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Films Screened In 1996

BONTOC EULOGY (Marlon E. Fuentes, 1995)
fascinating film about Marlon E Fuentes' Filipino grandfather, one of 1100 tribal relatives brought to the USA as anthropological specimens' for the 1904 St Louis World Fair. The memorable opening im… Read more

Cabbie of the Year (Mick Connolly, 1996)
The latest from up and coming Melbourne filmmakers Mick and Scottie Connolly Cabbie is a very funny tale about a cabbie down on his luck. Bob is a trouble magnet and a slob with a crush on Kaz the gi… Read more

Caligrama (Eliane Caffe, 1995)
A film about the world of the Sao Paulo homeless a visual poem of great beauty and intensity Combining documentary footage and "dramatic" sequences the filmmaker comments on the often primitive natur… Read more

Careful With Boots! (Dominique Jonard, 1994)
Careful with Boots' is a naive folk art style of animation with songs sung by children set in Mexico with accidently charming subtitles. A turtle comes out of the sea to lay its eggs on the beac.h Th… Read more

Cheers (Sabine Hiebler, Gerhard Ertl, 1995)
Proceeding from the mythic Northern European content of what looks like a butter commercial. Prost takes on a curiously ghoulish quality Its footage degenerates becomes solarised and is reorganised w… Read more

Chicken (Tracie Mitchell, 1994)
Chicken is a movement based work that aim explore concepts of communication through use of gesture. The work has been cho graphed for eight dancers. The video was s on an angled roadway in Richmond, … Read more

Children Get Bored on Sundays (Matthieu Poirot-Delpech, Sophie Perez, 1994)
So what? ... So what what? ... A quirky, simple and direct piece. Amusing energetic. ... Read more

35mm/Col/1996/94mins ... ... ... No suspension of disbelief is too big an ask, no flight of the political imagination of a nation too bizarre, to be incorporated into the stunning vision of post-war … Read more

Chimera (Philip Hoffman, 1995)
This film consists of sections of collected dianstic images amassed through Hoffman's travels. Uluru and an incomplete parliament house for example make floating appearances. These have been gathered… Read more

Clocks (Kirsten Winter, 1995)
Kirsten Winter sets images of abstract expressionism and degraded video takes to Elena Kats-Chernm's composition "Clocks", which was First performed by Ensemble Modern at the 1993 Karlsruhe Multimedi… Read more

Come (Marianne Olsen Ulrichsen, 1995)
An elderly woman reflects on her youth. A sexy story of ageless lust and deathless passion. A humorous, wistful film about time, memory and love, and fob watches, (MM) ... Read more

Cosmodrome (Fridolin Schönwiese, 1995)
Cosmodrome has serial composition, connecting its images across broad concepts of flight, light and the simple act of looking upwards. The first principle of this film is its blueness, captured in th… Read more

Crackerjack (Alex Wolfe, 1996)
New York City. Fourth of July. Alone and a stranger to the big city one youthful sailor on 24 hour shore leave; hopes to find romance. Instead he finds a prostitute and loses his virginity in the bac… Read more

CYCLO (Tran Anh Hung, 1995)
... ... Director Tran Anh Hung brought rural 50s Vietnam to vibrant, poetic lire in his debut film The Scent of Green Papaya (1993) In his latest. very different film. Tran shows us the bustle and br… Read more

D-Void (Michelle Mahrer, 1995)
A blank white video screen suddenly becomes very interesting space when danced in. conceptual piece of power and precision. ... Read more

DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL (Prasanna Vithanage, 1996)
... ... Prasanna Vithanage represents the emerging wave of new film makers in Sri Lanka who are trying to make sense of changes sweepin across the country. ... ... ... Anantha Ratfiriua, his second f… Read more

DEEP VALLEY (Jean Negulesco, 1947)
Synopsis not available Read more

Emily's Last Date (Michael Clancy, 1995)
Emily's Last Date is an hysterical journey into the world of blind dates. Director Michael Clancy creates a series of vignettes peopled by believable yet repulsive characters. Therapy with a pyramid-… Read more

Emmy (Daniel Larrieu, 1995)
On the theme of the auto-portrait, this film presents several aspects of the same solo, danced live, shot on video and projected in 16mm Different points of view captured by the eye of a moving camer… Read more

Exposed (Tony Ayres, 1996)
A filmmakers documentary on photographer, David Edwards, who has been taking photo­graphs of naked men for the past eleven years. Hundreds of albums line his shelves. One section of David's wall,… Read more

Exterior Night (Mark Rappaport, 1994)
A unique project originally shot in HDTV, Exterior Night utilises a previously unimaginable conceit-using original rear screen process plates and background scenes from Warner Brothers classics of th… Read more

F FOR FAKE (Orson Welles, 1973)
... ... As the documentary Orson Welles: One Man Band shows, this great director carried an editing table with him wherever he travelled, This tool of his trade is displayed by Welles in F For Fake w… Read more

FAT OF THE LAND (Niki Cousino, Sarah Lewison, 1995)
Five Greasy Joannes, one van and 3,000 miles is all it takes to prove that fat really is a feminist issue and that car exhaust can come up smelling like donuts. To the punter 'Trans-vesterification' … Read more

FETISHES (Nick Broomfield, 1996)
... ... The intrepid Nick Broomfield takes camera inside Pandora's Box, an up market New York fetish parlour run by one Mistress Raven. The establishment caters solely 'submissives' or 'bottoms', the… Read more

Film Noir (Michael Liu, 1996)
A disciplined and restrained philosophical discussion between two filmmakers about the dreaded Tarculiiio /actor and the state of Australian cinema. A teaspoon. A broken camera. Some blood Considerab… Read more

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