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Films Screened In 1996

Trance Mosaic (Nick Ostrovskis, 1995)
One of the durably creative figures on Melbourne's experimental film scene. Nick Ostrovskis continues his Zooming Cinema of memory and city. Ostrovskis experiments with what has always been fundament… Read more

TWO CRIMES (Robert Sneider, 1994)
3 5mm/Co 1/1994/1 lOmins ... ... ... Like 'Water For ChocolaTe meets El Mariachi in Dos Crimenes, Roberto Sneider's elegant tale of deception In small town Mexico. Like its central character Marcos, … Read more

Two Minus One (Jonathan Richardson, 1995)
Michael is a young Polish boy who escapes from his unhappy family life and his insensitive father into his own world of dreams. One night as he searches for his pet mouse while his parents are asleep… Read more

Tzigne Dances (Jack Kemp, 1941)
"Carmen Amaya, she's hail against windows, the cry of a swallow, a black cigar smoked by a dreamywoman, a thunder of applause " ... Jean Cocteau ... Read more

Up the Neck or Bodybuilding (Alexandre Goutman, 1996)
Synopsis not available Read more

... ... In Bernar Hebert's latest, dream-like production, the members of acclaimed Montreal dance troupe Lalala Human Steps-including the astonishingly kinetic Louise Lecavalier—inhabit a fanta… Read more

Vitamin Tango (Robinson Savary, 1995)
Synopsis not available Read more

... ... They don't come any blacker, meaner or more deadpan than Todd Solondz' pitch-perfect sophomore feature. Welcome to the Dollhouse. It depicts the physical and psychic humiliations suffered by … Read more

... ... William A Wellman was a notorious, hard-drinking Tinseltown toughguy A consumate journeyman director whose life story could rival any Hollywood fiction. A high school drop out, juvenile delin… Read more

Writer's Block (Leon Cmielewski, 1995)
... ... A writer, confronted by the perplexities of the blank page, is murdered by his typewriter Cmielewski's humorous allegory of creative constipation relieved by the death of the author is a witt… Read more

Your Name in Cellulite (Gail Noonan, 1995)
Amid the current trend towards eliminating all bodily imperfections the original female body gets its own back A witty and visually bold step in the right direction. (AS) ... Read more

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