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Films Screened In 2002

BROTHER (Yan Yan Mak, 2001)
Hong Kong filmmaker Yan Yan Mak's debut scooped the coveted FIPRESCI Award at the 2001 Hong Kong Film Festival. Her ambitious film took the director from her home in bustling Hong Kong to a remote No… Read more

BURIED (Kathryn Bucher, 2001)
A dreamlike tale from the margins of Americana, Buried has an otherworldly quality ideally suited to the dark fable that forms its core. Nineteenth century Montana: a woman's hand thrusts up through … Read more

Bus Stop (Chris Graham, 2001)
Eight people, seven dreams, one bus. Sit back for a contemplative trip. ... Read more

CAMEL(S) (Park Kiyong, 2001)
A man and a woman, having once met in the pharmacy where the woman works, drive to a hotel in a small seaside town near Seoul. Only on the way does the man ask the woman her name. Each has their own … Read more

Camouflage (Jonathan Hodgson, 2001)
A bold combination of animation styles and techniques, coupled with live action, this BAFTA nominated piece compares accounts of growing up in a family with a schizophrenic parent. Screened at Rotter… Read more

Can't Go Wrong Without You (The Brothers Quay, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Castle One (Malcolm Le Grice, 1966)
Synopsis not available Read more

Castle Two (Malcolm Le Grice, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

CHICKEN HEART (Hiroshi Shizumi, 2002)
"Hiroshi Shizumi is a Takeshi Kitano protégé, having worked as assistant director on several of his films, including Kids Return (MIFF 1997), Hana-Bi (MIFF 1998) and Brother (MIFF 2001). Shizumi's … Read more

Julian Benedikt's third documentary to be screened at MIFF; this exhaustively researched film traces the life of Chico Hamilton from the early years performing with his school buddies Dexter Gordon a… Read more

CHIHWASEON (Im Kwon-Taek, 2002)
"Sharing this year's Best Director prize at Cannes, veteran Korean filmmaker Im Kwon-Taek has crafted a stirring, poetic portrait of the creative process as personified by Ohwon, an eminent late-nine… Read more

Choke (David Crosswaite, 1971)
Synopsis not available Read more

CINEMANIA (Angela Christlieb, Stephan Kijak, 2002)
Are you prepared to alter your diet to avoid the need for toilet breaks, thus fitting in more movie screenings each day? Do you take changes of clothes to the cinema to avoid coming home? Can you liv… Read more

Clocktime Trailer (Stuart Pound, 1972)
Synopsis not available Read more

Contrabass (Anna Melikian, 2002)
A young man who is born to happiness is foiled when his over-zealous parents buy him a contrabass (double bass). Will he ever escape its oppressive influence and know happiness once again? From the d… Read more

Cowboys (Phil Mulloy, 1992)
Synopsis not available Read more

CROCODILE (Kim Ki-Duk, 1996)
"The recurrent themes in my films are space and captivity. The woman in Crocodile and the man in The Isle are captives; they're characters who become prisoners through a violence which, ironically, i… Read more

CRY WOMAN (Liu Bingjian, 2002)
Banned in China, yet screening at Cannes this year in Un Certain Regard, Beijing filmmaker Liu Bingjian's third feature (the other two were also banned) has struck a chord for its equally humorous an… Read more

DARK WATER (Hideo Nakata, 2001)
"From the director of the superb Ring and Ring 2. A young mother is plagued by visions of the ghostly presence of a drowned girl which seem to strip away the reassuring surfaces of modern-day Japan t… Read more

De Artificiali Perspectiva or Anamorphosis (The Brothers Quay, 1990)
Synopsis not available Read more

DEAD OR ALIVE (Miike Takashi, 1999)
One of the most formidable jolts to the Yakuza genre in the past decade. Dead or Alive has already left audiences gulping and gasping at Tokyo, Vancouver and Seattle Film Festivals. Surreal visions o… Read more

DEAD OR ALIVE 2: BIRDS (Miike Takashi, 2001)
Dead or Alive 2: Birds, is far from a traditional sequel. Mizuki, a crack hitman fond of painfully loud shirts, is hired by an enigmatic magician played by Shinya Tsukamoto, director of the Tetsuo fi… Read more

DEATHROW (Joel Lamangan, 2001)
Sonny Corpus, 16, orphaned and loose on the streets of Manila, makes a near fatal mistake when he offers to be a lookout for a group of pals planning a home invasion. An elderly woman is killed and a… Read more

Deck (Gill Eatherley, 1971)
Synopsis not available Read more

DEEP BREATH (Damien Odoul, 2000)
Winner of two awards at the 2001 Venice Film Festival, including the Cinema of the Present - Special Jury Award, Deep Breath tells a singular tale of an alienated teenage boy who lives with his uncle… Read more

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