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Films Screened In 1998

OPEN YOUR EYES (Alejandro Amenábar, 1997)
Alejandro Amenábar's follow up to the phenomenal Tesis, his 1995 debut which scooped seven Goyas (the Spanish Oscar). From a darkened cell in the psychiatric wing of a high security prison, César r… Read more

Oriental Elegy (Alexander Sokurov, 1996)
"What a strange dream.. a stork, a river, an old park, a voice, through the mist, the outline of a house becomes visible. The houses seem to push each other aside, they huddle together, they rock on … Read more

Otherzone (David Cox, )
A mixture of live action and computer generated animation, this sci-fi piece is set in a time of global crisis when one company is about to control the world's entire communication system. ... Read more

Peaches (Charmaine Choo, 1997)
This fluent and visually seductive animation belongs to a genre in which puppets, manikins and dolls stand as heavily loaded metaphors for women. Peaches is a creature, Charmaine Choo says, "entangle… Read more

PERDITA DURANGO (Alex de la Iglesia, 1997)
Perdita Durango is the most explosive cocktail of humour, sex, religion and action this side of Natural Born Killers. The two central characters are the unscrupulous Perdita Durango (Rosie Pérez), a… Read more

PERFECT BLUE (Satoshi Kon, 1997)
Perfect Blue represents the next wave of Japanimation. The producers of the MIFF 1996 animation sensation Memories have pushed the limits of visual expression. Perfect Blue balances Japanese suspense… Read more

PI Snaps (Monica Sharf, 1997)
A cross between Cops and a seedy pulp novella, this 'action-based reality short' is a stylish, entertaining and insightful portrait of a modern private investigator, whose stomping ground is the mean… Read more

Peter Weir's film adaptation of Joan Lindsay's classic, largely faithful to the original novel, describes the collapse of a rural Victorian boarding college following the mysterious disappearance of … Read more

Pink Street (Volker Schlecht, )
This beautifully rotoscoped animation has a deceptive simplicity to the world within the world that it creates. ... Read more

Played (Sandra Ehlermann, 1998)
The middle of the night at a madhouse in Germany. A young woman travelling alone is nearly run over by a semitrailer. So begins a deadly serious game of seduction, but who is 'playing' who? This dark… Read more

Polvo Eres (Carles Sans Padros, 1997)
A woman's desire to give her brother a dignified funeral is fatally thwarted when he declares on his deathbed his wish to be cremated. A Spanish black comedy of high passions, urns and vacuum cleaner… Read more

POSTMAN BLUES (Sabu, 1997)
An audience favourite at Montreal, Sundance and Rotterdam Film Festivals, Postman Blues is a terrifically entertaining farce directed by Sabu, one of the rising stars of Japanese cinema's next wave. … Read more

PRIDE DIVIDE (Paris Poirier, 1997)
"Gay men and lesbians - a forced marriage if ever there was one," quips lesbian activist Torie Osborn. Such is the base from which this insightful documentary works. The relationship between men and … Read more

PUSH! PUSH! (Park Chul Soo, 1997)
Comic farce or major assault on Korean sexual mores? Push! Push! is both. The X Files meets ER, with a portion of Fawlty Towers thrown in. Korean filmmaker Park Chul Soo storms the wards of a women's… Read more

PUSHOVER (Richard Quine, 1954)
"Money isn't dirty, just people." ... A low-rent Double Indemnity; cool blonde moll Kim Novak (in her first major screen role at Columbia) stirs up a sexual heat similar to that of Barbara Stanwyck i… Read more

RADIANCE (Rachel Perkins, 1998)
Radiance tells the story of three young women who reunite, after many years apart, for their mother's funeral, | grieve, reconcile and celebrate. Over the course of 24 hours the skeletons in the fami… Read more

REDBALL (Jon Hewitt, 1998)
Blasting from the screen like the cinematic progeny of some unholy union between Lars Von Trier and Abel Ferrara, here is uncompromising Australian 'underground' filmmaking at its very best - an in-y… Read more

Relative Strangers (Rosemary Hesp, 1997)
Simon thought he knew his parents, but family ties aren't always as they appear. This is a haunting and evocative film which unravels the family secrets of one man's childhood. Beneath a splendid arr… Read more

RELAX... IT'S JUST SEX (P.J. Castellaneta, 1998)
The highly versatile Jennifer Tilly plays Tara Ricotto, den mother and confidant to a group of gay, lesbian and straight friends in this outrageous Sundance favourite. Very much a quintessential 90s … Read more

Repetition Compulsion (Ellie Lee, )
Using actual recorded statements from the victims and gritty images, this is a strong and rhythmic glimpse of the lives ofabused women. ... Read more

RIEN NE VA PLUS (Claude Chabrol, 1997)
Victor and Betty - masterfully played by French screen mainstays Michel Serrault and Isabelle Huppert - are an odd couple peddling one of the oldest scams in the con artist's manual. Checking into lu… Read more

Robert: A Fortunate Life (Alexander Sokurov, 1996)
Robert: A Fortunate Life is Sokurov's key pictorial account of the work of Hubert Robert (1733-1808), a French painter who was representative of what Sokurov calls 'classic virtuosity'. ... "Sokurov … Read more

Rubbernecking (Greg Williams, 1998)
Ever met someone at a bar only to discover their eyes roaming the room? This slightly surreal trip across the artificial surface of lounge culture will make you think twice about clowning around. ... Read more

Rubicon (Gil Alkabetz, 1997)
A riddle: A wolf, a sheep and a cabbage need to cross a river. How can you bring them across, one by one, without the sheep eating the cabbage or the wolf eating the sheep? ... Read more

SAME OLD SONG (Alain Resnais, 1997)
Simon is secretly in love with Camille, but Camille has fallen for Marc. Marc is Simon's boss, and he's trying to sell an apartment to Odile, Camille's sister. Odile is determined to buy the apartmen… Read more

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