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Films Screened In 1996

ON DANGEROUS GROUND (Nicholas Ray, 1951)
" Garbage that s what we handle Garbage!" After a great deal of hard boiled noir and spirited action on RKO s studio streets Jim Wilson (Robert Ryan) a brutal big city cop spits these words out to hi… Read more

One: Terra (Sabrina Schmid, 1995)
Schmid s exquisite graphic sense is highlighted m this playful exploration of alchemical themes. (ASJ) ... Read more

ORSON WELLES: THE ONE MAN BAND (Vassili Siovic, 1995)
... ... Documentary filmmaker Vassili Silovic's candid exploration of various Orson Welles projects is a fascinating tribute to his idio­syncratic talents and was made possible with the co-operat… Read more

OUR BURMESE DAYS (Lindsey Merrison, 1996)
... ... Lindsey Merrison's mother. Sally, is Anglo-Burmese. In this documentary Lindsey takes Sally and her brother Bill back to the sights and settings of their childhood in what is now Myanmar .How… Read more

OUTRAGE (Ida Lupino, 1950)
... ... For a film on the then taboo of rape, Lupino's| Outrage opens breezily enough. It's book­keeper heroine Ann (Mala Powers) has a fiance, whose raise assures her happy integration into the … Read more

Pact (Scott Patterson, 1996)
True love never dies-not without a struggle anyway. A suicide pact goes horribly wrong. Hes got ten minutes to live and she's got ten minutes to think of a way to die.Poison, knives, hammers ,hat-pin… Read more

Parade (Jean-Christophe Averty, 1980)
Parade, a choreographic work created in 1917 Cocteau, Massine, Picasso and Satie, mark decisive moment in Modern Art. ... Read more

Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky. the team behind the astonishing documentary Brother's Keeper (MIFF1992). have turned their lens on the American obsession with multiple murder Paradise Lost uncovers… Read more

Penguins Off the Page (Jon Rowden, 1995)
A high school biology class assumes another dimension when penguins colonise the teachers desk. The clay modelled penguins correct in detail and proportion emphasise an emerging role for animators an… Read more

Pepolino and the Lost Treasure (Janos Uzsak, 1995)
... ... Pepolino and the Lost Treasure is pure family entertainment a fully animated musical feature based on the novel by Irene Rodrian. The film charts the adventures of young Pepolino who just wan… Read more

Pig! (Francine McDougall, 1995)
Ex-pat Australian Francine McDougall explores an urban myth of porcine proportions. Nose pickers take heed. (TB) ... Read more

Postal Exchange (Bradley J Gake, 1995)
Made entirely of sequential silk screen prints Postal Exchange tells the story of letters passing between Russia and America and the postmen responsible for their delivery. (RP) ... Read more

Prelude (Chris Backhouse, 1996)
Set to the filmmaker s idiosyncratic arrangement of Bach s Air on a G String this elegant and perfectly timed piece of animation reflects the influence of fine music on the human psyche and powers of… Read more

PRIVATE HELL 36 (Don Siegel, 1954)
... ... One of Don Siegel's best early efforts along with his other "numbered" films of the same year Riot in Cell Block 11 this taut noir shares with Riot the building ineluctable logic of an out of… Read more

Puppenhead (David Cox, )
"Set in Germany and New York in the thirties, it's about a puppeteer harassed by a Nazi spy. Cox doesn't waste the premise, but cleverly integrates live action and model animation in this strikingly … Read more

Queeny (Rebecca McLean, 1995)
Who is she and why are they saying these terrible things about her? What did Queeny ever do to deserve this public approbation? Not that everyone dislikes her. but the Jury's still out if the 22 inte… Read more

Quest (Tyron Montgomery, 1996)
A creature s desperate search for water leads it through a range of surreal landscapes and false hopes Its search leads to regeneration where presumably the frustrating search resumes. Technically, a… Read more

RATS IN THE RANKS (Bob Connolly, Robin Anderson, 1996)
... ... Australia's foremost documentary filmmaker Robin Anderson and Bob Connolly, have turned their unblinking gaze from the tribe, cultures of the PNG highlands (Black Harvest,. Leahy's Neighbours… Read more

Reconstruction (Laurence Green, 1995)
Home movie documentary and abstract imagery combine to uncover the layers of truths of a family history that absorbs the viewer in this assured and elegant piece of filmmaking. (KH) ... Read more

Rehearsals for Extinct Anatomies (Brothers Quay, 1988)
... ... The Quay brothers puppet animation takes the viewer on a dream-like trip into their surreal world of unusual architectural forms, living skulls. psychedelic patterns and robots using tools. .… Read more

... ... Using a major Avedon retrospective as a loose framing device, Helen Whitney's documentary is for admirers, a long overdue appraisal of almost fifty years of superb photo­graphy and, for i… Read more

RIVER STREET (Tony Mahood, 1996)
... ... Tony Mahood's endearing first feature, set squarely in the inner suburbs of Melbourne,a gentle moral tale at odds with the temper of our times, but even more valuable for it. In his lost subs… Read more

ROAD HOUSE (Jean Negulesco, 1948)
... ... Jean Negulesco's potent melodrama opens with a credit sequence that introduces the titular setting and swings into high gear when gravel voiced Lily Stevens (Ida Lupino) arrives to sing torch… Read more

Robotiks: Isaac Asimov’s (Clank! Clank!) Artificial Man (, 1976)
... ... Isaac Asimov science-fiction writer and originator of Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics discusses present (as of 1976) and future poss­ibilities of robots and robotics. The fascinating feat… Read more

Submitted for your approval: the man in cardiac crisis is Mr Rod Serling—writer, producer and agent provocateur of a certain electronic medium he helped to create and which, by way of thanks, k… Read more

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