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Films Screened In 1998

LEILA (Dariush Mehrjui, 1997)
Leila is a beautiful young woman from an affluent background. Just married to a doting husband, Reza, Leila is confronted with the painful reality of being unable to bear children. Reza, contrary to … Read more

Let's Be Friends (Thomas Bardinet, 1997)
A young film director has, for the first time in his life, a meeting with a star... ... Read more

Lily and Jim (Don Hertzfeldt, 1997)
A quirky and oddly charming short that plays with the overly melodramatic struggles of dating and heartbreak. A blind date between two hopelessly naive, neurotic romantics goes from very bad to much … Read more

LIVE FLESH (Pedro Almodóvar, 1997)
"About Live Flesh I can only say that it is the most disquieting film I have ever made and the one that has caused me the most unease." - Pedro Almodovar ... "Almodovar is back on top form with Live … Read more

Loafing (Duane Lavoid, 1997)
Male bonding through competition ensues when four unlikely characters converge on a New York public washroom. A light hearted and outrageously funny look at the veneers of class, money and social sta… Read more

LONDON BRIEF (Jon Jost, 1997)
To those familiar with the extensive array of films by Jon Jost, he is a figurehead, a pioneer amongst independent and experimental filmmakers. Jost is a one-man crew. With camera in hand, he has con… Read more

LOU REED: ROCK AND ROLL HEART (Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, 1997)
Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Heart is more than a visual biography. It is the only documentary covering the musician, poet and composer, the man who brought rock and roll into the avant garde. From the be… Read more

LOUIS AND FRANK (Alexandre Rockwell, 1998)
Alexandre Rockwell excels at well constructed, intelligent comedy, typically made with unusual but highly successful casting choices. Louis & Frank is a comedy about two very different cousins who pe… Read more

LOVE IS THE DEVIL (John Maybury, 1998)
Love is the Devil recounts the turbulent relationship between controversial British artist Francis Bacon and his lover, George Dyer. Their first volatile meeting - when Dyer attempted to burgle Bacon… Read more

LULU ON THE BRIDGE (Paul Auster, 1998)
After surviving a near-fatal shooting, jazz saxophonist Izzy Maurer (Harvey Keitel) stumbles across the body of a stranger in tower Manhattan and winds up with the dead man's briefcase. Inside he fin… Read more

MADE IN HONG KONG (Fruit Chan, 1997)
The winner at over a dozen festival awards worldwide, including numerous Best Film and Best Director citations, Made in Hong Kong is the first post-handover independent film from the former colony. I… Read more

MEMORY AND DESIRE (Niki Caro, 1998)
Memory and Desire is a beautifully framed, intimately observed love story. At its core is a mystery surrounding the tragic death of a young husband, Keiji, on his New Zealand honeymoon. He and his wi… Read more

Miles from Anywhere (Gary Carpenter, )
Nearly abstract, fast moving and intensely physical, Gary Carpenter's short work was a prize winner at both the London and Chicago Film Festivals. ... Read more

Minotaur's Dance (Lorenzo Recio, 1997)
A minotaur lives in his labyrinth, his time spent praying and drinking. Unable to cope with his isolation any longer he leaves his seclusion to seek forbidden pleasures, but, obtaining what he desire… Read more

MOB LAW (Paul Wilmshurst, 1997)
An absolutely astounding documentary about the life and (alleged) crimes of Oscar Goodman - Mob lawyer. Fans of Scorsese's Casino will recognise Goodman who played himself as Robert DeNiro's court co… Read more

MODULATIONS (Iara Lee, 1998)
Following her first feature, Synthetic Pleasures (1996), lara Lee's Modulations cements her standing as the cinematic voice for a subculture centred around electronic music. Modulations lays bare a c… Read more

MONDO PLYMPTON (Bill Plympton, 1997)
Mondo Plympton is a fantastic journey through the strange brain of off-the-wall animator Bill Plympton, featuring his classic shorts, rare excerpts, plus brand new work and stories from his animated … Read more

MOTEL CACTUS (Park Ki-Yong, 1997)
Four very different intimate encounters occur in Room 407 of Motel Cactus, a Seoul 'love hotel'. In Summer, the first episode, a woman seeks to spend her birthday with the man she loves, but he has v… Read more

MOTHER AND SON (Alexander Sokurov, 1997)
It is the aura of delicate ambiguity that defines Mother and Son as a contemporary cinematic masterpiece. A fragile mother is dying, although if is uncertain whether she is physically ill or just res… Read more

Mutoid Waste Company (Marcus Kanter, 1998)
The Mutoid Waste Company are a group of European performance artists whose spectacular live shows and nomadic lifestyle have made them counterculture celebrities. Originating in the Free Festivals of… Read more

My Body (Joel Moffett, 1997)
Charlie is a neurotic, self-loathing individual. After years of denial, a one night stand leads to him contracting a new and rare disease called 'Sexually Repressed Shedding Disorder'. The results in… Read more

No Title (Karen Lawler, 1997)
In No Title an image is being constructed. Multiple perspectives of the subject are combined. A multilingual appeal is made to the viewer to not objectify the image or subject. We are dealing with th… Read more

NO. 3 (Song Neung-Han, 1997)
Slip into a sharkskin suit, strap on a machete and join Taeju, Jophil and 'The Infamous Ashtray' (so named for his weapon of choice) as they shoot, slash, kick and punch their way to the top of the K… Read more

One Day (Marie Paccou, )
One Day is a surreal tale about the struggle for belonging and the sense of loss that ensues when connections are severed. ... Read more

ONIBI: THE FIRE WITHIN (Rokuro Mochizuki, 1996)
Kunihiro was once known as the 'Ball of Fire', the most feared hitman in the Japanese underworld until the law finally caught up with him. Released after a long stint in jail, all he desires is the q… Read more

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