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Films Screened In 2000

Zabeen has the mind of a child, but the body of a woman. She lives in a remote coastal town where her days are spent taking care of her dog, Dizzy, and waiting for something to happen. Unexpectedly, a young man on a motorbike enters her fantasy world, bringing the promise of romantic love. The ... Read more
2000 marks the 100th anniversary of The Davis Cup, the world's most prestigious tennis trophy. Using rare archival footage and new interviews with Australia's stars of yesteryear and today, The Fifth Set is a documentary for tennis lovers or anyone who shares the nation's determination for ... Read more
A Biblical story of wrath and vengeance unlike anything you may have heard at Sunday School. Prodigiously talented filmmaker Cheik Oumar Sissoko sets his story 300 years after the Great Flood that soaked all but Noah. Rivalries and disputes over tradition are tearing once peaceful clans apart ... Read more
The Girl Next Door is an eye-popping expose of the contemporary porn industry told through the eyes of award-winning (yes, there are Porn Oscars) actress, Stacy Valentine. With abundant pathos, irony and humour, director Christine Fugate tracks Valentine as she performs on location and attends ... Read more
The Goggles is a poignant, sensitive film combining elements of past and present to produce a beautifully told narrative. It tells the story of Giyoung and her attempts to locate meaning in her life. Through her discovery of the parallels between swimming and her life, and her dynamic relationship ... Read more
In 1989 Stephen Matthews and his father were sentenced to 35 years in prison for sexually abusing Stephen's five-year-old son. Presented with no physical evidence, the jury was swayed by a number of factors, including the boy's testimony. Chronicling a decade-long quest for exoneration, The ... Read more
Three young artists kidnap a famous performance artist (Robert Wagner) in the name of Art, but no one knows whether or not it's a kidnapping or a performance piece—including the artists themselves. Where does life end and (performance) art begin? Or is it even more twisted? Is art dead, or ... Read more
Made between Out of Sight and this years smash Erin Brokovich, Steven Soderbergh's The Limey is a real find. Terence Stamp (Wall Street, The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert) is the 'Limey' - American slang for an Englishman. Fresh out of jail, he travels to America after hearing his ... Read more
The Mad Century is a wildly drawn and colourful animation that moves, in high speed, through the history ot political and cultural shifts of the last hundred years. Its well-researched selection of events is informative, contentious and humourous. The film is a wonderful reminder of just what went ... Read more
The Man With the Beautiful Eyes tells the story of a group of children's encounter with a strange man who gives them a glimpse of what life doesn't have to be. It is an adaptation of the poem by Charles Bukowski and is narrated by Peter Blegvad, a man with a beautiful voice. This wonderfully ... Read more
In interviews with her son, Fela Ravett recalls the 1945 'Death March' from Auschwitz. With deconstructive images and editing, the footage spans 13 years. The March reveals more of the process of ageing and the intrusiveness of the documentary filmmaker, than it does of the 'Death March' itself. ... Read more
Director John Gillies places Schiller's Mary Stuart (1800) in a contemporary context. Stalking through inner Sydney streets, she is an interminably wandering, banished, displaced ghost, beamed mischievously down under—a down under' suggesting more Joyces use of the term. Stuart's disembodied ... Read more
"Wim Wenders' new pic is almost a compendium of the director's lifetime themes and obsessions - American trash culture, a fascination with what's cool on the music scene and a story in which lost souls seek redemption." - David Stratton, Variety ... Special Agent Skinner (Mel Gibson) is called in ... Read more
A resonant and poetic film about the stifling of a child's imagination by a regimented education system. ... Read more
In this lush, pulsating trash-symphony, Robert Arnold combines digital and film processes to morph an eternal series of romance novel covers. The audio track throbs with the heartbeat of the cover girls as the film plays out the complex codes of Mills and Boon style desire. The transitions from ... Read more
Documentaries, as life-portraits, can be very moving when based on exceptional lives, circumstances, and hardships. The Most Unknowable Thing is an amazing story about the life of the filmmaker's brother, David, his homosexuality and struggle with AIDS. It is also about extraordinary personal ... Read more
A pornographic-sadistic fantasy of murder in flickering black and white and torn images, The Murder Mystery is thick with the colour of violence. On the minimal soundtrack ocean sounds create an audio unrest while the screen itself pumps with a brutal sexual energy. The film oscillates between two ... Read more
Starring Johnny Depp (Ed Wood, MIFF 1995, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow) and directed by the master of all things suspenseful and demonic, Roman Polanski (Rosemary's Baby). The Ninth Gate is an eerie and darkly humourous film. Depp is Dean Corso, a rare-book dealer who cheats the gullible and ... Read more
A young boy, Daniel, rushes to school to meet up with his girlfriend, Maly. Unfortunately, he is confronted by Maly's older brother, Ronen, who has his own grievances with Daniel. Daniel solves his dilemma in an ingenious manner. ... Read more
This romantic fairy tale, set amongst the hills of a uniquely New Zealand dairy farm, is the second feature by Topless Women Talk About Their Lives director, Harry Sinclair. Danielle Cormack (Siam Sunset, MIFF 1999) and Karl Urban (Via Satellite, MIFF 1998) play Lucinda and Rob. Madly in love ... Read more
Ten years after graduation, Dex has gained a few pounds. Friends who come across him at a college reunion wonder what became of the chopper ridin' lady killer they remember from University. But make no mistake, tubby, and dressing solely in a succession of garish Hawaiian shirts, Dex is still a hit ... Read more
It is the early 90s and Nirvana has shaken the music world. A new marketing niche has been created upon which corporation suits cannot hang a label Music company Columbia House scrambles to find young employees in order to keep up with the latest trends exciting 'the kids'. Enter Christopher ... Read more
The Somme, First of July, 1916. What Saving Private Ryan did for Word War II Europe and Apocalypse Now did for jungle conflict, William Boyd's shattering The Trench does for the muddy, bloody killing fields of France during the Great War. This astonishing first feature focuses on a battle weary and ... Read more
Based on the acclaimed bestseller by Jeffrey Eugenides, Sofia Coppola's (Francis Ford Coppola's daughter) debut feature is a darkly humourous, tender exploration of the heart of adolescence, accompanied by an atmospheric score by the French group, Air. ... Set in Michigan in the 1970s, The Virgin ... Read more
'An unconventional love story told with delicacy and power, The Widow of Saint Pierre is a sweeping costume drama shot through with issues and considerations as pertinent today as they were 150 years ago. Based on true events, the film recounts the strange and wonderful triangle formed by a ... Read more
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