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Films Screened In 2000

FAMILY SECRET (Pola Rapaport, 2000)
Family Secret centres on a letter from Romania that inspires a New York filmmaker to take a trip half way around the world to meet the brother that she never knew she had. Pola Rapaport and her step-… Read more

Fanny’s Wedding (Olivier L. Brunet, 1999)
Based on the works of Thomas Bernhard, Primo Levi and Marguerite Duras, Fanny's Wedding explores loss, time and the atrocity of war, through the eyes of a woman who lost her husband on her wedding da… Read more

Fast Spin Fling (Sandra Ensby, 1999)
Ever wished you had someone to show your knickers to? Lonely heart Muriel does in Fast Spin Fling, a romantic comedy about a young woman who takes pity on her housemate's boyfriend and begins to secr… Read more

Fishing (David Gainey, 1999)
Fishing is beautiful in its simplicity. This minimal animation evokes the tensions between man and water, between water and fish, between fish and man. ... Read more

Fissures (Louise Bourque, 1999)
Bourque reworks personal home movie images to create a visceral interior world of forgetting and remembering. Distorted images fluctuate like resurfacing memories. The point of reference continuously… Read more

Fizz (Jason Stutter, 1999)
A young man enters a cold dark subway in the middle of the city one night. He finds a drink machine lying on its side. The man tilts the drink machine upright and turns it on. He buys a can of fizzy … Read more

For the Peace of All Mankind (Lee Seok-hoon, 1999)
Vietnam, 1969, a soldier encounters a Vietcong girl. They take aim at each other. Something is wrong. ... Read more

Friday (Jodi Gibson, 1999)
Friday portrays a pivotal day in the life of a troubled woman. Recently in remission from breast cancer, the events of this day once again throw her future into doubt. ... Read more

FROG (Steven Morrison, 1999)
A creepy, noxious fantasy that combines elements of classic fairytales (of he Grimms Brothers variety) with horror and even a subversive ecological message. While innocently strolling in a dark wood,… Read more

Narrated by Gregory Peck, this documentary is full of passionate testimony and behind-the-scenes anecdotes from Hollywood screen legends—including Anthony Quinn, Leslie Caron, Robert Stack&mdas… Read more

FUNNY FELIX (Olivier Ducastel, Jacques Martineau, 1999)
Felix is a happy-go-lucky, smiling guy who lives in a dull town on France's northern coast. One day, in need of some excitement, he decides to visit Marseille and the father he never knew. Instead of… Read more

Furniture Poetry & Other Rhymes for the Camera (Paul Bush, 1999)
Furniture Poetry is a slickly flickering animation of inanimate domestic objects. It is born out of a desire to challenge Wittgenstein (in On Certainty) who considered the question of whether objects… Read more

GEMINI (Shinya Tsukamoto, 1999)
Distinguished by the extraordinary visuals for which he is justifiably celebrated, the latest project by director Shinya Tsukamoto is an atmospheric, eerie exploration of identity, destiny and psycho… Read more

GEORGE WASHINGTON (David Gordon Green, 2000)
"This hypnotic, poignant and richy imaginative work actually uses the 'I cannot tell a lie' folklore of America's first President as an ironic counterpoint to a stylised tale of lost youth in the Sou… Read more

What ever happened to Gerry Humphrys? This is teh question asked and answered in Nigel Buesst's tribute to a great lost figure in Australian music. Humphrys is best remembered as front man for The Lo… Read more

Gooseberries Don’t Dance (Andrew Kazamia, 1999)
A successful middle-aged businesswoman receives a letter from a childhood friend who grew up to be a murderer. Tension mounts on her journey to visit him at a mental institution, bringing back memori… Read more

GRASS (Ron Mann, 1999)
Ron Mann's long overdue project is an hilarious and illuminating film about one of the most controversial drugs of the twentieth century—marijuana. Weed activist Woody Harrelson narrates this l… Read more

Green (Seyyed Ramin Sheydaei, 1999)
Green is a beautiful folkloric animation. It uses a paint on glass technique to portray a battle of universal proporlions. The battle, represented through the interplay of primary colours, eventually… Read more

HAND OF FATE (Scott Morgan, 1999)
Hand of Fate is a visually ravishing film portrait of six diverse individuals from across the globe, who have been given the gift and burden of being able into see the future. Told in their own words… Read more

Handy Man (Nelson Henricks, 1999)
Handy Man examines the window as a site of voyeurism and surveillance. With his Hi-8 camera. Henricks documents workers in his interior courtyard. The camerawork has a secretive and furtive feel, tre… Read more

HIGH FIDELITY (Stephen Frears, 2000)
Stephen Frears (My Beautiful Laundrette, The Grifters) teams with John Cusack to bring Nick Hornsby's hysterical bestseller to the screen. Cusack is Rob, an eternal teenager approaching 30. In the mi… Read more

HOT IRONS (Andrew Dosunmu, 1999)
'Hair Wars' —the 'black hair extravaganza of America'—has established itself as a Mecca for creative styling expression and fantastical hair creations. A working model of the solar system… Read more

HOTEL SPLENDIDE (Terence Gross, 1999)
Situated on a remote windswept English island. Hotel Sptendide is accessible only by a monthly ferry Kalh (Toni Collette) arrives, after a five year absence, with a mysterious note urging her to retu… Read more

How Much for a Half Kilo? (Sean Garrity, 1999)
A writer desperately seeks financial relief while trying to maintain his artistic integrity. However his choice of fair over sleazy publisher, combined with an ever-growing list of debtors, forces ou… Read more

HUMAN RESOURCES (Laurent Cantet, 1999)
Human Resources is an award-winning debut feature from Laurent Cantet which mixes politics and pathos to create a cogent human drama. Franck is a recent business school graduate who returns to his ho… Read more

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