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Films Screened In 1998

Human Remains (Jay Rosenblatt, 1998)
Raking the ashes of the great dictators of the 20th century, San Francisco filmmaker and former psychotherapist Rosenblatt uncovers the brutal banality of their private fads and foibles, in simulated… Read more

HUMAN TORNADO (Cliff Roquemore, 1974)
Gratuitous use of disco mirror balls, fake furs, big butts and the word 'muthafucker'. Welcome to the rhinestone world of Rudy Ray Moore. Entrepreneurial brother from Planet Black. Incomprehensible, … Read more

I Just Want to Kiss You (Jamie Thraves, 1997)
An afternoon of... friendship... theft... love... jealousy... hate... anger... and friendship. ... Read more

I MARRIED A STRANGE PERSON (Bill Plympton, 1997)
It's Akira with humour, Roadrunner wilh humans, an animated Pulp Fiction! Bill Plympton's animated masterpiece - built for adults who don't care about political correctness - is an insanely funny rom… Read more

I Want You (Gregory Quail, 1998)
Girl gets boy, in just seven minutes... a how-to primer for the modern woman! A neat and fast-moving study in obsessive desire, featuring a winning performance from Lisbeth Kennelly, who also wrote t… Read more

I'd Rather Be Flying (Alexander Abela, 1997)
A documentary tribute to the aeroplanes, rituals, eccentricities and daring involved in modern-day aerobatics. Directed by second-time film maker Alexander Abela, the almost surreal nature of this st… Read more

Idling Brando (Angoelo Guglielmo, 1997)
Meet Dennis Woodruff, Hollywood street personality and self confessed Brando Idle. Via Hollywood landmarks, including 'The Woodruff Mobile', we follow this definitive wannabe as he tries to convince … Read more

Imprint (Louise Bourque, 1997)
Personal home-movie footage of a family house is subjected to a rich variety of hand manipulations and chemical processes - toning, tinting, ripping, perforating, bleaching, scratching, collaging, de… Read more

IN THAT LAND (Lidia Bobrova, 1997)
In That Land is a rare journey into a world which in many respects has not changed in a hundred years. Its territory is a small village in the north of Russia, a region which for better or worse has … Read more

IN THE WINTER DARK (James Bogle, 1998)
James Bogle's Mad Bomber in Love was voted Best of the Fest at MIFF in 1993. The following year the film was invited to screen at the Santa Monica Film Festival, and Bogle was quickly heralded as the… Read more

In Too Deep (Mehreen Siagol, 1997)
Jeff, a troubled loner, is haunted by memories of a brief affair with a woman above his standing and its terrible consequences. Shot with brilliantly cold precision in the Cornish Clay pits, and buoy… Read more

IT'S A LONG ROAD (Pantelis Voulgaris, 1998)
Highly respected in his homeland - alongside peers like Theo Angelopoulos - Pantelis Voulgaris' It's a Long Road is an understated but immensely rewarding film. Divided into three distinct chapters, … Read more

IVAN THE TERRIBLE, PART I (Sergei M. Eisenstein, 1946)
Following the critical triumph ot Alexander Nevsky in 1939, Eisentstein's next film project was the monumental Ivan the Terrible, conceived as a three-part epic about the life and times of Ivan IV, t… Read more

Ï€ (PI) (Darren Aronofsky, 1998)
A brilliant yet nervous man, Max Cohen (Sean Gullette) is on the verge of the most important discovery of his life - a 216-digit number which would solve the mysteries of life. As Max verges on a sol… Read more

JABILUKA (David Bradbury, 1997)
Visually stunning and simply told, Jabiluka is the chilling story of how the Mirrar people were pressured into allowing uranium mining at Jabiluka in Kakadu National Park. Telling first-hand accounts… Read more

JEANNE AND THE PERFECT GUY (Olivier Ducastel, Jacques Martineau, 1998)
"As soon as the office cleaners break into song, there's not a shadow of a doubt where Jeanne and the Perfect Guy is coming from. Shades of Jacques Demy's colourful tuners hang lightly on the shoulde… Read more

JEROME (Thomas Johnston, David Elton, Eric Tignini, 1997)
Wade Hampton (Drew Pillsbury) has worked as a welder for 15 years, eight hours a day. Amidst the mind-numbing spell of the machinery, he allows quiet introspection to call forth dreams of deeper ambi… Read more

Jumbo (Jim Marbrook, 1998)
A terse, idiosyncratic study of love, mistrust and suburbia. Odlin is doing odd jobs for Ricky and Francine, but when Francine gives Odlin the keys to the house, Ricky takes a stand. An elegantly con… Read more

JUNGLE EMPEROR LEO (Yoshio Takeuti, 1998)
Jungle Taitei is based on Tezuka Osamu's original manga (which commenced in 1950), which describes the lives and adventures of the African jungle emperor, Panja, and his mate Eliza. The series' main … Read more

KID NERD (Shereen Jerrett, 1997)
Misunderstood, misrepresented, often just missed the mark... nerds come back with their own voice, their own thick-rimmed glasses and their own geeky foibles in a documentary which pulls not a single… Read more

KISS ME DEADLY (Robert Aldrich, 1955)
A night-time encounter with Cloris Leachman, clad only in a raincoat, leads Mike Hammer on a legality-be-damned search for a mysterious suitcase containing 'the Great What's-lt' in this stunning, rul… Read more

La Maison des Cochons (David Harris, 1997)
A passerby enticed by the idea of feasting on a little pig enters the restaurant La Maisoo des Cochons. The staff are friendly - if a little odd - and keen to bring him the platter of pig his heart d… Read more

La Salla (Ricard Condie, 1996)
A classic tale of temptation revealed in the unique form of a comic opera. Stunning 3-D animation and riotous humour. ... Read more

Lament for Barney Flanagan (Paul Judge, 1997)
When the Angel of Death taps drunkard Barney Flanagan on the shoulder, he finds himself banging on the pearly gates with little chance of getting in. A comic and cautionary tale with a wicked blend o… Read more

LAND GIRLS (David Leland, 1998)
Land Girls is a beautiful, lush period drama which places Britain's women centre-stage. As part of a British war effort during WWII, three adventuresome young women take to the fields to farm while t… Read more

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