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Films Screened In 2000

Cut the Crap (Annette Ernst, 1999)
Henry and Nick, two small-time gangsters aspiring to higher things, meet up with Maria, a Columbian drug smuggler. As soon as they can do the deal, they're off to the Caribbean. As the saying goes, i… Read more

Darling International (Jennifer Todd Reeves, M.M. Serra, 2000)
The kaleidoscopic intensity of images in Jennifer Todd Reeves' and MM. Serra's Darling International centre on a sadomasochistic scenario between two women who play out their fantasies after work. Th… Read more

Das Clown (Tom E. Brown, 1999)
An education slide show not suitable for children. Sparkles, a two-foot antique clown, is the prized possession in Mr Higgins' quaint antique shop. But when he comes to life on a dark and stormy nigh… Read more

Deep Shit (Astrid A. Aakra, 1999)
A shitty little film about a rat, a cat and an elephant. Be careful where you hide. ... Read more

DELINQUENT ANGEL (David Blackall, 2000)
Australian painter John Perceval is renowned for protecting his privacy. This documentary is a rare look at his life and work seen through the cinema vérité camera of David Blackwell (father of one… Read more

DELIUS: A SONG OF SUMMER (Ken Russell, 1968)
One of Russell's most popular television works, inspired by Eric Fenby's memoir Delius As I Knew Him. The film centres upon the blind and paralysed composer Frederick Delius (Max Adrian), living out … Read more

The global phenomenon of James Bond is an archetypal instance of 60s audiovisual brashness. The sheer loudness and pictorial noise of the first Bond films and their ironic self-consciousness reverber… Read more

Can there be such a thing as an 'unseen' Disney film? If you think you've seen it all, Disney's Unseen Treasures will surprise you. Like the scene from Snow White they said was too scary for youngste… Read more

DJOMEH (Hassan Yektapanah, 2000)
Djomeh is a young Afghan man who works on a small dairy farm in the remote Iranian countryside. Every morning he accompanies a native farm owner, Mr. Mahmoud to nearby small villages to collect milk … Read more

Donuts for Breakfast (Felicity Morgan-Rhind, 2000)
Josie Spratt, a pudgy tomboy who fights with her sisters, is a primary school champion swimmer. She has a disturbing secret that no one suspects. This film uses strong, distinctive imagery and charac… Read more

DORA-HEITA (Kon Ichikawa, 1999)
Based on a script written by Akira Kurosawa, Dora-Heita is directed by his 85-year-old friend and collaborator, Kon Ichikawa and returns to a golden age of Samurai sagas. Koheita Mochizuki is a samur… Read more

DOWNTOWN 81 (Edo Bertoglio, 2000)
'Jam-packed with rivetting performances by some of the hottest underground Gotham bands of the early 80s. Downtown 81 is an extraordinary real-life snapshot of hip, arty, clubland Manhattan in the po… Read more

Dream Kitchen (Barry Dignam, 1999)
A young man arrives home to find his dad repairing the car again and his mum busy cooking, as usual. In these depressingly dreary surroundings the son imagines a luxurious dream kitchen, in which he … Read more

Driving Home (Susan Kim, 1999)
This beautiful animation depicts the sense isolation felt by a young girl who is a recent immigrant to Australia. The emotional confusion that is expressed in the narrative is realised perfectly in t… Read more

Echo (Frédéric Roullier-Gall, 1999)
An elderly couple take a train journey and along the way reminisce about the horrifying circumstances in which they first met. The impact of their scars is all too apparent. She is blind, he is deaf.… Read more

Ecstasy (Mark Wihak, 1999)
Stacey, a raver girl, encounters God and is given a special mission. She's not quite sure how to deal with this, but she tries her best. ... Read more

Edith’s Finger (Jon Jones, 1999)
Crippled by a stroke, Edith communicates by tapping her index finger; once for no, twice for yes. Today, she is told by an officious Matron, is her special day. She is to be presented with an electri… Read more

ELGAR (Ken Russell, 1962)
Monitor's 100th program and a highly romantic interpretation of Elgar's life. For the first time actors in a documentary were permitted to play living persons on screen but only in long shot and in n… Read more

Episodes in Disbelief (Ann Shenfield, 1999)
Is is possible to know if a seed discovered after a thousand years is that of a now vanquished magnolia, or instead that of a virulent presently extinct weed? Episodes in Disbelief explores childhood… Read more

Eraser Wrestling (Min Dong-hyun, 1999)
Once it was marbles. These days it's Pokemon. In this story, discover eraser wrestling. The challenge—to flick your eraser on top of your opponent's. You lose—you forego your eraser. Youn… Read more

EUREKA (Shinji Aoyama, 2000)
Winner of the International Critics Prize at this year's Cannes Film Festival, Eureka is an extremely powerful film that examines the effects of the brutal hijacking of a provincial bus in provincial… Read more

Evening (Natasa Prosenc, 1999)
The harsh reality of loneliness is hidden under the routine of daily life. A single woman living in a perfectly furnished flat fantasizes about living with her boyfriend. Her fantasies turn into illu… Read more

Sisters Laura, Beatrice and Claire reside in Lyon in an ambience of shared happiness. Each of them considers themselves vital to the well-being of the other two. Laure runs the household and the tang… Read more

Exhaust (Suzi Ewing, 1999)
It is a typical sunny day in urban London when Alan decides to wash his car until it shines like a prized jewel. On the other side of the road, Kelly (a young girl) is having her hair cut by her moth… Read more

Exit (Natalie Bailey, 1999)
It's a lazy afternoon of crosswords and game shows for retirees Maude and Joh Peterson. When, from her dictionary, Maude discovers senility, lung cancer and colostomy bags, she decides to make a quic… Read more

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