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Films Screened In 1996

LIKE GRAINS OF SAND (Ryosuke Hashiguchi, 1995)
... ... In Like Grains of Sand director Ryosuke Hashiguchi orchestrates the intensity of passionate, thwarted first love into a remarkably moving film. When Kasane is transferred to a new school, she… Read more

LITTLE SISTER (Robert Jan Westdijk, 1995)
... ... Or. sex. power and videotape—this smart and funny, pseudo home-movie set in a world of groovy Amsterdam twenty-somethings plays fast and loose with the popular notion that the Camera is… Read more

Lonelytude or a Ray of Sunshine (Eric Guirado, 1994)
The latest in the endless stream of quality short comic films from France Lonelytude stars Jean-Claude Dreyfus, as M Badot the deceiving neighbour of M Roux who lives next door in an apartment buildi… Read more

... ... A master class in Shakespeare, Al Pacino's Looking For Richard is simultaneously a telling of the classic drama. Richard III. and an exploration of the artistic and practical battles to under… Read more

Made on a wing, a prayer and a ton of energy. Love and Other Catastrophes marks the filmic debut of a fresh and exciting new team. A hip original comedy set firmly within 90s Melbourne, a r… Read more

LOVE SERENADE (Shirley Barrett, 1996)
... ... The day that Ken Sherry, former king of Brisbane drive-time radio, comes to town is a biggie in the annals of the sleepy Riverina burg of Sunray-at least for sisters Vicki-Ann and Dimity Hurl… Read more

Lovely (Ruth Carr, 1995)
A remarkable first short film by second year AFTRS student Ruth Carr, Lovely is a simple poignant and compassionate pass on the fragility and brevity of human life the underbelly of the beauty indust… Read more

Lovely day (Chris Backhouse, 1996)
Lovely Day is a masterpiece of painterly animation art. Painstakingly rendered in the style of Hieronymus Bosch, the central character and accompanying putto-like figures evoke memories of a time whe… Read more

LUMIERE AND COMPANY (Sarah Moon, 1995)
One hundred years after the Lumiere brothers turned their invention on the world, the gauntlet has been thrown down: to use only their restored yet rudimentary hand-cranked camera, hand-made film sto… Read more

MABOROSI (Hirokazu Kore-eda, 1995)
... ... The fundamental and universal human experience of mourning and regeneration is rendered with quietly gathered power in this wonderful film about a young woman who believes that she brings dea… Read more

Makes Me Stronger (Bill Mousoulis, 1996)
A dark comedy with Bill Mousoulis as a whining effete filmmaker who is trying to reconcile his feelings of envy for his more successful peers. Suffering funding knock backs and personal reaction he g… Read more

MEMORIES (Koji Morimoto, Tensai Okamura, Katsuhiro Otomo, 1995)
... ... The long-awaited follow up to acclaimed amm? landmark Afcim (19881, Memories Is a fantastic new feature-length Japanese animation omnibus initiated By manga artist and author Katsuhiro Otomo.… Read more

MOLESTED LOVE (Mario Martone, 1995)
... ... 70-year-old Amalia fails to arrive for a visit to her daughter Delia's home Missing for 48 hours, she is finally discovered drowned on a beach in Naples wearing only an exotic red bra. Delia … Read more

Montage of Dance Films by Louis Lumiere (Louis Lumiere, -6)
Synopsis not available Read more

Moving Picture (Linda Christanell, 1995)
An image of a gently contoured alley way in a typical European streetscape is presented in numerous ways. Photographed at night during the day across the seasons and occasionally using time lapse the… Read more

MR GEORGE (Ida Lupino, 1961)
... ... An extraordinarily visually inventive tale of ghosts and greed, Mr George follows the 'efforts of a trio of middle-aged parasites to rid themselves of the little-girl heiress left in their ch… Read more

My Name is Rabbit... And I Don't Know Why (Elke Rosthal, 1996)
Synopsis not available Read more

My Parents Were Poets (Buz Laughlin, 1996)
Synopsis not available Read more

My Second Car (Stuart McDonald, 1996)
Synopsis not available Read more

... ... Carol Williams is a dancer; Guy Richards, her partner/choreographer. The opening se­quences spotlight a series of professional and private celebrations by the about-to-be-married couple a… Read more

No Way To Forget (Richard Frankland, 1996)
Driving on the backroads of Victoria through the night Shane Francis is haunted by his memories. Based on Richard Frankiand s experiences as a Field Officer and Investigator during the Royal Commissi… Read more

No.5 Checked Out (Ida Lupino, 1955)
In and of itself, No. 5 Checked Out constitutes a compelling case for the viability of the short form in film. Brilliantly acted, superbly crafted, it comes damn close to perfection-a state Lupino's … Read more

NOT FOURTEEN AGAIN (Gillian Armstrong, 1995)
... ... Gillian Armstrong (My Brilliant Career, Last Days of Chez Nous, Little Women) returns to the documentary world of Smokes & Lollies. Fourteen's Good, Eighteen's Better and Bingo. Braces & Brid… Read more

NOT WANTED (Elmer Clifton (Ida Lupino uncredited), 1949)
... ... Even though she chose not to take director's credit (she stepped in after Elmer Clifton had a heart attack three days into production). Not Wanted bears the unmistakable stamp of a Lupino fil… Read more

Old Earth (Jo Law, 1995)
Jo Law presents her Chinese cultural identity with a particularly Australian edge Old Earth refers to the philosophical system that her grandfather created in isolation while living in England It was… Read more

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