Tezuka, 1956)
Acknowledged as the first anime for girls (and indirectly leading to some of the most mind-boggling gender-specific girls titles {shojo manga & anime} which have proliferated in Japan over the procee… Read more

Push (Osamu Tezuka, 1987)
Another of the whimsical gag shorts, this one about the futuristic society of machines at the eternal service of the isolated human being. The repeated ' thank you - come again' phrase orients the fi… Read more

Picture a group of schoolchildren eating their lunch around a table. Within seconds a cloud of thick white smoke (DDT) engulfs them. Some of the images in this film will rock the sensibilities of the… Read more

RAY COHN/JACK SMITH (Jill Godmilow, 1994)
A clash of the Titans! Roy Cohn, the homo­phobic rightwing bible thumper who came to prominence as McCarthy's right-hand man during the fifties witch-hunts, and Jack Smith, notorious underground … Read more

RED LOTUS SOCIETY (Stan Lai, 1994)
... ... From TV talk show ritual to rock stardom dreams, pop culture is the site for magic and spirituality amidst today's soulless materialism. For teenage Ahda, son of a hilariously bad quack herba… Read more

Redback (Robert Stephenson, 1994)
Resilient redback meets compulsive obsessive household pest controller with a view to mutual extermination. Ouch! ... Read more

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