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Films Screened In 1995

Remake of Astro Boy (Osamu Tezuka, 1968)
Technically referred to as the Remake Of Astro Boy this series features a karaoke disco version of the theme (true to the Japanese theme but with English words). Many changes are evident in this slic… Read more

Rew. F. Fwd (Denis Villeneuve, 1994)
Fact? Fiction? or documentary encased in the structures of elaborate fabrication In Rew F Fwd the haphazard images of memory, dream and reality can be recorded in a 'Black Box' so that experience may… Read more

Rewind: It Could Have Been Me (Lorie Loeb, 1993)
An eloquent portrayal of a 'one parent family' meeting the Welfare Warfare State . ... Read more

Rhythm 94 (Renoldner Thomas, 1994)
A Muybridge-styled character walks across the screen left to right in time to a sound tone. As the pitch of the tone and its frequency changes, so does the shape and permutations of the char­acte… Read more

RIVER OF GRASS (Kelly Reichardt, 1993)
"A road movie that goes nowhere, a love story without the love, a crime story with­out a crime" ... Borne out of the energy-sapping heat of the Florida suburban swamps, River of Grass is a sly an… Read more

Robin (Magnus Carlsson, 1994)
Short strange tales about a grown-up Swedish 'Bart Simpson' Robin, who speaks with a Swedish Accent. Just as things begin to fall apart, the narrative in each story moves on quite sedately as though … Read more

Samuel Beckett, Tony Woods (Tony Woods, 1995)
Who or what ends up as the subject of a biograph? The "observing ear" of conceptual painter and film maker Tony Woods constructs a Chinese box of ink Rorscharch experiments made in the sixties, a dra… Read more

Satya: A Prayer for the Enemy (Ellen Bruno, 1993)
Since the Chinese occupied independent Tibet in 1950, more than one million people have been tortured, executed or starved to death for their role in the demonstrations against Chi­nese occupatio… Read more

Scars (Annabelle Murphy, 1994)
A series of unpretentious short films in which young people relate first-hand the stones of acci­dents they have experienced before revealing the scars they now carry for the rest of their lives.… Read more

SCHRAMM (Jörg Buttgereit, 1993)
Schramm is a guilty pleasure, a dark secret that many viewers may not admit to being ghoulishly mesmerised by. Rather than a direct descendant of almost three decades of exploitation cinema and Z-gra… Read more

Kurt Weill is one of the century's most indi­vidual and idiosyncratic composers. In Ger­many, his collaboration with Berthold Brecht produced both The Threepenny Opera and Mahagonny. In exile… Read more

Showdown at Lot’s Wife (Halil Efrat, 1994)
An unhappy family go on a day trip to the desert. The car is stolen and they must confront not only the thieves but their own perceptions and disillusionment with themselves and each other. ... Read more

Silent Love (Josh Broecker, 1994)
On Christmas Day, Jason and Mane both wish to prove their love to one another through a gift. But neither has the money. A selfishless look at romantic love which speaks through deeds rather than wor… Read more

Sleepy Guy (Raman Hui, 1994)
A computer animation that mixes cartoon humour with the best of them. The Sleepy Guy just wants to get back to his dream romance but things just keep waking him up. ... Read more

Small Gestures (Ian Cottage, 1994)
Phoenix House, London, June 1985. Derek Jarman on a hot Summer's day in his flat; playing a musical saw, reflecting light from a gold leaf book and dressing a human skull. These brief fragments of th… Read more

Small Treasures (Sarah Watt, 1995)
At once heartfelt and humorous, Sarah Watts sparkling painterly animation is a portrait of that 'hormone hell' of pregnancy and childbirth. Writ­ten with an engaging and refreshing candour the fi… Read more

SONIC OUTLAWS (Craig Baldwin, 1995)
... ... Craig Baldwin, outlaw filmmaker (Tribulation 99, O No Coronado!), has found the perfect materi­al on which to wield his mighty editing knife and vast found-footage collection. Sonic Outla… Read more

SPACE FIREBIRD 2772 (Sugiyama Taku, 1980)
Space Firebird 2772 is loosely based on certain futuristic aspects of Tezuka's sprawling Hi No Tori (Phoenix) series of manga, regarded by many as his most outstanding work. Firebird. is a simi­l… Read more

Spare Time (Humphrey Jennings, 1939)
... ... With little natural sound-the soundtrack consists largely of music from onscreen sources-and sparse commentary, the film shows how people spent their non-working hours. Overflowing with songs… Read more

Spotcheck (Sabine Hiebler, Gerhard Ertl, 1994)
Spotcheck is a work upon the genre of TV ads and looks at the world that advertising has wrought. A visually stimulating piece which provokes questions and thoughts. ... Read more

Square One (Robert Herbert, 1995)
From the makers of He & She, this cleverly-designed and shot film explores the end of a youth sub-culture, the eighties resurgence of the Mod scene. The viewer is left uneasy about which era the film… Read more

StillLiving (Caroline Weihs, Barbara Graf, Michael Domes, 1995)
A choreographed examination of the kinetic naked human body made up of three thousand photographs which are elaborately animated as a succession of poses, movements and gender metamorphoses. Highly p… Read more

Sunday (Dan Drasin, 1961)
Dan Drasin's free cinema-direct camera captures the confrontation between police and a group of folk singers with a directness and liveliness that is rare for documentaries in the early sixties. ... Read more

Surprise! (Veit Helmer, 1995)
The hand-colouring of each individual frame and the absurdist nature of the story give the film an almost cartoonish quality reminiscent of the Warner Brothers' Loony Tunes series. A man sur­roun… Read more

Sworn to the Drum: A Tribute to Francisco Aguabella (Les Blank, 1995)
... ... At the start of his brand-new documentary on master Afro-Cuban drummer and composer Francisco Aguabeila, Les Blank throws us right into the heat and passion of a 1985 Aguabeila gig at Cesar's… Read more

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